Fugs and Fabs: Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and James Franco

Do I like this dress, or am I just enamored of the fact that the perfect fierce wind and her perfect fierce face make her look like she’s stomping down a yellow-brick runway? I like to think that whenever she’s mad at Ashton Kutcher, she’ll just send him a JPEG of this face and he’ll go straight to the florist.

[Photos: Splash News]

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  1. pinkcheese

    Considering how much I despise Dennis the Menace, that comparison is particularly apt.

  2. Clara

    Gilded Franco. HA! His hair looks like his 14 year old cousin coloured it using Nice ‘ Easy. Mila Kunis is lovely. I don’t really like the pruple dress but the colour is a good one for her and her make up is well done.

  3. Tiffany

    I like all of the dresses featured. They aren’t my absolute favorites, but they are cute! The nude fabric in Mila’s dress doesnt bother me, I love how the lines flatter her figure.

  4. lindsay

    Mila looks cute in that first dress, although I am wishing it weren’t floor-length. And you’re right – Rachel’s dress would be a showstopper in coral or emerald or cobalt.

    Michelle wins the day in that cute black frock. Finally she is wearing something that shows of just how tiny she is!

    • julyol1972

      That” cute black frock” is Victoria Beckham. I heard her collections were both really nice – now I really want to go check them out.

  5. lori

    Eeew. That last shot makes Franco look like an overfed middle manager at the Christmas works party getting overfamiliar with the receptionists. Just eeew.

  6. bookworm

    I had similar thoughts re: bare feet in slide 3. I don’t tend to notice shoes, but I did a double take to make sure she wasn’t barefoot.

  7. LJ

    Franco just looks yucky. Shiny suit and bad hair colour makes him look creepy.

    Also, it looks as if they’re in Russia to do the promotional stuff. They’re on a roof, in what is probably -10° temps and they have bare skin showing. Kudos for not having blue legs Michelle. Kudos.

    • Kat

      Yeah, I definitely see snow in the background of that last picture. Get those ladies some coats!!

  8. house mouse

    Franco’s hair needs some toner, or maybe another go-round with the bleach. It’s way too orange.

  9. BrownEyedBetty

    I’m getting Laura Ingalls Wilder vibe from Mila’s first dress and a Miss Havisham vibe from Rachel’s dress.

    Michelle Williams, however, can do no wrong in my book. Not only has she been blessed with good taste and an amazing figure for fashion, her general demeanor and carriage are so effortlessly cool and “this old thing?” that I can’t look away. ever.

  10. TL

    I’m already tired of ombre – has it extended to Mila’s eyebrows? Intentionally?

  11. Dazie

    Mila looks like she’s having NO FUN on this junket.

    • Miranda

      Right? That purple dress may be perfectly reasonable, but she looks so tense in it that I hate the dress by association.

  12. Suzie

    I wonder if the right shade of pale yellow would look good on the dress Rachael is wearing? But I also like Lindsay’s suggestion of coral. Remember that one time GFY photo-shopped color onto someone’s dress? That would be fun to do again with Rachael’s dress.

  13. Melly

    Wow, Mila smiles! She’s been pissed off-looking in picture after picture.

  14. Maggie

    I love how in the last picture both women are clearly leaning as far away from Franco as they can and still seem to be taking a photo with him. So, basically, doing exactly what I’d do if I was forced to take a picture with him.

    • Miranda

      I also love Michelle’s expression in that photo. She is side-eyeing him so hard.

  15. becca

    omigod LOVE michelle’s look. i want to buy that dress. and those shoes. and those legs and that pretty smile.

    • Rachael

      Agreed, and I love her hair, too. I always wonder if my face could pull off her cut.

      I like Mila’s first dress, but the second is meh for me. In the last shot, with her and Franco and Michelle, her dress looks like she got it from a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, which is not a complement. However, the shoes Mila is wearing in the group photo — I want.

      Lastly, Franco’s Gilded Hair — new band name? — makes him look ill. The color completely washes the color out of his face. Not good.

  16. glee

    Mila looks pissed because she is in Moscow (familiar territory), and that’s the general look there. Last time, she was given a hard time by the press because of her Russian (seriously, she left when she was 7-8, do you expect her to still speak it perfectly?)

    Re fashion: I think all the ladies look Fab, including that yellow Rachel W number. I am not wasting my breath on the XY person. Ugh.

  17. Helen

    Not sure about the skirt in that first dress on Kunis. It’s kind of Little House on the Prairie. The bodice fits perfectly, though.

    I like everything else on the ladies. Franco, meh, whatever.

  18. Sandra

    Mila definitely looks bad-@ss in that shot. I think that’s doing more for her than the dress is. And Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, what were you THINKING?!? A pale gold dress on the Yellow Brick Road was always going to be a disaster. You are much to good for this and should send 007 out to deal with the perpetrators immediately.

