Fugs and Fabs: The CBS TCA Party

Mid- to late-July is usually when a lot of these shows start shooting for a fall premiere, which means: These actors are all going to be so tired from all the shilling.

[Photos: AKM-GSI, Splash]

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  1. Margaritaville

    Are Kate’s jeans see through???

    • Sensible Sea Monster

      That’s the first thing I thought, too! It DOES look like…I’m having trouble actually typing the words…SHEER DENIM.

      • Dina

        Could it be? Maybe just the one leg? There is the definite dark outline of only one pocket…*shudders*

    • HelenBackAgain

      It’s trompe l’oeil created by deliberate area fading. Rather witty, I think, albeit inappropriate here.

    •  Sarah L.

      Pretty sure it’s just regular old sun and shadow.

  2.  Art Eclectic

    That’s a lot of fug for people who are still on their second cup of coffee.

  3. Janine

    I want Kat’s everything. That’s all.

    • Becca

      She’s working a bit of an Old Hollywood vibe there, no? Love it.

      (Also, as someone with a similar shape, I want her to teach me her secrets/take me shopping. Tell me that wouldn’t be a total blast.)

      • Jessica

        She really Is dishy, isn’t she?

        • Jenz

          I like that Kat almost always manages to wrangle the girls … and she does have an Old Hollywood vibe to her. She looks amazing. Even more so compared to some of these. So glad Kat apparently didn’t get the Holy Crackballs memo.

          • Beth C.

            Not only does she wrangle the girls, she manages to do it without looking like she’s trying to do that… If that makes sense. Basically she makes it look effortless, which anyone with a rack knows it isn’t.

    • HelenBackAgain

      She is so outrageously beautiful. And wins the slideshow handily, too.

    • Alden 

      I so wish that Christina Hendricks would hire whoever is styling Kat because she always looks so gorgeous, and her outfits always fit properly…

    • Lori

      The seaming on the bust isn’t quite right. I mean, overall she looks fabulous, but it’s not quite 100% for me.

  4. ChiTownSteph

    I couldn’t even muster any thoughts at all at JLoHew’s outfit. Not even the usually apt “WORDS”. I was just blank. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

    It is THAT BAD.

    • Stefanie

      It’s horrifying. Truly.

    • Ash


      • Legally_blonde

        Sausages. It’s ridiculous.

        •  ElizabethT

          I am in Finland, and oddly enough an ad for sausages came up when I clicked through to her picture. At least I think it was for sausages.

          That outfit is just epically bad. It looks as if the Droopy Directional PTA President (played by Cameron Diaz a couple of days ago) got stuck at the last minute filling in for the auctioneer at the annual fundraising event, which this year has an I Dream of Jeannie theme. So she had to take the last outfit left at the local Costume Shoppe.

          • Sensible Sea Monster

            Yeah, wow. How, oh how, is it possible for ONE outfit to do so many horrible things to a body? The whole shebang distorts her lovely person, makes her look like a rectangle in ugly pants, and terminates in her feet jammed into those horrible too small torture chamber shoes. There’s a basilisk involved in this somewhere, I just know it.

      • HelenBackAgain

        I’ll bet someone convinced Jennifer that everything else might change, but your feet stay the same. They do not! And I’m sure they were telling her all about that throughout this appearance, and for a couple of days afterward, ensuring that she will not make that mistake again.

        For the rest of the outfit, however, there is no excuse.

    • Jenz

      i had words… but it would get me censored. :D

    •  Mrs. Helpful

      But as bad as the outfit is — and are these breast tacos related to Jess Chastain’s set the other night? — the make-up is 100% Dawn of the Dead. She looks like someone else entirely. And that person is part raccoon, part zombie.

  5. Kate

    I’m so sad about Lizzy’s shoes – so close to perfect!

  6. Sandra

    I may be paddling against the current here, but Lizzy’s dress brings to mind one of Ducky’s autopsies on NCIS: Original Recipe.

  7. Bella

    These are amazingly bad, although I do like Lizzy’s dress – the shoes ruin it. Kat’s popping out a bit too much out of a too tight dress. I thought McPhee had finally left the bad hair escapades behind … apparently not.

  8.  Mina

    Lizzy’s outfit and shoes are veering into Kardashian Territory.

    Katherine McPhee looks like she rolled around in window blinds.

    Robin Tunney could be saved with less matchy-matchy accessories. That dress is costumey so it needs help.

    • Emily

      I think if Robin’s dress were sleeveless and shorter we’d be in business.

  9. Ashley

    I, too, love Lizzy’s dress, and I would opt for keeping the length and swapping the shoes. But, it should be noted, that I don’t think I’ve ever met a gladiator sandal that I particularly liked.

  10. swimmyfish

    Matronly is not a good look for J. Lo-Hew. Those pants are like the business-pant equivalent of mom-jeans, and maybe given to her by someone who hates her?

