Fugs and Fabs: The American Horror Story: Asylum Premiere

I’m impossibly excited for this to return, and will be very disappointed if it isn’t openly deranged; totally uneven, to the point where it’s both awful and amazing within the same hour; full of Jessica Lange and Chloe Sevigny going toe-to-toe on-screen, because they are two people who can turn pretty much any script into watchable TV. In fact, I like to think the Sev’s dress here is illustrative of the Ryan Murphy oeuvre: Compulsively watchable even when it might be a train wreck.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. AmandaD

    Quinto’s jacket looks about 2 sizes too small.

    • mary lou bethune

      I was wondering if that is the latest look for men? if so , why????

      • AE Mom

        I’m right there with you both. “Jacket’s too small” was the first thing that popped into my head.

  2. China

    I’m so sad that this didn’t feature the sides of Jenna Dewan’s dress, because — ack. Therein lies the explanation for the illusion netting.

  3. laura

    Wow! That was one horribly dressed premier!

    • Christian

      I agree, it really was a parade of WTF. Is Chloe’s hair still short, or does she have it in a severe ponytail? I can’t tell. I like it much better when she has her hair down.

  4. Orange Clouds

    Chloe’s dress is secretly awesome.

  5. Lynne

    Okay, I’m not particularly a Monteith/Michele fan but that photo of them is flat out adorable. I like her so much better when she’s not posing so hard.

    Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s dress is doing her no favors. I’m always baffled by clothing that can make someone WITH HER BODY look like she has no shape. Really, designer? Making her look slamming should be the easiest damn design challenge in the world.

  6. Mikki

    I find it rather depressing that most of these celebs who have the money and resources to look amazing, end up looking so bad. The only outfit I liked was the black pencil skirt/red shirt combo, but it seemed more daytime oriented, rather than this kind of event!

  7. Trace

    What’s the deal with Amanda Peet? She’s stunning but she always shows up in such boring outfits!

  8. S

    I have that nightgown! It’s Victoria Secret, circa 2000, and both sexy and remarkably easy to breastfeed in.

  9. mosie51277

    I seriously spent a full minute looking at Rumor trying to figure out how one would get into that dress

  10. TonyG

    Hilarious take on Lea’s dress as I love the idea of cone bras that extend as one tells a lie. Who can make that happen? Maybe Marc Jacobs? Who’s doing Madonna’s stuff these days? Get her/him on it!

  11. Vandalfan

    Each of these, like Tolstoy’s unhappy families in War and Peace, is unhappy in its own way. The Sev’s random Glinda the Good Witch sleeve. Quinto’s marionette pose from the too-small jacket. Rumor’s practically prostitutional look. Franka, with the filthy-looking tats, and Lange looking like she’s make out of Slim Jims. I can’t go on.

    • Helen

      Love the ‘unhappy families’ reference.

      I’m so sad about Potente’s tattoos. I don’t know when she got them, but they’re awful.

  12. nazzy

    *Might* be a train wreck? Heather, you’re being too generous. Where Ryan Murphy is concerned, it’s always a train wreck.

  13. casey

    I know it’s been said over and over again, but evidently it bears repeating: Stand Up Straight, Rumer!! Yes, the dress is whack, but my god that slouch would make anything look wretched. You would think after seeing yourself in a few pictures like this one, you’d realize, “hey, maybe I should stand tall, let the shoulders drop back a bit, and try to work it,” but no. God.

  14. Lis

    Chloe Sevigny has the nicest legs! And, yay! Franka Potente! Where has she been?

  15. Ems

    Love the pencil skirt but the top reminds me of early eighties secretaries. I swear I remember Lilly tomlin wearing something similar in 9 to 5.

  16. Art Eclectic

    The Sev is really building up quite the arsenal for Fug Madness 2013, isn’t she? You gotta admire a girl who goes BIG.

  17. Guerra

    Chloe for the win! I just love her.. And I’d wear the leather skirt, red shirt combo in a heart beat!

  18. Sajorina

    Besides Rumer’s whole look & the dapper guys’ outfits, I think everything else is FUG!

  19. Tanja

    Seeing Evan Peters makes me regress to teengirlish behaviour (and I am a 30-year-old woman). He looks mighty fine, even the brown shoes don’t bother me. I also think Jessica Lange looks stylish and elegant. As for the rest… meh.

  20. Helen

    I can’t hold that many images in my head at one time. But I actually like The Sev’s dress – albeit for her and her alone! It IS simultaneously a train wreck and compulsively watchable (which, heh), and she is wearing the hell out of it. Whatever it is.

    Peters looked good. I thought the shoes were a nice contrast, and everything was tailored well. Not quite by God, like Sev’s dress, but well. And I agree, it’s so nice to see one of the guys making an effort, and IMO especially when it’s a younger one.

    Rumer Willis needs some help with this stuff – and with her hair. I love her unusual face shape and think it’s quite striking when allowed to show. Rumer, stop trying to be a redhead, and whatever color it is, get your hair out of your face! Also, get a dress that doesn’t look like an escape trick waiting to happen.

    I’ve already forgotten the rest. Oh no wait, Jenna Dewan-Whatsis: Just Trying Too Hard. Jenna, you’re beautiful. It’s okay to just be beautiful and wear something that’s simply pretty. Try that. Okay? Please?

  21. drlemaster

    Just want to say the movie ideas and royal family fan fiction you guys throw out are much better than most movies that actually get made.

    Oh, and while I am impressed the Ms. Willis’ dress is actually physically possible, no one should actually wear that.

  22. Lily1214

    The black and white thing is a hot mess.

  23. Janis

    Chloe’s dress has gas.

  24. jean

    I love Jessica Lange’s dress for once. She’s always tricky for me. I love that she clearly has NOT had plastic surgery or lipo and is aging like a human being, but sometimes I think she wears gowns that show too much aging skin. I feel a bit ageist wanting her to cover up more, but this outfit is a nice balance. She’s got her bare arms, but there’s coverage. And that skirt is flattering.

    And Chloe can sell anything, can’t she? Utter confidence, that one. And it’s weird how she can show so much skin and not be remotely sexy. She just doesn’t send out that vibe.

  25. Esme

    Emma Roberts looks like a waitress on “The Jetson’s.”

  26. Lisa Bryant

    Honestly. Does Chloe Sevigny EVER close her mouth?

  27. una

    So excited about this show. Was a big fan of the original show. Amazing cast!

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