Fugs and Fabs of YET ANOTHER Hangover III Premiere


I am honestly just sad they didn’t use the joke we made in Spoiled (which you need to read this summer, don’t you think? Forgive the shameless plug, but it IS beach-reading weather. And Messy comes out in paperback on July 2nd. I JUST WANT YOU TO HAVE SOMETHING FUN TO READ ON VACATION. I do it for you. I do it all for you, Mulder. Okay, I’m done now. Thanks for indulging that) and make itThe Hangover 3-D.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Dazie

    I do lubs me some Justin Bartha. His “not quite exactly right” look just enhances the adorableness. I want to put him in my pocket. Etc.

  2. Frances

    Bradley Cooper wears suits really well. The fit is just perfect. Even that yam-coloured one from the other day was fitted beautifully. I just want to savour that for a moment since so few men do.

    • Beth

      I have decided that he and Daniel Craig should have some sort of suit-wearing showdown. I can’t decide who wears clothes better!

      • Other Emily

        I volunteer to be a judge in that showdown. But in person, please, because I don’t know that I can REALLY tell from just photos.

      • CC

        Hugh Jackman also wears a suit really well. Probably because, like Craig, he has to have them specially made. There is not way the shoulders on either of those men can fit in an off-the-rack suit!

  3. ErinE

    I loved Spoiled and Messy! I have them both on my kindle. Perfect beach reading!

  4. Miranda

    If the Saturday on the right isn’t pregnant, she should sue the dressmaker, the photographer and the person who taught her how to pose.

  5.  theotherjennifer

    HG looks awesome – rocking a bracelet, too…. I think ZG shops at Goodwill and just doesn’t care.

  6. D

    20 bucks says the Saturday that Prince Harry dated is blondie on the left there.

  7. Michelle

    What’s going on with Cooper’s face, there? Has he had work done? He does not look . . . like himself.

    • Esme

      I don’t know; he actually has sort of a crooked face, and it always looks different to me every time I see him.

  8. jenelope

    I think Bartha’s suit looking too tight is caused by having his hand in his pocket. It IS a slim cut suit, but I suspect it fits when you don’t try to jam an extra appendage in the pants.

    For some reason, every time I see Zach G. in his professorial drag, I think he looks like a lost Mumford. Like he should be in Mumford and Cousins, or something.

    • jenelope

      I wish there was an edit button, so I could mention that it’s not so much how Mumford and Sons dress as it is how Mumford and Sons SOUND like they dress. To me, anyway. All beards and tweed and worn out boots.

      I have a headache and I make no sense.

  9. BrownEyedBetty

    Heather Graham is a beautiful woman. I think she’s a pretty good comic actress too. She has a great figure so it must be fun to dress her (surprised more big names don’t but maybe she doesn’t have that much currency in the movie biz….)

    Bradley Cooper: yes please & can I have some more?

    Justin Bartha: he’s giving off a “Jon Hamm’s hunky little brother” vibe here. Anyone with me on that?

  10. Eirwen

    Love HG-makes me feel better about the dreaded 40!

  11.  Helen

    Graham looks like she’s had some resurfacing done. I’m guessing chemical peel – they do wonders. Nice job.

    Overall, the whole slideshow left me with a strong impression I’d just watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

  12.  Lucasta

    “The idea of ZG dressed as a natty yet goofy professor in a plaid three-piece suit? PERFECT. That is EXACTLY what he needs to be doing.” …YES. This COULD NOT be more right. Please, Zach G, start pulling a Paul F Tompkins and wear suits everywhere. (Also look into getting cast as John Goodman’s son in something?)

    Heather Graham is aging WAY better than I would have suspected back around the time of Swingers. Good for her.

  13. Martha

    Are we not going to talk about Heather Graham’s serious boob pancakes? Am I the only one seeing that? It really doesn’t look comfortable…

  14. hmbscully

    “If there is ice tea in that bag, it might be love.”

  15. witjunkie

    I don’t WANT to like Bradley Cooper. But that suit is a divine shade of blue, I like the tie and everything fits and he’s handsome and funny. Damn.

  16. Sajorina

    Heather Graham looks AMAZING! And I need Bradley Cooper to cut his hair PRONTO!

    • esther p.

      yes! preferably the short cut he had in “Alias.” that would do just fine.

  17. jay

    So I admit that I have a thing for burly bear-ish men, and ZG in particular, and he looks REALLY good here. Swoon.

  18. Kristina

    Justin Bartha looks like an overpaid accountant. He is a human yawn.

  19. BlueRidge

    It wasn’t even real cream cheese, it was light cream cheese.

  20. fritanga

    What is it with the too tight, too short waistcoats on those guys? I mean, I expect fashion missteps from Cooper…and I guess I expect them from Galifianakis, too, never mind.

    Graham looks beautiful.

    We are prohibited from saying “Justin Bartha” for a very good reason, apparently. He looks like a sausage in that suit.