    Tea Leoni, on the other hand, looks like she woke up to a fire alarm and just grabbed the first thing at hand to cover up her nighty.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I think Téa looks like a young secretary who read a ’90s Glamour piece about how to dress for work-to-evening, and this is her first attempt at it, and everyone in the office is trying not to laugh.

    • Beth C.

      Tea kind of looked to me like she had one of those walk-out-the-door-and-realize-it’s-chillier-than-you-thought moments where you pop back into the house and grab the first jacket you see that is even sort of event appropriate because you don’t have time to find one that actually matches. Then, of course someone takes your picture before you can stash emergency jacket in a corner… Not that I personally know anything about that.

  11. Steph

    I have been known to fetch the mail/bring in the trashcans in some truly tragic outfits. And I wouldn’t even consider going outside in that thing J. Love Hew is wearing.

  12. Stefanie

    Kat is just fantastic. Her face, body, hair and (as far as I can tell) personality are on point.

  13. Blair's Head Band

    YOUNG AMERICANS. Yes, yes, yes. So many great people in that cast.

  14. Meggiemoo

    That outfit on JLH is HIDEOUS. It may be the worst, most unflattering thing I’ve ever seen.

    •  Erin

      My god. It makes Lefty up there look she’s gone completely loosey!

    • nichole

      You know what, that outfit she is wearing matches my feelings about her joining Criminal Minds this season. I don’t know what CBS was thinking, but this is poor poor casting. Which goes with her poor poor outfit.

  15.  IntoTheWest

    The only take away from this is that awful “2 Broke Girls” will be back.

    • greatwhitenorthchick

      I hear you on that show. Ugh.

      •  Amy the 2nd

        It looks like Beth Behr’s extensions are gone, too. There is SOME improvement for that show.

    •  Mrs. Helpful

      That show could be fixed. It is a good premise, two really appealing actresses, good story lines, and decent writing EXCEPT the relentlessly trashy sexual innuendo one-liners. Tone that crap down and you have a show.

      Actually to call that writing innuendo is less accurate than saying something like sledgehammering or bludgeoning.

  16. Trace

    J Hew looks like the bizarre lovechild of Genie and Aladdin. She has an homage to Al’s vest and Genie’s pants.

  17.  deecat

    Love Lizzy Caplan’s dress, but she should have gone with some nice pointy white courts instead of those hideous Kardashoes. But awesome from the ankles up!

  18. greatwhitenorthchick

    Nuthin’ wrong with a little disco (coming from someone who came of age in the 70s…). I think Behrs looks great, better than Kat, imho. Kat looks OK…except her feet. Those delicate sandals do not look good on everyone.

    • Liz

      Agreed. I think Beth’s outfit is the cuter of the two. And Kat looks a little nuts with that awkward facial expression (I know, it happens to all of us).

  19. Ashley


    I kind of love Robin Tunney’s Ming the Merciless getup. She looks like a gas.

    Lizzie Caplan’s dress is so good and those shoes are just a world of pain. And the Hew has never looked worse a day in her life, poor thing. She’s so lovely but THOSE PANTS.

  20. Linda

    Lizzy’s shoes are killing me. That dress is so awesome. Couldn’t they find a strappy high heel sandal in a copper?

  21. Sasha

    I am amused that Kat’s hair is copping a feel.

  22. AAH

    I actually love Robin Tunney’s dress.

    Also – although I’m generally anti-sheer and tummy showing – Katherine McPhee is 100 times better in this than most versions of those trends… (at least we can’t see any butt cheek or side-boob…)

  23. lor

    Other than Lizzy’s stunning dress and Kat Denning’s whole outfit, this is a slideshow of epic horrors.

  24. Minutiae

    Kat Dennings looks great. I just came from the post on Christina Hendricks, and I don’t understand how Kat can dress her curves so successfully while Christina always has so much trouble.

    And J.Lo.Hew’s outfit makes her look about five sizes bigger on bottom than she actually is. Her legs somehow look like tree trunks because of those pants. It’s a whole heap of NO.

  25.  Melissa

    Wow. J. Lo. Hew looks ridiculous. So does Kate Moenning. But YOUNG AMERICANS! How I loved you, you terrible terrible show.

  26. lynn

    I also like the ‘idea’ of the Tunney dress. I do wish it was a bit shorter and I wish her hair was pulled back and more clean looking (Not clean like shampooed but clean like clean lines). I also wish the shoes were a brighter color (red maybe?), want the purse to be red (not blue) and a bracelet. Then I would like to see how it looks. Right now, visually I keep taking the road up from the hem. That image needs to be broken up.

  27.  Portia

    Aisha Tyler’s dress is adorable, but those shoes with it are a mysterious choice — perhaps the spikiness was intended to suggest fireworks, or something? Nice not-too-bright red pumps would’ve been cute with it, I think.

  28.  martinipie

    Aisha! It is, in fact, fourteen days since July 4, over a month since Flag Day, and almost a year until next Memorial Day, so I do not understand why you are wearing this dress.

