Fugs and Fabs of the Summer of Sony

Apparently, the Summer of Sony involves a bunch of celebrities going to Cancun to promote their movies, at which point all the women in said films have to get trussed up in cocktails dresses and heel while the men look, you know, like they’re on a beach vacay in Cancun. I’m just saying, if Salma Hayek has to wear Spanx, would it KILL Adam Sandler to put on A REAL SHIRT?

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  1. glee

    I think Maggie G looks totally cute and adorable (and appropriate!) – and well coordinated with the rest of her cast.

    • Annie E

      Yes, I think she looks cute too. Hers is the only one of any of these dresses I think I’d choose to wear if I was in Cancun, where, right now, it is 84 degrees F. She’s probably wearing flats too.

      • Anita

        Agreed. I think she looks fabulous. It’s so nice to see her not looking old enough to be her own mother!

        Julianne’s dress is, for once, fine, but I hate those black shoes with it. Despite the straps, they’re too heavy-looking.

    • Caity

      I thought she looked adorable too, and one of few appropriately dressed ladies. Also, the pictures that Lainey posted made it seem like that premiere/photocall was an absolute blast.


      • Sajorina

        I want to hang out with this people and have a drink or six! The seem like so much fun!

      • HKS

        Yah, I think she looks fantastic, as do Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. I also wish I could have celebrated with this group in Cancun. Well, I’d settle for just Channing. Anywhere.

    • Bevin Maloney

      I agree. While it may not be the best dress in the world, it’s a major step up from the schlumpy things she usually wears.

      • julyol1972

        And how cute is Maggie’s face with the pixie cut. As a female with a shorn look, I always appreciate when celebs go short.

  2. Kimmy

    I really like Salma’s dress, color, fabric, length. It seems genuinely wearable, as do her shoes, although the dress does look a little autumnal for beach wear. Julianne on the other hand appears to have escaped from a bridal catalog. Chloe is mostly super cute and yet actually sort of beachy, but those shoes?! If Alice’s look uncomfortable, then these are borderline fetishwear. I fear for her ankles.

    • gryt

      Salma’s dress is fabulous! I love that 1930′s kind of look. Shoes are cute too.

  3. Lizzy

    Huh. Katy Perry was on the beach in Cancun and didn’t show cleavage. This is the same girl who showed cleavage on Sesame Street, no?

  4. Helen

    Diego Luna, oh my!

    *fans self*


    • Helen

      Oh right, the clothes. Count me in on liking Gyllenhaal’s spa-robe dress. It’s comfy, cute, and works beautifully with the rather adorable white Miami Vice suits on Tatum and Foxx, the only men here who could be bothered, evidently.

      And yes, Moore and Moretz both look great, though I’d rather see lower heels with those dresses.

      Perry and Hayek are just trying too hard. It’s Cancún, ladies, and evidently it’s daytime. I know, the men here look like laundry falling out of the hamper, of course you don’t want to do that, but there’s a happy medium! Get yourselves some sundresses and low-heeled sandals.

    • MG

      He was cute in “Havana Nights”.:)

      • Helen

        Thanks for the tip. I’m usually pretty much immune, but there’s something about this one… might well watch that film!

        I think it’s the way he’s looking at the camera, all, “Hello. I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?”

        And I don’t even like The Doors!

  5. Sajorina

    Completely agree with you, GFY Jessica! Men are so lazy! Although, I’m feeling Chaning Tatum! I like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s look here… It’s refreshing, summery, breezy! Also, Julianne & Chloe Graze rock MY world! They both look FAB and I love their outfits! Covet their shoes!

  6. Jeannine

    katy perry looks lovely. well, except for the shoes. i hate the shoes.

    • Helen

      She does, I just think it’s out of place for what appears to be the context. But it’s a very cute dress and it suits her very well.

  7. Mouse

    I do not envy CGM’s feet. She looks like she’s in pointe shoes!

    • April

      Right? Also, can you imagine walking on that pebbled concrete in those shoes? That’s a broken ankle waiting to happen. Yikes!

  8. Other Emily

    Photo 2 is a whole lot of attractiveness. I wish dear Braga could wear comfier shoes, but otherwise she should smile at being surrounded by so many handsome men. I like Maggie G’s dress, too. Nice and summery.

  9. Stefanie

    We got 10inches of snow Sunday night and Monday morning so I cant see the celebs for the beach. Although I did manage to see Katy’s dress and it’s super cute if a little formal.

  10. Tiffany

    I think Maggie’s dress is the most flattering thing she has worn in a long time. I think she looks more fresh and modern than usual. I think Julianne’s dress shouldn’t be worn with such heavy shoes, and Katy Perry ruined what could have been a cute dress. The headbad, the glasses, the shoes…too many ugly accessories for one dress.

  11. nmlhats

    I bet no one got any wardrobe or styling suggestions or guidance from the organizers or photographers. So you can see who is capable of dressing him/herself and who is not.

  12. Michelle

    Yay for Julianne Moore not looking ridiculous!

    • Esme

      I don’t know, I think that Mum of the Bride dress with the black shoes is pretty dumb.

  13. TonyG

    Love Maggie’s pixie cut! (I don’t have memories of Maggie’s fashions from 2006, so it’s all good for me.)

    •  Vandalfan

      Love all of Katy Perry’s look. Everyone else is pretty much strangers to me.

  14. Esme

    Actually, Kevin James has been in, like 10 movies in the last 3 years, plus he’s in the middle of a very successful tour, so I don’t think he’s hurting for work. And I actually kind of like Selma’s dress.

  15. Edith

    I’m on the Maggie G love train, as well. The hair looks great here, and she’s dressed beautifully for premieres in Cancun. As for the other women, I blame them and their stylists for not adapting. Katie Perry should ALWAYS wear royal blue, it is gorgeous on her, but maybe in a sundress? And I love a good skyscraper stilletto as much as anyone, but there’s a time and a place.

    As for the men, obviously they need to figure out that “be achy” doesn’t have to mean “sloppy, ill-fitted, laundry day wear.”

  16. CC

    I actually think this is the best Maggie has looked in a long time. I would have liked it better with a proper belt instead of nautical rope, but I like everything else.

    Why oh why is Julianne Moore wearing such clunky black shoes with an ivory dress? Totally fug in my book. If you go with a black shoe with a light-colored dress, it should be more delicate so it doesn’t weigh everything down, and it helps if there is black somewhere else — a purse, a belt, even brunette hair — to bring it together.

  17. Ruth

    I was honestly confused for a minute when you wrote GROWN UPS 2, because I thought it was some play on her dress being brown and the United Parcel Service. I could not for the life of me remember a movie starring Adam Sandler playing a UPS driver.

    • Ms Poopy Von Pants

      HAHA! I read that as UPS driver too, and then Kevin James used to play a UPS driver on TV to add to the confusion!

  18. tigers4us

    Why are we women such slaves to fashion (OK, speaking for myself)? How many times have you heard a man say, “I can’t wait to get out of these uncomfortable shoes!”? Why am I so pleased that Channing and Jamie made an effort to look great? Ah, the great mysteries of life….

  19. Bambi Anne Dear

    I care much more for Maggie’s dress than I have for just about every other of Maggie’s dresses.

    Jamie Foxx is looking VERY drawn. Tired? Overdoing something? Just getting old?

  20. liz

    Diego Luna, what on earth are you doing with that hair?????