Fugs and Fabs: The August, Osage County Premiere

I am bracing myself for several weeks of Julia. (Several Weeks of Julia is my new novel, obviously. It’s like Julie and Julia except I’m trying to be Julia Roberts and it ends with me being so annoying in the process that Heather murders me.)

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  1. Mel S.

    Wow, there are a lot of variations of the name Julia in that movie.

    Julianne Nicholson’s dress is a wee bit “Little House on the Prairie for me” – especially with the hair.

    And seriously, Tami Taylor could wear a burlap sack but as long as she brought that hair, would it really matter?

  2. nobody much

    that Naeem Khan dress should be mine.

    • nobody much

      I guess it’s sheer. I’d line it.

      • Heather

        Ha! It is sheer, and it is crazy. We are laughing about it right now. Jess was like, ‘WHAT? HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT?’ I think our defense is that we’re working from the road right now and sometimes your eyes just don’t focus at night.

        • Sally

          Oh, thank God! I was back to “Jess fell and hit her head again if she likes that sheerness” Glad to know she is okay.

          And this is the kind of week it has been for me – Naeem Kahn? She’s a dead ringer for Juliette Lewis! Time for a cocktail.

        • Karen

          Oh man, thank heavens. I thought the blog had been hijacked by Marchesa or something. Did the pretty pattern distract you from the black underwear peaking out underneath it?

  3. Emma

    Is that Naeem Khan showing…..leg? As in sheer? With only hotpants? Or is that the new pattern these days?

    •  HelenBackAgain

      It’s sheer, with granny panties deliberately showing. Which makes me feel far too close to her vulva. I love Juliette Lewis, but not THAT way.

    • Louise

      Thank you! All I could think was “oh no! Did Jessica catch the sheers? There are granny panties involved here!”

      • Cara

        I think that dress is TERRIBLE tbh. The sheer, the pattern draped THAT way, I just find it all garish and just really really bad.

  4. k

    I’d like that Naeem Khan more if it weren’t for the sheer.

  5. Esmerelda

    Just to clarify, that Naeem Kahn dress is see-through, right? Those are in fact Juliette’s underpants I’m seeing. From the waist up she looks amazing, but it’s ruined for me by needless sheerness.

    Connie Britton looks amazing. And completely effortless (though, clearly looking that incredible requires effort, even for people with her basic genetic gifts- HAIR!).

    • Mrs. Ditter

      “…needless sheerness.” Masterful use of the language, Esmerelda.

  6.  Mel Duff

    Julia, return your Dyeables shoes to a Payless Shoe Source in 1989 so I may buy them to go with my lace-tiered homecoming dress.

  7. Wildviolette

    Abigail Breslin is just plain beautiful. I like seeing someone her age be all classy on the red carpet and not go Full Miley on us.
    Julianne Nicholson can wear any damn thing she wants. That woman is insanely talented and picks some of the best indie stuff to be in. You guys all need to Netflix “Tully” ASAP. She’s remarkable.

    • Tiffany

      I feel that Abigail has a bit of a hard time recently varying between too sexy, too matronly, and too twee. I think she looks great here! The dress is very flattering, mature without being too much.

      • marita

        I feel a bit sorry with her, coming out of puberty with a pretty curvy body, and having to strike that age appropriate balance on the red carpet. It’s much easier to look modest and not freak out the collar-clutching viewing public when you’ve got a slender Fanning-sister-esque silhouette. But poor Abigail might choose a cute dress she really likes and then everyone’s like ‘OMG! Boobs!’ ‘Hips!’ ‘Cover the wench!’. Then the poor girl looks matronly and twee, as you say. However, I have hope, and think that by the time everyone’s calmed down a bit about her looking womanly, she’ll be looking stunning all the time!

  8.  HelenBackAgain

    Gugino and Breslin look great!

    Breslin growing up to be such an effortless, not-trying-at-all sexpot is both delightful, and making me feel a little old. I love that she’s showcasing the curves without being led down the path of Nearly Naked that so many her age seem to follow.

    Britton, maybe a little casual, but also great. I love the blouse. And the funky-cool owl ring!