  19. PeggyO

    I’m going on record here. Bump-watch. Mila. Her shape looks subtly different in both of these dresses, and her face is different too. I don’t want to be one of those “jump to assuming pregnancy” types every time a woman eats a sandwich, but there’s something going on here. Plus, I’d love to see what a pregnant Mila will wear on the RC.

    • Miranda

      PLEASE JESUS NO. I have accepted that she is dating Ashton Kutcher, and I bet she had a crush on him back in the days of That 70s Show, so fine, girl, get that out of your system. But if she has kids with or marries him I will have to go into mourning. He cannot become a permanent part of her life. I won’t have it. In the words of Mariah Carey, I REBUKE IT.

  20. Lizzy

    Not crazy about any of the dresses. The beautiful gals deserve better dresses.
    In the last picture James Franco looks John Schneider-esque. Weird.

  21. Donna

    Michelle Williams cannot escape the twee. Even with the black dress, she has to have shoes with frickin’ kicky stars on them!

    • Eden


      I’m sorry, she’s cute and all but her dresses should be all grown up now, not something my daughter would have wanted to wear at age 12. I swear her stylist never wants her to get older. The woman is 32, dress her like she is.

      And I love the dress that Mila is wearing in the last pic, ruffles and all.

      • Vandalfan

        I’m surprised she doesn’t have a puppy purse.

        But the purple dress is to DIE for. Want.

  22. mary lou bethune

    These three woman are beautiful, good at their job, never look like trollops . And James is more Calvin than Dennis…

  23. maryse

    oh mila, so pretty too.

  24. Carol

    If Mila is the Wicked Witch in this flick, she’s doing a great job staying in character.

  25. Lynne

    Hee! Grown up Dennis the Menace is maybe my favorite description of the day. Neither one of those women look like they want to be standing next to him. Michelle, in particular, looks like maybe she knows too much about his Freaks and Geeks days from Busy Phillips.

    As to the clothes… they’re okay? Nothing’s really lighting me on fire here but it’s all fine.

  26. Kathleen

    In the pic of all three of them, the girls look like he smells and they can’t get far enough away. Michelle looks like she wants to catch Milas’ eye, but is also afraid of laughing out loud.

  27. mary lou bethune

    GFY Ladies
    Please remove the gringe worthy shot of Kanye ( I guess) and Kim having fake sex in the ads… it makes me sick.

  28. Sajorina

    I adore that 1st picture! I wish I looked that FABULOUS while giving serious face! Mila’s hair & makeup are PERFECTION! And I love the dress! I think Rachel Weisz looks AMAZING! I love the dress & the shoes! Mila & Michelle look FAB in that last picture… I need both of their pairs of shoes immediately!

  29. Alameda Peg

    Oh, dang, I was hoping you’d include some comment about the InStyle cover of Rachel, Michelle and Mila. Rachel looks fabulous as always and Michelle is pretty, but Mila was almost unrecognizable to me. I actually thought, Shouldn’t that be Mila Kunis if this cover is the women from the Oz movie?

  30. Scanderoon

    The SHOES in the last slide! Love them on both ladies!!

  31. Guerra

    I think ginnifer goodwin thinks she looks like mila in that first pic when she poses, shes wrong!!! Look af those cheekbones!!! The girls both look fab in that last pic!

  32. Eli

    I like the bodice of the first dress but not all the ruffles. I wish it were a straight skirt.

  33. Squirrel!

    Ooh, I really like the purple Versace! Color is gorgeous, and gorgeous on her.

  34. anne p.

    The failure of the color of Miss Weisz’s gown is akin to the failure of the hair color on new blondes Huntington-Whitely, Lezark, and Vodianova.

    Nature sez: respect the complexion you were born with!

    ‘In other news’ . . . Michelle W.’s style may be twee, but it’s such successful twee I’m forced to respect it – and almost always applaud it.

  35. Soapstef

    James “Mr. Everywhere” Franco annoys me to no end these days…and no I haven’t forgiven him yet for ruining Oscars 2011!

  36. MadamePamplemousse

    Maybe I’m being overly influenced by the yellow brink photo setting, but I think MIla’s first dress is a reference to Judy Garland/Dorothy Gale’s gingham dress — a more refined version of that print, in a more sophisticated palette and shape. I know she plays a witch in the movie, not Dorothy, but still…
    I love it.

  37. One of the Leahs

    Am I the only person here who loathes Mila’s Versace? It’s so much like those hateful McCartney dresses of a few months ago.

  38. Vandalfan

    I though I was alone in a James Franco worshiping universe. I find him smug yet vaguely greasy, like that one kid you don’t want your son hanging around with too much because he’ll get him smoking cigarettes.