Fugs and Fabs: Rita Ora


Some of these are secretly kind of awesome. DON’T JUDGE ME.

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Comments (18):

  1. Carrie

    I kind of like all of these. She’s working them.

    • Helen

      I like them all, too. The first one best – the other two could’ve been scaled down a little in their proportions, for her small size. But she’s got the presence to pull off an awful lot, and in my opinion is doing just that here.

  2. Orange Clouds

    The sunglasses in the second pic are evil.

    And the last “outfit” looks like a melted skeleton.

  3. TaraMisu

    Thirding. I have no idea who she is, but she’s pulling off all of the looks.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    No judgment here! I like them all, especially for a young singer in the Age of Gaga Minaj. I mean, things could be way worse, amirite?
    I wish she made better coat/accessory choices. Sweet Jesus, I really wish she had a tailor and some restraint for that last outfit. But put the jacket with a skirt or the pants with a hem and a better shirt and I would be so in favor of it. I love an animal print.

  5. Vandalfan

    The first outfit is too odd, with the Muppet arms, though i like her shoes. The second I love, and ordinarily I detest leather clothing. I wish she just wore the trench coat normally, instead of draping it like a cape as if she was Mohammed Ali entering the ring. The pajama look is Gwen Stefani-ish, to me, and not too many can pull that off, but she is.

  6. mtl

    … this is a man, no?

  7. Miss Louise

    Muppet arms was my first thought too, Vandalfan. The dress underneath looks nice in Pic 1, but the jacket looks like one of Maude’s long sleeveless vests as worn by Elmo on steroids. The other two outfits I hate. With number 2, again a cute dress badly accessorised – I have an allergy to f*ck-me boots, and I couldn’t see past them in this shot . About number 3, the less said, the better. Am I fatally out of the loop not knowing who she is?

  8. pumpkin3.14

    Well someone’s trying to look like Gwen Stefani.

    • Kristin

      Gwen crossed with Rihanna…and somehow it’s working for me. Kooky but not obscene, which for a pop star is a pleasant surprise these days.

  9. Sajorina

    The 1st & 2nd dresses are kind of FABULOUS, but the styling is ATROCIOUS! And, the 3rd outfit = Ew! By the way, the famous “Pretty Woman” Julia Robert’s outfit (boots & all) is on display at the Planet Hollywood in Orlando… I’ve seen it!

  10. terri

    “Flarging.” Hee!

  11. julie

    I actually like the pimp suit in the third picture. Better if you could see feet, though.

  12. Olivia

    The third outfit would be killer on Gwen Stefani. On her, no, though I do appreciate her efforts.

  13. Art Eclectic

    I hate to admit this, but if #3 were properly hemmed in the pants and had a different shirt that was more form fitting I would totally wear it.

  14. LibraryChick

    I’m too distracted by the camera person’s outfit in the first pic. I keep seeing John Mayer from roughly a decade ago.

  15. Jeanette

    I thought this was pseudonym for Rihanna (wearing a wig) after the first 2 photos. The 3rd is like Gwen Stefani’s long lost daughter. She might look insane, but SHE is wearing these nutty clothes!

  16. Sarah

    I saw the first dress in Urban Outfitters on Monday. I love it. And usually I hate House of Holland. Rita is making me want to go back and buy it. Good work.