Fugs and Fabs: France’s NRJ Music Awards

This ensemble is a shining example of somebody taking all their assets and just… doing it wrong.

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  1. Jill

    Egad, Taylor and Carly Rae share the same hairdresser. It drives me nuts to see their bangs all the way down their eyelids. Show your smooth brows ladies!

    Also, “cranial croissant” is brilliant.

  2. PinkieBling

    Tronye West!!

    • Melinda

      This comment deserves highlighting, PinkieBling, because it is brilliant.

    • Chris P


      (Please let Kim name the babye Tronye. If she’s going to create mini-Karwestians, it’s the least she can do.)

    • Andrea

      I came to the comments specifically to find out whether someone had already said Tronye West. Thank you for not letting me down!

  3. Cathy

    I love the guy behind Matt Pokora! Looks shocked at what his shoes are doing.

    • lori

      …or worrying if the pants have a baggy enough crotch to do a full Bieber. Either way he looks very, very confused.

  4. Erin B

    Do y’all think Taylor’s bangs are clip in? Are they just a tiny shade different than the rest of her hair, or are my eyes damaged from staring directly at Psy’s [straight] jacket?

  5. Stefanie

    Taylor looks smoking hot. Good for her.

    Im filing Alicia Keys under “Pretty Lady With No Taste.”

    • Clarence Beeks

      Alicia rarely gets it right. I agree. Pretty lady, who has no taste at all!

  6. Sylvia

    “Cranial Croissant!” This is why I come to this site every day. Alicia Keys is gorgeous but she just can’t get it together consistently. It makes me sad. Maybe she can have a Solange-like turnaround?

    I don’t know if the world needs a male, Korean Liza with a Z, but I’ll take it. The same with Tronye West. Thank you Pinkie Bling for that phrase that pays.

  7. Helen

    These are all awful. I would agree that at least Swift looks good – I love the dress – but that much breastbone exposure is extremely unflattering on her.

    Terrible, every single one. And these are very good-looking people. Why can the best genes never be the best-dressed?

  8. Sandra

    Should I already know what the NRJ Music Awards are? ‘Cause I don’t.

    • Heather

      It’s a French thing — sorry; I should have explained that. Every year people look cracked out.

      • luxsword

        NRJ is a radio station which plays a lot of (mostly commercial crap) music.

  9. Dazie

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I recognized like 4 people, and the rest might as well have been homeless people dressed as “artists.”

    I’m not that old, am I??

    • Rebecca

      Ha, I think everyone but Taylor, Alicia, Carly, Psy, and One Direction must be French artists because I’m somewhat up to date on pop culture/music and I didn’t recognize any of the others!

      Taylor does look really good but I’m so over those bangs in her eyes and that dishwater blonde hair. She needs some highlights or something to brighten it. I think she probably brought out the sexpot at this show because 1D Harry (her latest ex) was there.

  10. ceecee

    Slutty elf should totally be a category of Halloween costume.
    And after looking at the three photos of Shy’m, she should be restrained, by force if necessary, from ever choosing clothing for herself again. That horrible molded breastplate outfit!

  11. luxsword

    Amel Bent never won La Nouvelle Star, she finished third. (Still got to start a career, though.)

  12. Slogr

    Now, all I can think about is how I want a croissant.

  13. Elizabeth

    Gwyneth could barely pull off that Michael Kors gown that Alicia is wearing. Also, after looking at Red Carpet Fashion Awards, I am really sick of this site. Like 5 posts a day, and not to discuss the fashion, but to “showcase” the stupid writings of the web people who think they’re so creative. DISCUSS THE FASHION AND QUIT BEING STUPID!!!

    • Sajorina

      You don’t have to read the comments, you know! Oh, and simmer down now!

  14. Anne

    I knew all but the French folks and I was fine with that. The clothes, as usual, I’m pretty much on par with the insanity. I do love non-American award shows – the change in fashion is so hilarious.

    I just don’t know if I’m happy that I knew 1D, without being told or sad that I recognized them…here.
    Yes, I’m a mom of two teen girls.

  15. Vandalfan

    So I saw #11 and thought, net skirt over street clothes, not so bad for a performance outfit. And then I see he’s walking down a staircase. In public.

  16. Sajorina

    Taylor Swift brought the sexy without being slutty! Well Played, Swifty! She looks FABULOUS! Love her outfit… LOVE! And, if it weren’t because I think that the One Direction guys are actually talented singers, I would make a lot more fun of them! Their hairstyles alone are baffling!

    If Psy were the Korean Liza Minnelli, wouldn’t his name be Pzy?

  17. Sweeney

    O. EM. GEE. I LOVE Matt Pokora! When I was studying abroad, he had this sassy pop song that I totally adored and he had this very bad boy / pop star vibe going and I was hardcore crushing. Thanks for letting me relive that!! Also, his outfit is fantastic.

  18. ErinE

    Definitely a good look for taylor. A lot of times she looks pretty but still a little bit awkward/dorky, like she doesn’t quite know what to do with those long legs and tall thin body, but she nailed it here.

  19. Karen Lindentree

    Do ANY of the people even AROUND the general vicinity of Alicia Keys know what a reflective surface is????? The mind BOGGLES when I look at this poor woman. Did she eat babies in a past life? Because her fashion karma is beyond, beyond, beyond heinous. UGH.

  20. Lily1214

    Is that Alicia Keys? I’ve seen her look a lot better, but not often actually.

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