Fugs and Fabs: Some Vanity Fair And Juicy Couture Party Celebrating A Calender Involving Olivia Munn.

The pre-Oscars parties are getting weirder and weirder and more and more specific.

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  1. Mara

    Olivia Munn is not one who can pull off the dark lip/barely any eye make-up combo. And I don’t like her dress, either, so there.

    Love the purple print one, though. I have something similar in my closet.

  2. Mouse

    Kate Mara always looks like she is trying to kill me with her glare.

  3. Lisa

    Jamie King’s dress is ok, it looks cheap to me, though. I love Minka Kelly’s outfit and she is lovely, but I have to disagree about her acting skils. I think that is the reason she doesn’t work more, she’s not very good. All other outfits shown are fug.

  4. Art Eclectic

    I’m surprised Ali Larter got to that dress before Fegie (Pea, not Duchess) did.

  5. Sandra

    These people were all at the same event?

  6. Cucina49

    Jurnee Smollett–I’ve always wondered what happened to her after “Eve’s Bayou,” a truly great movie.

    And your comment about Olivia Munn’s dress is right on–and make that a community theatre production of “Anything Goes.”

    • TereLiz

      Ooh, Eve’s Bayou. Love that movie, too. Jurnee was on Friday Night Lights for a season or two, just fyi.

  7. Sallie T

    I used to find Olivia’s Munn’s camera face annoying because I thought she always looked smug but now I’m wondering if it’s more like stoned, which would at least help explain the reasoning behind “yeah, it’s a good idea to show up at this party dressed as Sutton Foster in Anything Goes.”

  8. hb

    Hannah Simone is hands down the prettiest person I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ve never seen her on anything but new girl, so wonder where she’s going career wise and sartorially…hope she sticks around

    • Sarah

      She is so gorgeous. She was a Much Music VJ (Canadian thing) for quite some time. I was really excited when she showed up in the New Girl pilot. And she’s proven to be really funny too.

      • Jilly

        She’s Canadian? That explains why she’s the only one dressed for winter. Parenthetically, I own those shoes! They’re last winter’s Cole Haan. And I also wear them with black tights. Is that wrong?

        • Corriner

          She also has two bachelors degrees and has traveled a bunch. I actually kind of cherish her.

          Plus, she’s really good on New Girl (and I basically support any of my fellow Canadians based entirely on principle!)

  9. Beth C.

    Whoa, Ellie Kemper! That looks like a Magic Eye puzzle! Cute, but kind of hurts my eyes. Especially since I never could see the sailboat.

  10. Zed

    I’m afraid I didn’t like any of the outfits and the angle was odd, making most of them look top (ie head) heavy. I’d hardly heard of anyone either. But I’m old and British, what do I know?

  11. teal

    i adore olivia munn’s dress.
    i’d also lke to apologise on behalf of britain for louise roe.

  12. Amander

    Ali Larter’s dress looks like it’s styled after a 1980s speedo. The serious kind with the racer back that serious people wear when they’re seriously swimming laps at the Y. It’s seriously ugly, and it looks like it seriously smells like chlorine. (Seriously!)

    • Vandalfan

      Yep, I’m all “Ali! It comes in larger sizes, you know! Try one!”

  13. Dizee

    Hello – I believe the spelling y’all are looking for is “calendar”. xo – d.

  14. VV

    Olivia Munn just looks terrible in everything. She has no dress sense whatsoever, and she doesn’t have the assets to pull off clothes that are quite so revealing.

  15. susannestyle

    i am really liking Brooklyn Decker’s slightly darker hair color- she looks so pretty and somehow more unique.

    • Annie E

      YES, that was what I came down here to say. She is not just another boring unrecognizable blonde now.

  16. Annie

    The inability to dress seasonally appropriate is apparently now an epidemic. Other than Hannah Simone no one seems to have the sense to peak out the window before dressing (there’s an app for this people). And, sadly, Ali Larter apparently had to dress in the dark as well. It’s almost tragic really.

  17. Ladyblahblah

    Formal short suits, polka dot drawstring pants, vests as tops… I think 1993 had already overstayed its welcome.

  18. Tiffany

    It always looks like Oliva Munn needs more make-up, even when she is wearing heavy lipstick. Something about her never looks polished on the red carpet.

  19. Librarychick

    Minka is lovely- maybe she can do a guest role on Nashville?

  20. TereLiz

    I may be wrong, but I believe Kate Mara is wearing three pieces total. I think it’s a skirt and cropped top (Prada?). That knowledge does help me reconcile some with the incongruous jacket. Or, ya know, she could have just decided to wear a shirt that covered her abs instead.

  21. mepe

    I don’t know who Jurnee Smollett is but with that face and her hair and the dress and limbs she looks like an Amy Winehouse impersonator to me. That’s weird isn’t it?

  22. Correction

    It’s “calendar,” guys.

  23. ok

    Jamie King looks fantastic.

  24. Sajorina

    I think Mary Elizabeth Winstead might be my sartorial soulmate! I’ve loved everything I’ve seen her wearing lately and wish I was wearing it instead! LOVE!!!

  25. Ghanimatrix

    If you squint your eyes it kind of looks like MEW put her black lacy bra on over her dress.

  26. Mel

    I don’t get all of the love for Oliva Munn.

  27. KarenC286

    Ali Larter’s dress is Topshop. If not, my 15year old daughter tried on a pretty spot on copy at Topshop in Melbourne on the weekend. Our reaction was also “meh”