Fugs and Fabs: Some Spring Break Themed Thingy


All I know is, any event that brings together the likes of Hailee Steinfeld and Tony Goldwyn and Ben McKenzie and Jessica Szohr and Catherine Keener that is NOT some kind of awards show is pretty much beyond my comprehension.

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  1. AmyK

    A Heaping Helping of Hemsworths

    • Jenny

      How many Hemsworths are there, exactly? I thought we were only blessed with two and now there are apparently three?? That is a ridiculously tall and good looking family.

  2. Helen

    Steinfeld looks adorable. I think that’s a cami we can just barely see because of the camera lights, ’cause it looks the same down to the waist. I’m fine with that. Love the rounded-toe shoes, too.

    Shipka looks good too, though I share the uncertainty about the boots, and I think her jeans are too tight. Still, as usual with her, it’s a defined, clear Look.

    I kind of just don’t understand what everyone else is wearing. Except the Every Boy, Ever outfit, that’s straightforward enough. Speaking of, that guy needs a shave.

    How about a “cackle of Hemsworths”?

  3. Carrie

    Ed Westwick’s shoes make me angry.

  4. MG

    Alexis Knapp appears to be environmentally/recyclable friendly. I’m not sure if that is made out of palm fronds or seatbelts.

  5. LoriK

    Is it just me or does the look on Jessica Szohr’s face in that pic with the lifegaurds make her look like not such a nice person? That look is actually the only thing on any of the celebrities that reminded me of spring break at all because i went to hight school with more than one girl who looked just like that when forced to interact with one of us lesser mortals.

  6.  Megan

    A hotness of Hemsworths.

  7. glee

    Who are those two people posing with every celeb???

    (And let’s face it – they should be known as Chris Hemsworth and the Hems!)

    • kathotdog

      They must be bigwigs of City Year – which is an AmeriCorps volunteer program.

      And Cote de Pablo may not know how to dress, but she really is quite pretty.

      • MKKS

        I kept thinking everyone was at a launch of the Dharma Initiative. They were all stuck in the Swan or something. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, people.

  8. Megan

    A Muscle of Hemsworths?

  9. acake

    I think that’s just Ed Westwick’s face. I don’t recall him looking different on GG and I studied him, uh, a lot. I am more troubled by the distinct possibility that HE DOESN’T OWN ANY SOCKS.

    • Helen

      If you Google Image Westwick, he looks very different from one picture to another. When he smiles, it makes him almost unrecognizable.

  10. martinipie

    I….really like the squid ink dress.

  11. Mrs. Ditter

    A body of Hemsworths.

  12. Beth

    I think Hailee’s undergarment simply fell victim to a relatively thin bodice meeting an overly-agressive flash. I don’t care. I think she’s absolutely precious.
    I just don’t GET Julianne. Ever.
    And Alexis’ dress? Just…no.

  13. Helen

    A hand of Hemsworths! Like a hand of bananas.

  14. Hayley

    sweet lord what happened to Jason Behr’s face???

  15. Stefanie

    Where can I get me a gaggle of Helmsworth? I dont usually buy in bulk but this time it feels like cost effective.

  16. maryse

    what i find fascinating is how strange all of the celebrities look with the city year kids. you know, the city kids are good looking but regular kids. and the celebrities all look other wordly. like too small. with their tiny little heads.

  17. CC

    Can we talk about Ed Westwick wearing an undershirt with a sport coat ? What is up with that? I sometimes have seen Jude Law do the same thing. And not a clean-looking crew neck, but a low cut one. Showing off your chest hair AT THE SAME TIME you are wearing a blazer just seems sleazy and wrong.

  18. Ellen

    You told me Tony Goldwyn, not Tony Goldwyn’s triangle of chesticle hair. I feel deceived. In a good or bad way, I’m not sure. But I do love Scandal.

  19. Annie E

    NOTHING is more fugly than the City Year uniforms. Every time I see those kids around town in those sad khakis, I feel sorry for them.

  20. Anne B

    a ripple of Hemsworths
    a thud of Hemsworths
    a vacant stare of Hemsworths

    • JillB

      yes, vacant stare. They all have only the one expression no matter what’s going on!

  21. Cath

    A harem of Hemsworths… that I’d like to keep, please.

  22. Dazie

    A Brood of Hemsworths?
    A Gulp?
    Skein, mischief, romp…
    I GOT IT.

    A stud. A stud of Hemsworths. (defined as a group of them belonging to one owner, in this case I’m going with Mama Hemsworth)


  23. Katie

    If you’re wondering what Basically Every Dude From A Coastal Town looks like in Australia, please look to The Other Hemsworth.

    • Other Emily

      When can I move there? For being the unfamous one, he’s still super hot.

  24. Sajorina

    I love Hailee’s dress, clutch, ring & nailpolish! AnnaSophia & Bitsie look super cute! I love Just Jack & Thor! And it was so good to see Jason Behr… I miss him!

  25. Elle

    Hailee looks great!!

  26. Bambi Anne Dear

    Bitsie, KaDee, Cote. I give up.

  27. Bambi Anne Dear

    A swoon of Hemsworths.

  28. Jen Dee

    A band of Hemsworths works for me.
    Everytime I look like KaDee online, I’m always shocked about the Jason Behr thing, even though I’ve read it many times before. She has a bangin’ body – this outfit is a crime.

  29. Emma

    I love that the newly single Julianne Hough is surrounded by half a dozen attractive men. The one who is coughing is obviously going “*ahem* go out with me *ahem*”

    Actually, I think that’s Parker Young from Suburgatory in the background.

  30. Reporter Laydee

    Who would have thought I would vote Jessica Szzzhhooorrrr??? best dressed. That color on her is divine. And incurring envy in me, since I’m a redhead and pigmentally challenged. I also thought Stanfield looked adorable and I really like Rashida Jones’ shoes, BUT not with that outfit. And am I only one who thought “pregnant!” the second I saw KaDee’s outfit?

  31. Snarkypants

    WTH is Catherine Keener wearing?! Is she in costume??

  32. fiatluxury

    1. A Hirsute of Hemsworths
    2. How is it possible for Julianne Hough to look so consistently awful? She looked better in the teeny be-glitzed ensembles on DWTS than anything she puts on herself. bleh.
    3. A friend, confessing a girl crush on Katherine Keener (which, duh) summed by saying :”Keener, Keener, chicken deener” and that is all i ever think when i see her. Right after I think “Oh, KATHERINE” about whatever she is wearing.

  33. Cat

    Ugh, Cote– you are so freaking gorgeous so what the hell are those pants?! Ugh.

    Hailee looks super cute, so I’ll forgive the possibly sheer top. This time.

  34. Squirrel!

    Hailee’s dress is cah-YOOT.
    I thought Julianne Hough was Patricia Arquette.
    Sean Hayes has NOT aged.

  35. Evangeline

    Hailee looksextremely cute.

    I guess I’m alone, but I like Aimee Garcia’s dress.

  36. Vandalfan

    Who on earth are any of these people?

  37. HKS

    I am super confused to what this event IS. A spring break celebration? They have those? Where celebrities come? Something having to do with lifeguards? Please shed some light on this, as I am from the midwest, and spring break here frequently means a snowstorm. (Like there was last week. Along with hail. FUN TIMES).

  38. Julie

    I just love Ben McKenzie.

    And Hailee looks very cute.

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