Fugs and Fabs: The Coach Party

Looks like it was windy on the Highline the other night. Behold a windswept Tami Taylor, some HORRIBLE pants, a couple of crazy-cute dresses, and a….look, I don’t even know WHAT Katie Holmes is doing.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Dazie


  2. TaraMisu

    Katie Holmes – Seriously wtf?

    Chrissy T – I love you. Wear leather pants in summer, I’ll give you a pass :D (she is one of the funniest people on Twitter. Really)

    Anna K – No.

    • Jessica

      Chrissy T is great.

      • ericajenine

        I don’t care for Chrissy’s antics on Twitter. She was mean to Litte Q Wallis during the Oscars and there was a recent thing about her not seeing any problem with “slut shaming” other women.

        • Guerra

          I think she said there’s a difference between slut shaming and calling someone out who clearly made a porno and lied and claimed they were ‘innocent’ and it was a sex tape that was leaked. Also they was nothing wrong with calling out, that this was not an honorable thing to do & not particularly something women should be looking up to. She said she had no problem with porn stars as they are never claiming to be something there not.

          I like her. I think most people to a degree would agree with what she said.

        • Shelley

          She said that talking about BACK DOOR Teen Mom’s tape was not slut-shaming. The title of the video is BACK DOOR, and Teen Mom made the tape on purpose. Sorry. I think Teen Mom deserves the criticism.

  3. LoriK

    I can’t tell if I don’t like the top of Connie Britton’s dress or if it just looks odd because of the wind. I can tell that the crotch of Chrissy Teigen’s pants is too tight and that Katie Holme’s dress much too large. Those two would both have benefited from splitting the difference, size-wise.

  4. Ailatan

    Just get a smaller bag for that lady* who dress way too casual, and the whole thing improves.

    *Can’t be bothered to go back to look for her name.

  5. Jill

    These are all a hot mess. No pun intended.

    Katie’s “dress” I can’t even comprehend.

  6. Erin Elizabeth Long

    Is it weird that I suddenly want to see Anna Kendrick cast as Han Solo’s daughter in the new Star Wars movie? I think it’s the vest….

  7. heather

    I wish Charlotte Ronson had gone with red shoes and a red beaded necklace. Maybe that’s too predictable, but the beige shoes are just so blah. Some punchy accessories would have been fun.

    • Aphy

      Yellow shoes would have been fun. Like the shoes that, ugh forgot her name…had on yesterday. Love polka dots!

  8. Jules

    Naomi Watts is pulling off the kind of effortless chic that I can never somehow to achieve. That dress would look like a potato sack on me.

    • Jules

      That should be manage to achieve. Apparently, I can’t even write about it – forget wearing it.

    • Lizzy

      Reminds me of something Lauren Hutton would have worn back in the 70′s, and Hutton always looked effortlessly cool.

      • Other Emily

        Ooh, this! I mean, it’s pretty much just a big shirt, which would look ridiculous on me, but on Watts here (and EXACTLY on Lauren Hutton), it looks chic and breezy and sexy all at once. I’m so jealous. But I also agree with Carolina Girl that this look would be improved with the addition of Liev. He’s dreamy.

  9.  Carolina Girl

    Katie Holmes’ dress is EXACTLY the reason Holmes & Yang folded. She cannot dress herself so how can she possibly be trusted to dress other people?

    Naomi Watts looks really chic and comfortable, but she is missing her best accessory — Liev.

    • Aphy

      It finally folded? Thank goodness. Though at 7 months pregnant I would wear that white dress she has on, it looks soooooo comfy.

  10. ringthing

    Man, I am always in Katie Holmes’ corner because I think she’s flat out gorgeous, but that is the worst picture I’ve ever seen of her. That dress/posture/hair – Suri would not approve.

    I saw a photo yesterday of this event where Katie was standing beside Connie Britton. Tami is a tall drink of water but even with high wedges, Katie is about half a foot taller. That has nothing to do with anything, it just surprised me.

    •  CopyChic

      Katie Holmes Corner sounds like a really terrible clothing store.

  11. meggiemoo

    I have a girl crush on Anna Kendrick, so I can’t be objective.

