Fugs and Fabs: The Continuing Game of Thrones Press Tour

This press tour is losing its marquee players. Eventually, it’s just going to be a PA pulling out a cardboard stand-up of Dinklage.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Katty McNiley Ripley

    I’m starting to fully support your theory at GFY HeadQuarters that the HBO folks only pay for one stylist to ALL the cast members. And that must be one stressed/burried in work stylist, with all the press events they have had recently.

    Which might explain all the “no (time to think about) accessories” and the “black (easy/boring/safe) shoes” seen in most ladies.

    However, there’s no explanation for the Samurai Phoenix in the first slide…

  2. Anna

    I think Natalia Tena looks better here in her Samurai Phoenix (amazing description, I had to borrow it, Katty!) attire than in that blue monstrosity.

  3. Katharine

    I would personally wear the he11 out of Samurai Phoenix, albeit without two competing necklines underneath.

  4. PB

    Natalie Tena is proclaiming “Wings. I have wings!”.

  5. Jenlwb

    Maybe that IS a medium-length dress?!
    Regardless, she’s rocking the mini-length.

  6. CJG

    I look at Natalia and I’ll I can think is: “Don’t you know me, Kansas City? I’m the new Berlin Wall. Try and tear me down!”

  7. nicolegrr

    She’s kind of selling me on the wings. Not that I or any other semi-normal person would wear them, but ya know, if you’ve got ‘em, flap ‘em. (And I didn’t like her in Potter either, and bless you for continuing to make occasional Potter references.)

  8. Helen

    Hey, if I had Gwendoline Christie’s legs, I’d be showing them off, too. Though, I hope, in something more flattering to the rest of the body.

    But I completely agree about the lack of accessories generally, and especially bracelets. All these short-sleeved dresses are just crying out for bracelets!

  9. Sarah

    Plus, with Gwwendoline Christie…she is sooooo gorgeous and is totally mucking it up! She is rather broad shouldered and keeps wearing things with a boat neck top which make her look like she has a tiny little pin head and totally out of proportion! C’mon!

  10. jean

    I think Gwendoline rocks that dress and appropriately so. I don’t think the skirt is too short or that she’s in danger of flashing people. She knows how to pose. And those legs are stunning. Charlize watch out! (not facially–she still beats Gwendoline who has just enough horsiness to make her a perfect Brienne). And as Brienne she has to look rough all the time, so good for her.

    And Michelle is just a stunner. I’ve never seen her before Game of Thrones, but I hope she gets more roles because of it. Can’t Emma Thompson writer her something? Those cheekbones! That hair! And she’s so lady-like all the time. She has an irritating character on Game of Thrones, but I have no issues with her style.

  11. acake

    Gwendoline Christie should never wear anything but mini dresses/skirts. Those legs are TO DIE FOR. Plus, maybe it’s kind of hard for a 6’3″ gal to find things the right length? She’s not famous enough (yet?) to have designers clamouring to dress her.

    • Boogie Sprinkles

      I’m only 6′ and even that is hard to find clothing for. I imagine at 6’3″ she has an even harder time of it. She’s fortunate to have such amazing legs because she rocks that mini.

  12. Vandalfan

    That one gal is going to her granddad’s funeral.

  13. Eilis

    Michelle Fairley has been in loads of things but nothing has made her so noticeable as Game of Thrones. She had a small part as the mother of the family having the seance in The Others and was particularly memorable playing George Best’s mother in His Mother’s Son. Nothing glamorous about that role!