Fugs and Fabs: The Beautiful Creatures premiere

I haven’t read Beautiful Creatures, but I know it’s quite popular — Heather and I once did a reading at a same event as the authors, and it was packed with mega-fans. Unfortunately, although I am sure the book is a good read, the movie looks TERRRRRRRRIBLE. Everyone’s accent is all over the place, even people who ought to know what they are doing EMMA THOMPSON. Suffice to say, I can’t wait to watch it on a plane eventually. First, let’s look at all the peeps who went to the premiere (note that Emma Thompson, Viola Davis, and Jeremy Irons all ditched. Poor sad February movie).

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  1. Lauren

    The book is also TERRIBLE. Was hoping this might be one of those rare instances where the movie is actually more entertaining but a Kiwi attempting a deep South accent?! What the what?

    • TereLiz

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who hated the book? Had the writers ever been to the South in their lives? And don’t get me started on Ethan and his need to describe pretty dresses. ‘Cause that’s convincing boy behavior.

      As soon as I heard Emma open her mouth in the trailer I was like, “There goes the last vestige of making this watchable”

      (damn, I sound bitter, but I rolled my eyes so many times while reading book 1 I think I sprained a retina)

      • JillSpill

        I hated the book too. I didn’t have high hopes but was hoping to be slightly entertained…I ended up not caring about the characters enough to even try to read the second book. And I can read almost anything (not 50 Shades of Grey though…I refuse).

        • Sally

          To be fair, I think Anna Pacquin’s southern accent on True Blood is also excruciating (well actually most of her non-Kiwi accents) so there is a disappointing precedent. Emma Thompson though? I am surprised, and not in a good way.

  2. Sabrina

    Dang, those SaB folks must be really supportive.

  3. SKS

    I went to a screening of the movie, and my goodness it is a HOT MESS. Also, Zoey Deutch is really annoying in the film, but the character is supposed to be, so I guess she did a good job?

    Emmy Rossum looks good with shorter hair, although her head is styled “too retro” if that makes sense….

  4. Chasmosaur

    I read the books after I saw the trailer – I thought they would be a hate-read and I needed it at the time.

    They are definitely better written than Twilight. Lena is slightly more empowered than Bella Swan, but I wouldn’t say it’s by much. It is interesting to have one of these teen romances be told from the boy’s vantage point, though.

    I will admit I fell in love with the authors, though, when I read this in the acknowledgements of the second book:

    “Three moons and more than 1,600 pages from the day we sat down to prove to a couple of smack-talking teenagers that we could write a book, our extended Caster family couldn’t even fit on one or two pages, if we tried to name you all.”

    Or in other words:

    Authors: “Why are you reading Twilight? It’s poorly written garbage!”
    Teenagers: “Like you could do better.” *eye roll*
    Authors: “You’re on, kiddos.”

  5. Sandra

    The labels on cereal boxes are better written than Twilight. That bar is so low that snails can and do climb over it.

    What are Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson doing slumming it in this re-fried Southern Gothic nonsense? Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner are more their peer group.

    Movies For Grownups season has come to a screeching halt, hasn’t it? I hate when that happens.

    • ringthing

      My thoughts exactly about Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson. When I heard JI’s voice on the trailer I refused to believe it was him until I looked up the movie on IMDB. They are so much better than this.

  6. TereLiz

    I LOVE Emmy’s dress, but her makeup is a little… brown?

    Katie L. looks like she’s attending a completely different event. Her dress reads way too daytime to me.

  7. Katie Lynn

    In Emma’s defense, she’s playing a person who is playing a person, a fact which is a MAJOR plot turn in the book but they have been heavily advertising because having SPOILERS in a movie trailer is apparently acceptable.

  8. ChristieLea

    Emmy looks so stuck up and smug all the time that I find her hopelessly irritating.

    Alice’s dress, I like. Even though it looks like what would’ve happened to Scarlett O’Hara if the drawing room drapes hadn’t been long enough to make a floor-length skirt.

  9. Lizzy

    I’d like to thank Zoey Deuch for wearing a lace paneled dress that is lined (and obviously so) – well played! Katie LeClerc is such a cute girl – it must have taken a lot of work to make her look that bland and frumpy.

  10. Kristan

    “I couldn’t do a passable Aussie/New Zealand accent if Paul Hogan were beating me with a Hobbit” – ROFL NO REALLY I SNORTED OUT LOUD. (Thankfully only my dog was around to hear it, and he was sleeping.)

  11. Helen

    Marano and Deutch both look very good, too, albeit dressed for different events, but Rossum here is KILLING it. That is just fabulous and it’s perfect on her.

