Fugs and Fabs of Why Are There So Many Gatsby Premieres

At least this one is in Sydney, which is ALWAYS good for some random fugs.

[Photos: Getty, WENN]

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  1. anna

    Kerri-Anne forever <3

  2. Sandra

    “Where’s Carey’s Shirt?” may turn out to be this season’s “Where’s Waldo?” Also, whatever Danielle Spencer is doing to her hair, she should stop it now. My hair is howling with sympathy pains.

    • tigers4us

      Carey decided that since Australia’s climate is so hot, she’d do away with the top of her Cannes outfit and just do the pants & shoes.

  3. jenelope

    “Mammarial arena.” Typo of “area” or comment on the breastplate-ness of Samantha Jade’s dress?

    And I actually love Elizabeth Debicki’s outfit.

    • True_Blue

      Samantha Jade’s dress–when I looked at it quickly, I thought she had 2 rows of boobs, one pair on top of the other. Like that alien girl in Total Recall (except that she had 3 pairs).

  4. Tiffany

    The sheer upper portion of the bra top is really unflattering…she looks like she has no breasts.

  5. BrownEyedBetty

    Carey has such a beautiful, delicate decolletage (sp?) It pains me to see her abusing it this way. I know the standard joke around here is “look into………” but it really does appear as though she just didn’t bother with a top. Somebody somewhere needs to stage an intervention with this sweet young thing. So many missed opportunities!?!?

  6. AM

    Stars–they’re not like us. They can’t, you know, hold their own umbrella, because that would be, well, why not? Gene Kelly looked good with an umbrella. Plus, Carey just needs to put on her shirt.

  7. filmcricket

    I don’t know who Kate Peck is, but I feel like if Billy Idol had been a female MTV presenter he would have looked like that.

    It must be hard to keep pole-dancing for a such a high-profile film that’s been getting at best lukewarm reviews.

  8. Miss Louise

    Kerry-Anne Kennerley looks like Brynne Edelsten’s mum. Poor Carey – Sydney weather really turned on her that night – it was a horrible night, really cold (well, Sydney cold), so really not a night to go out in your underwear. Mr Edgerton is not wearing velvet, he’s just soaked!

  9.  Helen

    Kerri-Anne Kennerley looks like she would be a BLAST to take out for cocktails and dish gossip with.

    • Edith

      Am I the only one who doesn’t get text with Kerri-Anne’s photo? I’m just getting the identifying info, not the snarky commentary on that one slide.

  10. Callie

    Samantha Jade whhaaaaaat?! It looks like botched surgery! That’s never a good look!

  11. Edith

    Samantha Jade’s bodice may be the ugliest bodice I’ve seen in all my many many many years on this site. It squishes her own breasts. then gives the illusion of a second, sagging, set of breasts complete with nip slip. Just so so so bad.

    I can understand not having an umbrella wrangler. I cannot understand not wrangling an umbrella yourself rather than standing in the rain until the nap of your suit is in question….

  12. Girl in Sydney

    I live in Australia and I don’t know half these people.

    Lukewarm Faith Hill is perfect though. Poor Delta!

  13. Nora

    1. Samantha Jade sounds like a porn name.

    2. “mammarial arena” nearly made me spew crangrape all over my computer. Well done!

  14.  Joey

    Bless that Kerri-Anne. She is entertaining that’s for sure. I miss her, so it’s good to see her out having fun. I know someone who used to work with/for her – she is fun (especially when the drinks flow) and I don’t doubt it.

    Lukewarm Faith Hill – perfect summary of Delta’s look.

  15. Katie Kimberley

    I have a lot of ranty feelings about this premiere unrelated to fashion. Why did Sydney get this movie last in the WHOLE WORLD when A. it was filmed here; B. BAZ IS OURS; and C. this movie got 45-million-dollars from the Government ie. taxpayers, gosh darn it. Damn you Baz, you owed us LEO at LEAST!

  16. Miss Louise

    I hear you, Katie Kimberley!! But we’ll always have Kerri-Anne (who, by the way, seems to be colluding with her surgeon to do some kind of real-life Benjamin Button thing – she looks not just younger but different from before). – so who needs Leo?

  17. Alicia

    Krew Boylan’s imdb page is much more informative! Although I don’t think the person in the picture looks like the person at the premiere http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1812345/?ref_=sr_1

    • Esme

      Yeah, it’s so fabulous to know that she’s “best friends with Rose Byrne.”

  18. Mouse

    Joel Edgerton’s shoes are kind of fab :)

    • Julie

      I love Carey’s shoes too. Are T straps coming back? I’ve seen quite a few around recently.

  19. D.O.T - is a lot

    Carey came for a cocktail party or what? Better for all those people would be to stay in the closet!


  20. Lori

    At first glance, I thought slide 12 was majorly NSFW. Why, why, why is she wearing that?

  21.  Vandalfan

    Who is the smiling blonde in the first photo? Because it can’t be that sullen pixie Carey Mulligan.

  22. Moxie Lola Carroll

    Samantha Jade’s dress looks like it’s contracted the fabric version of flesh eating disease.

  23. Emma

    The stars all look so tired. There was an interview with Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire in Australia recently where Carey just burst into fits of laughter for no reason, and then Tobey started laughing and couldn’t stop either. The interviewer looked frustrated, and a whole bunch of media outlets were suggesting it was an outrage, and offensive to “Mel” or whatever the interviewer was called, but I thought it was kind of adorable. What can they possibly say that hasn’t already been said thousands of times at thousands of press calls? They’re both so tired that they’ve passed beyond mere fatigue and into mania.

  24.  LibraryChick

    I’m surprised no one said anything about Ms. Dudovic wearing the alligator purse from the old children’s song/rhyme.