  9.  A.J.

    Abigail Breslin looked like she was in her 20s, and if she was, I was prepared to go sob in a corner about how ancient I am. The little girl in the Signs movie! The little girl in Little Miss Sunshine!

    IMDB said she was still a teenager, and I felt a little better.

    • Tamarin

      Yeah, she tends to dress a little bit “old”. Embrace your youth! Wear fun, carefree clothes!

    • Mrs. Ditter

      I’m pretty sure Abigail Breslin was the little orphan child in the second Princess Diaries movie…during the parade scene, sucking her thumb? And Anne Hathaway helps her feel better and she stops sucking her thumb? Why do I even know this? AAGGHHH

  10. Sandra

    Several Weeks of Julia would make anyone want to kill whoever was playing the title role.

  11. AM

    What do we know about Connie Britton’s blouse? Like how do I get it in my closet? Also, I think Abigail Breslin needs to tone it down a bit. What is she 35 (rhetorical question, because she’s still just a teen). You’ll have plenty of time for hair color later, young lady!

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I covet Britton’s blouse, too. It’s gorgeous, and it looks so wearable! It would go with a lot of things, and be appropriate in a wide variety of settings.

  12. Other Emily

    I don’t like all that hair on Julianne Nicholson. She’s got such a doll-like, beautiful face, I just feel like the hair is overwhelming. I like her short cut on Boardwalk Empire. The dress is a little much for me, too. It’s pretty, it’s just A LOT. Juliette Lewis I love, and I love that color and the pattern, but the sheer…I can’t.

    • Kit

      I loved Julianne’s short hair in Law & Order: CI. She looked so much cuter.

  13. Emily

    Not to belabor the point, but Juliette’s dress is sheer from crotch to ankle, yea, verily, from flowered top to flowered tip. Also, I think Connie Britton’s wearing a black bra under that top. Abigail Bresli, though? Stunning.

  14. val.

    I like Julia’s dress a lot but don’t love that necklace with it, I don’t think.

  15. anne p.

    Gugino for the real world win! Lewis for the juicy Hollywood win!

    Miss Roberts looking a bit linebacker-esque . . . When you’re a little matronly in the torso (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), you got to watch the short sleeves + long hair combo.
    And the skirt’s too short.

  16. Ambrosia

    Sorry, but Abigail Breslin’s dress is too old for her, And, it wrinkles across the middle.

  17.  Julia


    I am soooo sick of nude lips.

    And Julia Roberts, I have great fondness for you (though I did kind of hate you for existing when Pretty Woman came out and I wasn’t married yet so my name was still Julia Roberts and the jokes JUST NEVER ENDED), but that dress is so. bad. Is your get-a-grip friend ill? Because you are supposedly great in this movie, just got nominated for a Golden Globe for it and yet you are wearing… this.

    Underwhelming does not even begin to describe it.

  18. Kit

    It’s a good think Britton has that hair because I think that blouse is hideous–it looks like maternity wear from the 60s. And I don’t know WHAT that thing is on Julia Roberts, but it’s ugly as sin.

  19.  trixila

    Thank you for NOT including Dermot Mulroney in the photos from this event. Please hold off until he gets his hair cut.

  20. Mrs. Helpful

    Wait a second. I realize it is cold and dark — and these are all lovely actresses and the outfits are pretty — but am I alone in finding the first five really…..frumpy? I think you can find Connie Britton’s outfit at Talbot’s, Julia Roberts’ in the costume archive for the Golden Girls, J. Nicholson and Abigail Breslin both lean granny. Even the Naem Kahn is kind of weird. Maybe it was a ladies night/ stay in character dress code?

  21. Jenz

    What the heck is Julianne wearing and what is it doing to her boobs? What did her boobs do to her?

  22. beth carroccia

    but where is Meryl ???

  23. Philippa

    I love me some Julia Roberts but do not love her Dowdy Phase, which has been dragging on for months.

  24. Elle

    Julia Roberts is that dress actually looks….dumpy.

  25. Victoria

    Hate Juliette Lewis, but love that dress.