Fugs and Fabs: The Costume Designers’ Guild Awards

We need to talk about Anne’s hair again.

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  1. Jill

    Man, so many fug dresses in one slideshow! What is happening?

  2. Lisa

    Love Anne’s dress, hate the shoes, hair is a little severe for my taste. I love Amy Pohler, but that is BAD. It looks too tight (maybe ii is just the photo) and the cape thing, no. Also do not like anything about Ginnifer Goodwin’s look, hair, makeup, dress.

  3. Caroline

    As someone growing out a short haircut (currently at the Bieber bangs stage), I feel a sense of camaraderie with Anne (which is refreshing given I usually can’t stand her).

  4. meggiemoo

    I like Anne’s dress, except something about the boobular area is making her look pretty droopy.

    • Helen

      I am convinced that Hathaway simply believes that small-breasted women do not ever need chest support. This is of course dead wrong, and given the opportunity, I would show her so. With blown-up photos and a laser pointer.

      • pantsonfire

        Yeah, she pretty clearly HATES wearing supportive undergarments. In all fairness, I can’t blame her. I also hate wearing a bra and avoid it whenever possible. Unlike Anne, I legit have super tiny boobs. Anne actually seems in some eras to have ample bosoms (extremely nice ones, at that)…I think they’re just smallish now because of the weight loss…as we’ve seen in other photos, she does not have the fundamental breast shape of an inherently small bosomed woman, which I think is why they look droopy when she insists on foregoing bras under unstructured clothes. I’m fine with her free-boobing, but the fact is that they’re going to look a little droopy under some clothes. If she’s cool with it, great. I find it a little distracting and suboptimal, aesthetically, myself.

      • Heather

        She used to have VERY LARGE BREASTS. Did she get a reduction in addition to losing the weight for Fantine? I am not asking to be critical. I actually find going the opposite boobular direction of the rest of Hollywood quite fascinating.

        • Lauren

          yes, this. I was wondering the same thing when I saw Les Miserables. Very different breast-situation than when she was in Love & Other Drugs.

        • Sarah B

          It’s possible that the weight loss disproportionately effected her boobs. I know when I lose (or gain) weight, the two places I’ll notice it first is my boobs and face.

  5. Amy

    If Ginnifer’s dress had been cut off at the knee it would have been a very pretty Sabrina sort of thing. And if she could occaisionally bring herself to smile in photos and stop wearing the exact bemused expression favoured by my two year old niece, that would help too.

    The dress might explain the expression though: I too would look confused and a bit cross if anyone saw me wearing that in public.

    • Lizzy

      Ginnifer’s dress reminds me of our big ol’ LLBean wool blanket, except that the blanket is super warm and comfy (no ankle exposure).

  6. Sara

    I love Anne’s dress and am with you, wanting her to keep the hair short. Everyone else is kind of meh, which is a little ironic for an award show about costumes. Where was SWINTON?

  7. Jen

    Love Anne’s hair short, so I hear what you’re saying – except that I also think it looks great here. I think the sort of mod shape of it works really well with her eye makeup.

  8. Daffodil

    Though I’m not usually an Amy Poehler cheerleader, I do like how she is a normal-sized, normal-looking, not-going-to-extremes-to-appear-a-certain-way lady. So while the cape makes it look like she’s hatching out of some weird black egg, I do like her earrings and her shoes. I realize her shoes are not revolutionary or anything, but they’re ladylike and they look nice on her feet and it looks like she can walk around without problems.

    Also, those ankle windows and sourpuss face on Ginnifer are hurting my soul.

  9. Brenna

    Whoever did the fit and styling for Amy Poheler’s dress shouldn’t be allowed her ever again. It’s way too tight across her midsection, and makes her look short. She can look so much better than this (which she proved at the globes and the emmys), so I’m hoping this is just a blip. She’s just so awesome that I want her to look awesome at all times.

    • Tanya

      More hair inspiration. I love the way Lily Collin’s looks. She looks pretty and fresh and her hair is a refreshing change from barrel waves.

      Kristen Weig dress is great, except for the shoulder pads.

      Amy Poehler needs someone to help her dress her height and shape.

  10. Sandra

    So, this was clearly the final judging for “Worst in Show” at the Costumer Designer’s Guild Awards. Bare midriffs belong at the beach, the gym, or in a sporting competition. Actual grown women going to formal or semi-formal events should know better.

  11. ErinE

    Anne’s dress is surprisingly great. I can envision the perfect shoes, and she is so not wearing them. Still concerned why she wore pregnancy dresses to the awards shows when clearly she isn’t (or at least isn’t enough to defend wearing those awful, awful dresses).

    Everyone else – what happened? SO EXCITED FOR OSCARS!

  12. Lucille Austero

    Funny, smart ladies procreating! AND looking darned good while doing so. Love Maya. Kristen Wiig is definitely showing improvement, and Amy … ouch.

