Fugs and Fabs: Princess Charlene


Let’s check in on Princess Sadface McFleetheCountry. The good news is, she looks marginally less miserable. MAYBE THESE TWO CAN MAKE IT WORK!

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  1. filmcricket

    Hot Sunglasses Handler looks like Jon Hamm and Young Luke Wilson had a kid together. I approve. Hope your passport is up to date, Charlene, and that your running shoes are packed.

  2. liz

    Yes, security guy is HOT! I suspect he is why Charlene is happier these days. :)

  3. Mouse

    She looks FANTASTIC in that Akris dress. Makeup and hair are great and she’s beaming! (Maybe because she had an illicit rendezvous with Mr. Security Sunglasses in a coat closet?!)

  4. Kit

    I totally agree with Slide 4′s commentary.

    Princess SadFace should TOTALLY abscond with random potentially hot dude. Even if he’s not as hot once the glasses are off, he’s STILL way hotter than Prince PinkMarshmallowFluff.

    Go Princess SadFace, go!

  5. Kit

    I love all the Princess SadFace and handler shippers. :D

  6. Lynne

    Happier? Or better at faking happy? I should root for their happiness but that dude is beyond skeevy and I can’t wait until she hightails it.

    I also love the red Akris dress. Very sharp!

  7. pantsonfire

    I love the front of the black dress. I think that neckline is so flattering (it’s one of my personal faves because I have square, lanky shoulders). The back is OK in theory but for some reason, I’m not loving it on her. She has a swimmers’ build (for good reason) and a lovely back, but I don’t know that those spaghetti straps are the most flattering.

  8. Cat

    The black dress is freaking gorgeous. But WTF is that monstrous skirt in Slide #6? Sisterwife for real.

    Security Guy is hot. Love the glasses/suit.

  9. Babs

    OMG!! I was just in Monaco (seriously, I took a cruise and we stopped in Monte Carlo for two nights) and there was a dress shop that had a photo of the royal couple in their window because they provided a dress to her, or sold a dress that looked like her dress or something (I can’t read French, sue me)

    Let’s just say that it would NOT have been the photo I would have chosen to advertise with! She looked SO SAD AND TERRIFIED AND TRAPPED!!! OMG!!! And this was on the FRONT PAGE OF THEIR NEWSPAPER!!

    You CANNOT tell me the people of Monaco haven’t noticed this inbetween buying their yachts and driving their bugattis!!!

    I’m TOTALLY with everyone who thinks/hopes she and the handler are together because if the people of Monaco cannot even have a photo IN THEIR OWN PAPER of a happy princess then something is SERIOUSLY WRONG.

  10. vandalfan

    Whiffs of the later Princess Di. Maybe she and Albert can crank out a nice Wills.

  11. Elle

    I completely approve – and am now rooting for – Princess Sadface and manlier version of Seacrest to run off into (at least temporary) bliss… until Albi sends his goons after her, and manly Seacrest expertly kicks, punches and generally action movies them away onto a helicopter, never to be seen again (except for sightings here and there on some exotic sunny island).
    It’ll make for a great Lifetime movie, anyway.

  12. glee

    I guess the antidepressants (or the shock therapy) are finally working! Her smile makes almost everything look better. As does venturing out into colors.

  13. annie

    I just don’t think the exposed shoulders she favors for evening are very flattering to her. She can obviously wear just about anything with her height and slim build but I don’t think emphasizing the shoulders is the way to go.

    But, she does at least look better at hiding her misery. Hopefully hot security guy is the reason. I don’t condone infidelity but in this case I think its understandable.

  14. Sandra

    The Akris dress is gorgeous and she looks lovely in it. If, by odd chance, she and Hot Security Dude are notmaking each other smile, please have him sent to my house. I’ll be happy to pay shipping. The handling I’ll do myself.

    • Carolina Girl

      Sandra, that was just the laugh I needed right before I took off on vacation. Thanks!

  15. Prolixity Julien

    If I may be a skooch vulgar for a moment, shouldn’t she be pregnant by now? Isn’t that why he finally married her? I can’t be the only one wondering.

    The clothes are getting better. I’m starting to wonder if she looks miserable because all of the attention freaks her out and she just has a really hard time relaxing while being publically judged; for example, strangers ask why she isn’t pregnant yet.

  16. Donna

    He should know better than to hire security that looks like that.

  17. Sarah

    The security guy, nah … the princess should run off with SWINTON and learn how to artfully wear dramatically sized garments.