    • Celeste

      Me too, a big one, but I like her darker hair much better.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Yeah, me too. This is brassy and doesn’t flatter her lovely complexion. Much better brunette.

        I’ve loved Kendrick ever since seeing her in Up in the Air, and it’s so nifty occasionally running across her in earlier things – “Hey, it’s Anna Kendrick! Didn’t know she was in THIS…”

  12. Jenz

    We should applaud Charlotte Ronson for appropriate (if boring) deployment of the nude shoe. Also, Naomi Watts’ fantastic look might be what Katie Holmes wanted… but it ain’t what she got… Nooo.

  13. Shannon

    “Did somebody say celebrate?”

    I love the retired porn stars skit on SNL.

    “Thanks champagne.”

  14. Celeste

    How in the heck did Katie Holmes get her hands on the toga I made from old sheets for my 5th-grade play about Rome? I was a plebian.

  15. Jenny

    Chrissy Teigen has some serious drop crotch pants going on there. Not Bieber bad, but not attractive either. And I would have had no idea that was Katie Holmes if the Fug Girls hadn’t told me. What is going on with her face and lovely hair? So odd.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think it’s because Teigen’s pants are so tight she couldn’t pull them all the way up. I’m picturing her lying on her bed with a friend wrangling the zipper tab using pliers. Which may be the only way she could have got into those.

  16. Lissa

    I’d kinda like to wipe the smirk of Chrissy’s face; I think her recent twitter exchanges with poor crazy Amanda Bynes were really immature and nasty. But I guess it sucks to be told you look like you’re 40 and ugly too.

  17.  HelenBackAgain

    Most of these, I really liked, albeit with some tweaks (better fitting for Holmes and Teigen, better shoes for Ronson). I even like Thirlby’s pants – cool and comfy for a hot early-summer day, and her legs look a mile long in them.

    But Bayer, Bryant, and Kendrick all look like they weren’t prepared for the invitation and did their best at the last minute… possibly working out of a very young friend’s school wardrobe.

  18. CC

    I thought Naomi Watts was Diane Kruger for a sec. Effortless and chic. If I wore that, everyone would ask me if I were pregnant and/or anemic. On them, perfection.

    Katie Holmes. OMG. What is going on there? She is so darn pretty and should just sign a contract with Jenna Lyons and just wear J. Crew all the time and let them dress her. She wears cute-preppy so well, but this….oy… this is one unattractive dress. And, it is ill-fitting and too big on top of being unattractive. The feet don’t help. Turned-in toes on a child are acceptable, but they look just plain silly on an adult.

  19. Tiffany

    I don’t know why Katie Holmes was ever considered fashionable, she dresses this hideously all the time. She has a great figure, but always manages to make herself look frumpy.

    Love Naomi’s look, but I could never pull that off. I think Anna Kendrick’s outfit would be cute if she took the vest off (and put a black cami under the sheer shirt).

  20. Sajorina

    I actually love everything Katie is wearing: sunglasses, earrings, cuff, clutch, shoes, nailpolish… But that dress is 3-4 sizes too big! It looks like a size 10 and, having seen her in person, she can’t be over a size 2 or 4! If it was the right size, it would be so cute… Lord! And I like Connie’s and Charlotte’s dresses, and Vanessa Bayer’s outfit (except for the jean jacket)!

  21. ann

    I have two words for Chrissy Teigan: Ross Gellar.

    No…just no.

  22. Evangeline

    You know the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ariel becomes a human and Scuttle makes her a dress out of a sail and a piece of rope? Katie Holmes = Ariel.

  23.  CopyChic

    Everyone looks cooler in sunglasses…except Katie Holmes. With all her resources, she only manages to pull off frumpy like it’s her job. And I do agree that Aidy’s dress is really cute, but I wish the flower-band pattern were reversed. It looks like her boobs are trying desperately to escape from the Secret Garden.

  24. MollyD

    Interesting to see the gradient lens sunglasses from the mid-late 70′s making a comeback.

    Why so many ankle straps?

    I was going to make a cranky old person comment about everyone standing on the lawn, but I think that “grass” is actually a carpet.

  25. :paula

    Lily Rabe looks like a blonde Benedict Cumberbatch sometimes. A pissy Benedict Cumberbatch. Cumberbitch, perhaps.

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