  13. Edith

    Amy Poehler’s earrings are awesome, but do not make up for the dress. Ann Hathaway definitely looks like she’s growing out her hair, which is tragic, because she looks so generic with long hair, and so incredible with it short.

    Speaking of hair, though, FAMKE WHAT. The Pocahontas dye job and those hideous extensions are just AWFUL. She is so genetically blessed, why would she do that to her own head?

  14. TaraMisu

    Just remove the cape-y part from Amy’s dress and she’d be ok.

    I love Anne’s dress, agree on the shoes and hmmmmmmmmmm about the hair. I just finished growing out a short cut and MAN it’s hard to look good, so I sympathize with her. I think the short cut was very flattering on her.

  15. Miriam

    Love Anne’s hair, hate Ginnifer’s. Go figure. Madeleine Stowe, boobs much?! And oh, Amy no.
    Also is anyone else’s page jumping up and down repeatedly before settling on photo? Making me dizzy & nauseous…

    • Helen

      Yeah, there’s something weird going on with the top-of-page banner advertisement. It’ll probably only be here a day so I’m not going to bother about it, but you could write the site if it’s really making you crazy:

      • Katie

        If you click Close on the ad at the top one time, it will stop auto-expanding forever (or at least until the next ad campaign).

  16. Kit

    I like Anne’s dress and I *really* love her shoes – I’ve talked about her growing out hair before so I won’t again but this is why I am terrified to cut my hair. Lol

    Madeline Stow is still looking so young for her age that my face hurts in sympathy (but also wants a referral to her plastic surgeon); and “Marchesa throw up” made me laugh out loud.

    Amy Poheler’s dress and styling are a tragedy. She needs to fire whomever did that to her post-haste. And if she did it herself…she is not allowed to dress herself anymore!

  17. Orange Clouds

    The first thing I noticed is just how thin Lily Collins has become. Yeah, we are not supposed to talk about bodies but something about that just gets my alarm bells ringing.

    • Sarah

      I’m hoping it’s just growing older. Perhaps she’s starting to loose some of the baby fat. Some people get a bit more angular as they grow out off the teens.

  18. MegoPachego

    I think Anne looks gorgeous and I suppose I am in the minority as someone who’s loved her ever since she was on Get Real back in the day.

    Kristen Wiig looks serviceable, but I would like to see her in an aqua or coral shoe to play with the colour in the bag.

    That crazy gold influenza inspired Marchesa-ish frothiness reminds me of the dresses a girl down the street and I used to put on at her house so we could jump off of furniture to watch the skirts billow out. I pretended I was a parachute. She pretended she was a princess. Christa B. Allen … is too old to play dress up.

  19. Helen

    If I had thick, glossy hair like Hathaway’s, I’d grow it back out too.

    Totally agree on Goodwin’s makeup. It’s too much and too obvious.

    Hate the sternum window on Lily Collins. Kinda love the crazily huge back bow, though.

    Monroe forgot the dress to go over that slip… Rudolph looks amazing in the one-shoulder caftan. Love those shades of blue on her! Janssen, very nice, and more great color there. Madekwe’s outfit would be cute in spring/summer, on a 16-year-old. Wiig looks good!

  20. Kathie

    I’m thinking Anne looks a bit like Barbra Streisand circa 1965. Yay for Maya looking fabulous. I wish Kristin Wiig would stand up straight once in a while.

    • Anita

      Maybe Anne’s hoping for a Judy/Liza/Barbra biopic trifecta.

      I hate that hair on Ginnifer. She looks like she’s forever auditioning for the role of Peter Pan; it’s very elfin on her (but fab on Anne.) I saw her on a couple of talk shows recently, and she’s very bubbly and giggly — something I never would have guessed from her dour red carpet appearances. Smile!

      Amy looked so fabulous at the Golden Globes, so this ill-fitting, aging, stumpifying outfit is a big disappointment.

      Question: How does Lily Collins sit down in that dress? I mean, she can sit, but she has to lean forward the whole time, or crush the humongous bow. The car trip to the event couldn’t have been very comfortable.

  21. Erin

    I saw a picture from this event with Poehler and Jon Hamm. While I wish no ill will toward Jennifer Westfeldt, I want Poehler and Hamm to happen. I would seriously use one of my three wishes from a genie on that.

  22. Dazie

    Loving how HEALTHY Anne’s hair looks. My 15 yr old daughter has the same cut, and it doesn’t look half as nice. I guess because she uses *gasp* STORE BOUGHT SHAMPOO and doesn’t have a professional hair wrangler.

    I’m also down with the sparkly dress. The rest? eh.

