Fugs and Fabs of Yet Another Gatsby Screening


Dude, a LOT happened this weekend. And the Met Ball is TONIGHT. Basically, we’re in a race against time, you guys. Strap in — for all I know, Nicolas Cage might show up with his head on fire (he won’t).

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  1. Bella

    These are some seriously fug outfits. Solange would be great if there were less distractions with the breasties. And Piper Perabo? Why does she look like her head was photoshopped onto her body?

    I do not have high hopes for Gatsy. Rap music and the roaring 20′s just don’t mix well.

    • Helen

      There’s rap in it?

      I am so never seeing this, no matter how much I love Carey Mulligan.

  2. blah

    Think you are right about Solange. It looks like there is a hook and eye at the neck which would make it look more like the top of this one: http://www.bridesmaiddresses2013.com/jovani-1441-black-beaded-evening-gown-p-6084.html

  3. Rose

    Emma Roberts appears to be lobbying for a guest spot on Downton Abbey.

  4. Lynne

    Hmm… for some reason, I’m any time Carey Mulligan goes for that Dynasty-inspired structured look, it seems off. Like a little kid playing dress up. I just prefer softer things on her. Eye of the beholder, I guess.

    Also — and I’m sorry about how mean this is — but why is Hollywood still trying to make Emma Roberts happen? I… don’t understand.

  5. Sandye

    I never thought I would say this, but Nicki Hilton wore it better. Lots better.

  6. Miranda

    I tried watching Covert Affairs once because I love cutie pie Christopher Gorham. Five minutes in I remembered why Piper Perabo never got an acting gig after Coyote Ugly. So painful.

    • Helen

      It isn’t just her, though, everyone’s terrible in that show, including several people who are usually very good. I think maybe the director was at fault for the whole.

  7. filmcricket

    Helen Mirren has also been spotted in that so-called Lily of the Valley print.

  8. anna s.

    Carey Mulligan’s look is not in fact a jumpsuit, it’s a top and pants (judging by how it looked on the runway for Lanvin). The pants fit weird and everything north of her collarbones needs to be styled differently, but she’s avoiding the curse of the actual jumpsuit at least.

  9. Lauren

    I thought Piper Perabo was Natasha Bedingfield…

  10. Amalia

    Why is Eve wearing Gayle King’s headsuit?

  11. Cat

    Piper Perabo is a terrible actress, but lord love her– she cracks me up when she attends events. The color is fabulous and I like that she’s wearing a lipstick with color, but that’s about all I can say.

  12. Minutiae

    I actually thought Piper Perabo was pretty good in The Prestige. Also, I’m just glad Eve wore something that covers her boob tattoos. I am not anti-tattoo per se, but I wish someone had been a get-a-grip friend for her on the day she decided to get them. They are UGLY.

  13. Tiffany

    I saw that first picture, and I thought ‘please don’t be piper, please don’t be piper…” Yet it was. Sigh. Such a pretty girl, but woah is that awful!

    Don’t really like what Rachel Taylor is wearing, but her face looks incredible.

  14. AmandaD

    I would like Solange’s dress if the waist wasn’t so high. Peplums should not be in such close proximity to one’s boobs.

    • Helen

      Nor should other people. I am truly shocked.

      And very surprised that the recently extremely fashionable Solange made such a dreadful choice.

  15. Pouncer

    I watched Nancy Drew last week, because my TiVo is random, and Emma Roberts was totally adorable in it. This outfit is the opposite of that.

  16. Dazie

    There’s a shot of Piper Perabo laughing and whooping it up and it makes the outfit look SO MUCH BETTER.

    Ladies of the red carpet- remember- you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

    (I apologize to Fug Nation for getting that song stuck in your collective head)

  17. Cynthia W

    I sincerely love Piper Perabo and her awesome faces on the red carpet. I also love and covet Solange’s hair, even though it would look totes ridiculous on my head.

  18. mary lou bethune

    Why do they look so scared and /or horrified? Was Gatsby that bad?

  19. Sajorina

    This slideshow is an all around HELL NO!

  20. Hilary

    For a split second, I thought Eve was Gayle King. And I thought, damn, Gayle King is looking good.

  21. amys

    Piper looks like she belongs on a Vegas sex card they hand out on the strip. Talk about vacant eyes. Maybe it’s just a really bad shot caught at an awkward moment—maybe she realized: “I really need to pee.”

  22. sara

    is it just me or has carey mulligan been srsly channeling SWINTON lately?

  23. Helen

    I almost really think they might have all sparked up together before doing the photo circuit. Every last one looks stoned out of her mind!

    But the only one who seems to be having the fun kind of high, where you get the giggles and want Doritos, is Megan Hilty.

    Good for her!

  24. Daenerys

    I think Emma looks adorable. So nice to see a young starlet that isn’t exposing an indecent amount of boob, legs or both.

  25. Courtney

    I actually like the Emma Roberts dress. Maybe I’d cut it just above the knees?

  26. Bevin Maloney

    Carey Mulligan is such a pretty girl, but she looks half dead on this promotional tour. As a blonde, we need to respect our eye brows and realize blush is our friend.