  18. noble

    Haters, Haters, Haters, as always. The only reason people hate on her so much is because she got married in the same year as Naked Waity Katy and Prince William. If they would have gotten marred years sooner there would have been no gossip or rumors at all. I do not understand why it really matters anyway Naked Waity Katy gets all the good media attention anyways with her fake smile and perfect image until this naked mess she has gotten into. If you hate these people so much why even look them up and comment on them. Jealously is a very very ugly trait. All of you hating are just jealous because if you were not you would not take so much time and energy hating on them. It does not surprise me though Princess Grace and Prince Rainier had a lot of haters too in life and still in death. It just shows how stupid people are that believe everything they read in gossip magazines you know that running away crap is not true but you find it more fun to put down others that have everything you wish you could have. Let me ask where is the proof of her running away. A high profile woman of her stature I am sure there must be some pictures or something someone at the airport took since she was running away amidst all the people at the airport. There is nothing no proof just hear say. I never believed any of that garbage. I like them both I never found any reason to hate them especially her. She is a beautiful woman that is an Olympic swimmer, looks out for her homeland South Africa, the Special Olympics Ambassador, classy and sweet Princess of Monaco. You all can hate on her and say what you like but at the end of the day she is a strong woman and is living and will die with the title of Princess of Monaco what is so great you have accomplished. She is not going anywhere and is very strong and loves Prince Albert enough to marry him and put up with all the crap the media and people throw at them for no reason. He waited to marry and made an excellent choice. Money, fame, looks, prestige, and the royal title. They can have anything they want at anytime no wonder people stay hating. No wonder this world is coming to an end it is because of people full of ignorance and hatred.

    • s

      Hi Albert!

    • Suzanne

      Hey FatAl while you’re here, sunglasses guy is porking your wife. Also, please tell Charlene: a) lay off the botox; b) include color and a smile into her look more often — it suits her!

    • blizzybee

      Sigh, my love for this site knows no bounds. The fug girls’ posts always make my day, fug nation’s comments often do as well. Today, a special treat indeed! A (prince disguised as) random commenter totally made my day. Hilarious, random “noble” commenter! Your secret is safe with us.

    • Narie

      There’s no hatred. I think most of us want her to be happy though we don’t know her. Its just…she was quite possibly the unhappiest bride most of us have ever seen. The two of them just do not come across naturally at all. Nothing about their interactions on film come across as anything but stiff and uncomfortable. I am unsure why you think everyone is hating on them.

    • Barbara

      WTF are you talking about?!? Nobody on this board HATES Charlene (or is jealous of her, by the way) – we just feel sorry for her because she looks so obviously miserable and unhappy all the time.
      And it is really is you, Albert, maybe you can explain your stinkface in the first picture – you seem to be looking at Charlene’s back (or backside?) with this huge expression of disapproval and distaste. What is that about?

    • kickassmomnyc

      Oh please.

    • Melinda

      That was magnificent.

    • Franziska

      How can you hate a person you don’t know? We “hate” her fashion sense and we “hate” her sad face. That’s all. No reason to get your knickers into a twist!

    • Peggy L.

      And your point is?

  19. Conchobara

    The Princess McSadface storyline is one of my favorites. I so look forward to her appearance on GFY!

    Also, in the first small picture I thought Charlene was aCharlize Theron, so she has that going for her.

  20. Conchobara


  21. Anna

    Is it just me or does it look like you can see the waist of her hose in the last (UEFA) red dress? There’s definitely something showing.

  22. Sally

    Y’all can have Hot Security Dude if I can have the uniformed cutie who is straightening his bow tie in #3. Cute , sexy smile!

  23. Sally
  24. jenny

    Why is he SO creepy? However, I am impressed that she can pull of that hair.

  25. Sajorina

    I am alone in bed at home laughing like a maniac at “Princess Sadface McFleetheCountry”!!! Thank you, GFY Jessica! We need to call her that from now on, well at least I will! She is a vision in metallic and red, so someone please get her away from the beige! And that black gown is BEAUTIFUL! That’s the way for a princess to do sexy! I love to see her smile… I wish she did it more often! FAB!!!!!!!!

  26. Raimesela

    We went to Monaco & tried to free her and bring her back home to South Africa, but alas we got lost & sidetracked by the beauty of Monaco. Here’s hoping Mr Hotdude security has a better go at the rescue mission.

  27. AM

    Small voice–I don’t hate the long skirt outfit, including the skirt. No skirt=not having to wear the dreaded panty hose or ask why you have that bruise on your shin, when you don’t even remember what piece of furniture you barely touched. (not that that ever happened to me). It’s almost a bit casual and funky.

  28. AM

    I mean LONG skirt, not no skirt. Must not multi-task.

  29. TonyG

    In slide 4, with her tallness and combed-back hairdo, dare I say she reminded me of a flair-less SWINTON.

  30. Amanda

    Is Hot Security Dude the same man in the tux standing behind Albert in slide 2?!