  23. jerkygirl

    Kristen Wiiiiiiig has boring taste like Jennifer Aniston. I like Ginnifer Goodwin’s dress and don’t mind the ankle windows at all. If they were, say, breast windows or butt windows, I’d be highly annoyed by them. Madeleine Stowe = WHOA GO UP A SIZE, LADY. And dear gorgeous Famke Janssen, why am I getting Janice Dickinson vibes here? Please tell me it’s just a bad weave and too much self-tanner. . .

  24. Matt

    I don’t think I realized how much Hathaway looks like a young Liza Minnelli

    • fritanga

      Duh. Hathaway displays the same utter self-consciousness, same annoying neurotic tics and the same intense, smug self-regard as Minnelli. All she needs in this photo are a bowler hat and jazz hands, and the transformation would be complete.

      That said, this is a great dress, and would look wonderful on anyone else not afraid of bras.

  25. Kiki

    EW, Ginninfer’s dress looks like a bridesmaids dress I wore back in the early 90′s, BLECH!! She can be so cute and lovely and then she covers up with this crimson monstrosity?? Anne’s makeup is too boring, she needs a little color, some lipstick or something. And poor Amy, the dark side is swallowing her up!!

  26. Ellen

    Baby bump on Anne Hathaway. It could be the mirrored pieces playing tricks on me, but I’m 87% sure it’s not.

  27. TonyG

    I think I need some Pepto because I kind of like the “Marchesa stmach flu dress” (the top is neither here nor there, but that skirt portion looks like it would be so much fun to twirl in).

    • Katie

      I like it too! I think it would be better if it was floor length and someone (someone with a lot of presence to carry it off) were wearing it on Sunday, but I think the shape is fun.

  28. Leti

    I have a lot of thoughts. Love Anne’s dress, hate her shoes. I’m pretty sure that Britney Spears wore Madeleine Stowe’s dress first, which frankly, never, ever needs to happen. Pregnant or not, I’m not sure that Maya Rudolph should ever wear a formal caftan on the red carpet.

  29. Annie

    They all just seem so confused about what to wear to this event. Everything from beach blanket abs to queen of the world gilding, and none of it looks very good.

  30. Gigi

    I wonder if Amy’s had a delayed reaction to non-mandatory, but understandably comforting divorce-related ice cream bingeing? That is more than a tragic cape, that is a look on her face that says, ‘you guys, I don’t feel so good after all that mint chocolate chip.’ Even her hair has that look. I know this look very well…

    Anne: yes, back to GG hair for Sunday, then fine, grow it out again. It is a lovely, glossy head of hair, even if this short stuff works wonderfully on her.

    I do not need to see Victoria Grayson’s boob veins. Too much, almost like her lip fillers.

    jerkygirl is right – Kristen Wiig is the new Jennifer Anizzzzzzzzzzzzzzton.

  31. Tiffany

    Ugh, the material of Gennifer’s dress is soooooo awful! It looks so stiff! Also, the heavy brow/heavy eye-liner combo makes her look like she is constantly concerned about something.

    Lily Colins looks so skeletal from her old self, it is kind of sad to see everyone praising how “fresh” she looks.

  32. Bella

    Could it be that everyone is working on their Oscar look cause all these ladies seem a plumb off with their styling. Ginnifer’s dress is hideous. I kinda wish she’d let her hair grow a bit; she’s worked that pixie long enough.

  33. Vandalfan

    Why O why does Ginnifer always do that to herself? She’s Miss Cute As A Button Kitten , and yet she pulls the sultry vixen pout, every time!

  34. Scanderoon

    I like short hair on Ginnifer, but I feel like she has a case of Short Hair Blindness, which I had when my hair was that length. I wanted to keep cutting it shorter and shorter – more pixie-like! More pixie-like!

    Just as I was going to get it cut tragically short, I came to my senses and started growing it out. Now, a short ‘do looks good on Ginnifer (it looked at best mediocre on my face shape), so I don’t actually want her to grow her hair out, but lady, please, NOT SO SHORT.

    Also, for the love of God, smile. Please.

  35. Eden

    I’m sorry but Anne needs to grow her hair back out. To me she is one of those women that needs to have longer hair. My other half thinks the long haired Anne is so gorgeous. He saw a picture of her a few months ago and asked who the boy was……I didn’t have the heart to tell him, and well, I agree. I don’t think that she can pull off short hair.

    I have no doubt this will be an unpopular comment, it is everywhere, but it’s true. The dress however? Fantastic!

  36. Sajorina

    LOVE Anne’s & Cat’s dresses! Can you tell I’m REALLY into metallics? Cause I’m obsessed with them! Both FABULOUS!

  37. Rachel

    Kristin Wiig looks like she’s sporting a comb over. What is with her hair?

  38. Mary

    We need that zoomy shoe cam for a close-up on Kristen Wiig’s feet.
    Those shoes look reverse-Grinch…three sizes too big!