  29.  RebekahMacd

    Lizzy’s dress reminds me of an enamel bracelet my grandparents brought me back from Hawaii (or somewhere) aeons ago. Thus I love it beyond all things. The shoes make me weep, though.

    I actually love Robin Tunney’s dress. It just needs better styling – certainly the shoes are wrong.

    AJ Cook looks cute.

    The rest are terrible.

    •  RebekahMacd

      Oh, wait, apart from Kat Dennings, who looks all kinds of stunning.

  30. camille

    I believe that what J.Lo.Hew’s dress is doing to her figure could be categorized as an Unkind Touch.

    • Rachael

      I think it qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment, and is therefore unconstitutional.

  31. devinemissk

    This slideshow made me realize that I’ve been conflating Lizzy Caplan with Kate Moenning for years. Like, to the extent that I’ve been thinking, wow, Lizzy Caplan has worked on a lot of stuff, and a lot of really varies stuff, in the last five years! And now I realize that at least half of that stuff was Kate Moenning. Sheesh.

  32. Hollis

    I am wondering just how often Catherine Malandrino is going to re-issue that 2001 flag dress. She brought it out again in 2008 – is this the 2014 version?

  33. TonyG

    I love Kate’s carefully faded/dyed jeans which are mocking the see-through trend. They are hilarious!

  34. Julia

    Aisha Tyler looks as if she got that outfit from an alternate take of the Weird Al “Tacky” video.

  35. Cristina

    Fuck! Almost everyone looks shitty. The only exeption are Lizzy, Kat and Beth. Although I don’t like Marchesa at all, Lizzy looks beautiful on that dress, but I agree with Heather, it should have been shorter. Meanwhile Kat and Beth look great on black. I liked how simple and comfortable they look.

  36. EitherOar

    I’d like Robin Tunney’s crazy Technicolor dream dress is it were shorter.

    I think as a citizen of the US, I am required to like Aisha Tyler’s dress. It is just so patriotic. I have questions, though. Did she not get to wear it on the 4th of July? Did she think (accurately) that she looks hot in it and could not resist wearing it again? Does she love the US of A that much, or is this sarcastic? Was the dress made in China? Does she have to burn it if she spills on it???

  37.  ringthing

    Is there a terrible lipstick shortage in Hollywood?

  38. HelenBackAgain

    Love Caplan’s dress, though ABSOLUTELY NOT with those shoes, but isn’t it a little much for the event? I mean, I could see this at the Met Gala, easily.

  39. gigi

    …but Robin’s shoooooooes tho…. I swear my eyes just turned into cartoon hearts when I saw them!

  40.  Val R.

    Lizzy Caplan *sad trombone* there are SO MANY gorgeous metallic shoe choices available right now. Why not a classic pump in bronze or gold?

  41.  Jamie

    So I confess I have loathed J Love for a long long time. The news she’s going to be on Criminal Minds has depressed me for weeks. So I was a bit gleeful to see her looking so dreadful. Sorry, I know I’m being petty and mean here – but she grates on me so so bad. She is just talent-free.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I don’t dislike her myself, she seems genuinely nice, but I agree there is no talent at all there. She once joked in an interview about how bad she’d been as an actress when she first started. I couldn’t help but laugh at the daftness of the implication that she had ever improved any!

      And I think anyone can relate to what Jessica and Heather refer to as “Hating Someone’s Face.” ;-) Hewitt isn’t one of mine, but I have a couple of those, too!

  42. Gypsy Danger

    Katherine Moennig was on “The L Word” not Queer as Folk.

    Whole lotta fug in this slideshow.

  43. Chris

    I WANT KAT DENNING’S DRESS! I probably cannot afford it but I want to know the designer in case I want to jack up my credit card debt.

  44. Dani

    JLoHew can run a whole fug maddness campaign off that outfit alone.

  45. Lily1214

    Lizzy’s shoes: NOT with that dress!

  46.  lacondesainverieno

    I just want to know what the invitation to this event said about the dress code. There is a whole lot of “no” going on, but it isn’t even the same kind of no. Also JLoveHew has reached a level of Fug Madness that is depressing. No Madness only Super-Fug.

  47. Cookie

    Kate Moenning was on The L Word, NOT Queer as Folk!

  48. Ilovecheese

    Oh, J.Lo Hew. Why? Why are you wearing a bib that has navy boobs hanging from a gold necklace? Who thought this was a good idea? Why is this happening?
    And Kate, dear wonderful Kate… such an amazing body stuck in the same androgyn outfit since 2006. I like that outfit, I own several instances of that outfit. And yet I DO WEAR OTHER THINGS OCCASIONALLY. Why don’t you? Why?
    I don’t understand. I just don’t. I am going to hug a pillow and cry now.

  49. Lee

    Tunney’s outfit: Hawaiian maternity dress with room to grow?

  50. Shannon

    Besides Beth and Kat, all these people look like they got dressed in the dark.