Fugs and Fabs: Rihanna at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Look how stunning Rihanna’s face is. Doesn’t it make you wish she’d keep it toned down a bit more often, instead of being on visual caps-lock all the time?

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Scouse Helen

    Why must she always dress like a prostitute? It brings out the feminist in me. She even spoils the long black frock by wearing it with stockings and almost showing her nipples. Why??? She’s a big enough star not to have to do this sort of cheap titillation.

    • Jessica

      You must have very classy hookers in your neighborhood! None of mine wear gowns. That being said, I am sure the stocking are being this is a Victoria’s Secret event, thus: lingerie.

  2. Sandra

    Yawn. Josephine Baker did this better 85 years ago.

    • Mair Mair

      And 85 years ago, it was fresh and scandalous and fun. Today, it’s the opposite of those things.

  3. TaraMisu

    I like the pearl sunglasses :)

  4. Clarence Beeks

    I find her to be so trashy, she can make couture look cheap.

    • Ladyblahblah

      Agreed, putting her in a gown is like putting Ke$ha in a Chanel suit.

  5. Popcouver

    I think she is stunning. And generally I like her crazy outfits, though I agree that this needs to be ironed.

    I don’t know – she’s obviously gorgeous. If she wants to dress a little weird or costume-y, more power to her? Why not?

    • Siobhán

      The tragic part is, this skirt was MEANT to be so wrinkly by the designer.

      • Jasmine

        I… love the first outfit (although the fact that it is INTENTIONALLY wrinkly upsets me and I agree on the length being silly), and I absolutely covet the last one. Right down to the stockings. Maybe I’m a lady of the night in my head. Who knows.

        All I am sure of is that she is so ridiculously beautiful when her face is allowed to shine and her hair is doing something relatively demure. That lipstick on her is too perfect for real life.

  6. Gine

    I feel like every pop star dresses the same now. I don’t mind that her clothes are revealing (and if I had her body, I’d be flaunting it too) but with a few exceptions, it seems like you can’t be a successful female singer now unless you agree to dress crazy all the time.

  7. Suzie

    I was just saying to myself that this women hardly ever flatters her shape and beauty with what she wears, and outfit number 1 proves my theory. I think outfit number 2 also proves my theory.

  8. China
  9. katkin74

    RiRi is looking kind of tired tho. I guess dodging blows by Chris Brown will do that to a person. The style, minus the sunglasses is great in the last pic, for the event. Too bad she can’t look well put together all the time. Most of the time it looks like she’s auditioning for a part in Gangland: Ima Cut a Bitch, or Out of the Dumpster.

  10. that girl

    I love her hair at this event

  11. Tarryn

    The fact that the first outfit is so ill-fitting makes me angry. It does her no favors. At least her face looks stunning.

  12. Sajorina

    I love the gown in the 5th picture… LOVE! It’s so “Madame X” with stalkings! FABULOUS! The rest = FUG! And, I don’t like the hairdo, but the makeup is divine!

  13. SugarMagnolia

    I’m getting to the point where I just can’t with her, and that even has nothing to do with the Chris Brown situation (that is sad and disturbing on so many levels). It’s just that she seems to be trying so hard to be provocative that she’s coming across as desperate when she really doesn’t have to do much to highlight that gorgeous bone structure.

  14. Dani

    The first skirt looks like the sheet they give you at the gyno before they check under the hood.

  15. anonymoose

    Nothing Rihanna does or wears impresses me positively. As Sandra and Clarence Beeks have stated above, cheap and trashy can be quite dull (and totally needless.)

    I guess the eye makeup and brows look good in the first image, I’ll give the makeup artist that.

    But that b/w ~dress(?)~ and that pink fooffy thing are particularly atrocious!

    Will Rihanna ever stop trying so hard? She exhausts me. She is a billboard for neediness and looks unhappy or zoned out and yet pretentious. Ick!

  16. Helen

    Beauty and talent aplenty; no taste.

    I guess two out of three ain’t bad?

  17. Shanti

    I like the fact that the black dress has a slit and she is NOT sticking her leg aggressively out of it!

    I also kinda like the pearl sunglasses.

  18. Lily1214

    I liked her better as a redhead, if anyone would like to know.

  19. Tamburlaine

    I’ve got no beef against Rihanna. She looks gorgeous here, particularly in the black gown, though the other stuff doesn’t look good. Though I suspect she probably was restricted in her choices if it was for Victoria’s Secret.