    I wonder what it says about actresses today, or perhaps about me, that I was deeply relieved on NOT seeing any ugly tattoos interrupting the beautiful back…

    Ups to Lea Thompson, too. Age-appropriate, yet sexy, yet without being scene-stealing. Now there’s a hat trick!

  12. Trace

    Lea T looks FAB! You go Lorraine!!

  13. h² fashion

    I loveeee everyone’s looks but Alice and Katie. I don’t know why they didn’t get the memo, but they definitely missed the mark. Katie should never ever wear that color again unless she gets a serious tan.


  14. Dee

    I know nothing of either the book or the movie, but I just have to say that “I couldn’t do a passable Aussie/New Zealand accent if Paul Hogan were beating me with a Hobbit…” may be the best thing I’ve EVER read.

  15. tracy

    I don’t know, I think Emmy looks kind of comically overdressed. Like she’s the only one who didn’t get the memo that this film isn’t worth that kind of effort.

  16. Rayna

    Effort or schmeffort, I’m LOVING Emmy’s dress.

    Certain Other People who attempted the black/white drama should take note!

  17. Other Meredith

    I actually really enjoyed the books (of course, it’s like it was specifically written to be a guilty pleasure for me-authors, have you been in my mind???), but I’m pretty skeptical about the movie. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually and be sad.

  18. Rayna

    PS – Meant to add, it’s sexy and sharp without being nekkid or hyenous.

  19. mary lou bethune

    So, the little actress is the daughter of the director; that explains why such an unremarkable girl is the star. The accents are awful and as I am from South Carolina ( I don’t like to admit it) I can judge.
    I love the ABC Family shows, too. Bunheads is wonderful.

    • SCM

      Not *THE* Director. Jane Campion is a Kiwi and directed The Piano (for which she was nominated for best Director and won for writing and Holly Hunter and little Anna Paquin got Oscars as well).

      But I am a Kiwi and I have never heard of her daughter and only saw the first mention of this movie today so I have no opinion on her accent or ability to act!

  20. Vandalfan

    I see some shoe issues.

  21. Sarah

    Are Lea Thompson and Emma Thompson sisters or do they just happen to look similar and have the same last name? (I realize that google is my friend in this case, but that seems like too much effort)

    • Maxi

      Horrors, no! Emma is English, and Lea is American. Emma is wonderful, and Lea Thompson was as annoying in her prime as any of the young divas we diss today–a truly irritating person. When she was dating Dennis Quaid (weird pairing indeed), she made sure to let anyone who would listen know that she was seeing the “cute Quaid” lest anyone think she had a thing for (pre-insane) Randy.

  22. CJG

    I have never seen Emmy Rossum in anything, but I love her wardrobe. This dress especially.

    And, go, Lorraine McFly!

  23. Holly Hamilton

    Love Emmy’s and Alice’s dress. Em’s is reminiscent of that Julia Robert’s Oscar dress and Alice’s is nicely Alice in Wonderland. The rest are boring and dull.

  24. Edith

    I am madly, passionately in love with every single one of these ladies because NOT ONE OF THEM IS SPORTING A FAUX TAN. I can’t remember the last time that happened, and I am so very very tired of orange starlets. It makes me giddy to see pale women in February, just as nature intended – and they all look lovely fair.

  25. Tawny

    Mostly I’m just curious how much time y’all actually spend on planes for all the movies you plan to be watching up there…?

  26. Emma

    “Alice Englert is Australian/Kiwi both, and you can tell in the movie trailer because her accent veers from Cornball to Crazy, sometimes all in one sentence. ”

    Yes! I’m Australian, and the first time I saw the trailer I thought “why is that girl talking with a broad Australian accent in the Deep South? Personally I think it must be an incredibly difficult accent for any non-native to master without sounding ridiculous, and if I attempted it I’d sound like Lemon Breeland. I don’t know how Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and Eileen Atkins will do. Weirdest casting ever.

  27. Sajorina

    I love Emmy & Zoey’s dresses! So gorgeous! FAB!

  28. Annie E

    I read “watch it on a plane” as “watch it on another” (as in astral) “plane.”

  29. Lauren

    “…if Paul Hogan were beating me with a Hobbit.” BWAHAHAHA

  30. Squirrel!

    Lea Thompson and her daughters are very lovely. I covet Emmy Rossum’s dress!

  31. moi

    OK, I honestly didn’t recognize Emmy Rossum with her mouth closed :D Her dress is beautiful, by the way.

  32. madison16

    As to Jessica’s comment that the “Switched at Birth” cast jumping in full heartedly, Zoey Deutch is guest starring in SAB for at least 2 episodes as Elisa Sawyer. Lea Thompson’s husband senator opponent’s daughter. That’s a mouthful. I am excited to see if they have any scenes where they interact!