Fugs and Fabs of the Brit Week Launch

For the past eight years, there’s been this thing in Los Angeles called Brit Week, where we all speak in fake English accents. Not really. I’m not actually entirely sure WHAT Brit Week is, except…we like the British, so why not devote a week to them? It might be a PR-driven thing? I really do not know at all, and I’m not sure why no one has sent me a press release explaining it, considering that in the last five minutes, we’ve gotten press releases for, like, Whitney Houston’s vocal coach (seriously) and what Bronx Wentz wore to the park (also seriously).  But I’m glad for it, because parties happen and then people wear things.

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  1. floretbroccoli

    It MIGHT be PR-related?

    I think it might be LA’s equivalent to Fleet Week in NY, except Fleet Week has been Sequestrated, alas.

  2. erin b

    That Julie Brown person (is Downtown part of her actual name?) is interestingly odd, as if one of the avatar people got painted up as a human and decided to blend in as well as possible by wearing Many British Things to Brit Week.

    • LoriK

      I have the same question about “Downtown” Julie Brown. Is she still actually using “Downtown”? If so, that’s sort of sad. The woman is 53 years old and her stint as a VJ was many years ago. Time to move on.

      • Jessica

        I just call her that. I will never not call her that. I doubt she is actually still using it.

        Erin B, she used to call herself that when she was a VJ because MTV had two Julie Browns.

      • Cath

        She was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race along with the other Julie Brown and they called her Downtown Julie Brown. I think it’s a cool moniker to have! (And also it avoids confusion.)

    • Dyanna

      Downtown Julie Brown was an MTV VJ. I believe the Downtown was added to distinguish her from Julie Brown, the actress in Earth Girls Are Easy. And yes, she looks like she found everything “British” she could and slapped it on herself.

      • Goldfish

        The other Julie Brown (not downtown) also had a show on MTV, awhile before Earth Girls are Easy. Her show was “Just Say Julie,” and if I remember correctly was her riffing over the top of videos. She gave Debbie Gibson a particularly hard time. Downtown Julie Brown got hired at the same time. I always thought the most prestige came from not having to have the “Downtown” stuck to your name, but she probably thinks differently.

        And, because I am old, I can tell you that Downtown Julie Brown’s show was Club MTV. White kids dancing to Flock of Seagulls. Not good.

  3. Kathleen Trail

    Damn, I do still get swoony over A Room With A View. I’ve watched that movie probably 20 times and may just have to go watch it again now. Although I thought at first you might be linking us to the naked pond hijinks scene.

    •  ringthing

      I love and adore that movie and will always “love George body and soul”. HBC was at her most beautiful.

      • Helen

        Sands looked pretty swell, too.

        Oh what a wonderful love story!

      • Emma

        I just rewatched that scene, and noted two things:

        1. That sexy Italian leads her into the woods, by the hand. Something untoward was BOUND to happen.

        2. I love that Charlotte says “Miss Honeychurch is feeling unwell.” Lucy is obviously thinking “Really? I feel FIIIIINE.”

  4. KDenae

    Is it just me, or does the just-a-touch-darker-than-the-main-fabric panel in the center of Lady Victoria Hervey’s dress resemble a sweat stain?!

  5. Sallie T

    Lady VH just made wonder which trend will seem the most “what the eff were people thinking?” when we look back on them: goofy peplums (asif other kinds exist in the 21st century); L’eggs masquerading as illusion netting or the Romulan cloaking device as shoulder pad. And Lady VH is a tragic trend trifecta right here.

  6. Jamie

    I feel like Michelle Williams (the hipster one, not the Destiny’s Child one) wore that white Colonel Sanders dress somewhere?

    Mischa Barton is like constitutionally incapable of wearing two decent outfits in a row. Every so often she looks good and you think “hey, she’s got her act together!”, but nope.

  7. Caroleena Stantonova

    To hell with Julian Sands–I’ll take the handsome hansom cab driver. EYEtalian men make me go gaga at the knees. Well, some do.

    • Emma

      Yeah, not Silvio Berlusconi. Just the young ones reclining in carriages in the Florentine countryside.

  8. Ruth

    Lady VH’s dress looks like an albino owl with its eyes closed (the event is during the day, you know; it has to sleep.)

  9. True_Blue

    I second the question–what happened to the other not-downtown Julie Brown? I used to love her (I actually have her song I Like ‘em Big and Stupid on my iPod).

    As for Lady VH–what’s going on with her cap sleeves? They look to have anemones growing on them. Then there’s the weird cord around her neck and into her dress–they are uneven, so is it necklace that she decided to tuck into her frontal area?

    • Esme

      She shows up now and then as a neighbor on “The Middle”–I was a huge fan of “Just Say Julie” and I will always love her.

  10. casey

    Why does it seem that few of these people can just look into a camera and smile? Why all the weird contortions with face and body to try to create “angles” or something, it just looks uncomfortable and ridiculous.
    I’m cranky, I think I need more coffee.

  11. Chasmosaur

    If you loved the men of A Room With a View, remember Rupert Sands is Lestrade in BBC’s Sherlock. And is a near silver-fox. :D

    • RebekahMacd

      WHOA. I’ve seen that film many times, and love Rupert Graves so very much, and yet I’d never noticed that he was Freddie! Thank you. :D

  12. Esme

    Vanderpump looks like she concocted that get-up on the way over.

  13. Emma

    Downtown Julie Brown’s Wikipedia entry says she is “of mixed race.” Is it just me, or is that kind of weird?

  14. RebekahMacd

    Lady VH’s dress looks like a Star Wars Stormtrooper uniform.

  15. nobody much

    LVH is still crazy orange, although her face doesn’t match the rest of her spray tan. :)

  16. MKKS

    One feels as though Lady Victoria is not aging terribly well.

  17. mary lou bethune

    Was this a practical joke? Each and every one looks like an extra for Marat/Sade. Hiiiiideeeous.

  18. Abby

    The weirdest thing to me about Brit Week is that it’s not a week! This year, it’s April 23 to May 6, which is two weeks — is “week” Britspeak for “fortnight” in American English?