Fugs and Fabs: Melbourne Cup


Thank you, Australia, for having so many days of delightful hat-requiring events! We already covered Derby Day; now behold the Melbourne Cup.

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  1. Amanda in Austin

    Where can I send Rose Byrne a cheeseburger?

    • Guerra

      Please don’t make us Aussies fat

    • Kat

      Where can you go to learn that people come in all shapes and sizes? Not everyone who’s skinny is starving.

  2. Stefanie

    I want to steal Rose’s dress. And Camilla’s necklace because I hate that tacky thing. (And she wears it ALL THE TIME! Come on Charles, buy her something less dated!)

  3. glee

    Mischa looks good! (dead plant aside). The orange purse is either CD or Ferragamo, but not from a recent collection. Come on, Fashionistas, I need to see more of this bag. And the lady next to Camilla is actually dressed and behatted very well for the occasion.

    Is Camilla just aping QEII now? Same pastel rectangles – just saying.

    • Sarah

      That orange purse is Ferragamo. I have it in blue. My blue one is from a couple of years ago, but it’s been a very popular purse (because it’s friggin’ awesome) and they keep bringing it back in new colours. I LOVE the orange!!!

  4. Evalyn

    I like Misha’s shoes.
    And Camilla looks happy even in pastel.

  5. Sandra

    Rose Byrne definitely wins “Best Dressed” in this race.

  6. Eliza Bennett

    How did Rose Byrne find a horizontally striped frock that makes her look tiny? Color me jealous. That is awesome.

  7. Erin

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a picture of Delta Goodrem included. She looked like Glinda the Good Witch with a flower garden on her head.

    • Sammy

      I actually groaned out loud when I saw Delta’s get up. It looked like she raided her Nanna’s wardrobe. Just no.

  8. Vandalfan

    Ashley Hart’s belt buckle looks like she took the saddle bronc prize in the the Space Rodeo. And when I first saw Rose, I prayed “Please don’t let the pink stripes be see through! Please! Please!”

  9. Scouse Helen

    Who is Sophie Monk? She really does look like one of Ming the Merciless’s handmaidens, doesn’t she?

  10. Sajorina

    I actually LOVE what Mischa is wearing head to toe! And, is it just me or are Camila and Charles starting to look alike?

  11. Guerra

    Trust me in real life mischa looked horrible! Ashley looked amazing!!! And rose looked super cute

  12. kaat
  13. Donna

    “I actually love her hairpiece. It’s VERY Behold My Long Program, Dick Button — but I think it works.”

    One of the best lines of this entire Election Day!

  14. FrenchFalcon

    The unidentified woman is Robyn Baillieu, wife of Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu

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  16. Ailatan

    You guys, ‘Milla is wearing the same hat that she wore for the Kate and Wills nuptials!

  17. EdithHedren

    Life’s Unfathomable Mystery #625 – Why Mischa Barton?

  18. Ann from Canada

    These people are at least nice and tidy and upright. You should get a look at the hoi poloi in the Daily Mail. I thought the Australians could hold their booze.

    • Leesa

      Melbourne Cup Day all bets are off. Champagne picnics in the car park starts around 8.30am

      • SCM

        Our champagne started flowing earlier than that… In saying that though there are A LOT of people at Flemington or at bars around the city so of course you would expect there to be a few who let the side down. From what I saw most were in fact very tidy despite the rain doing its best to mess with our hair and fascinators!

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Not all of them were nice and tidy- there’s a video going around of a girl smashed off her face punching her boyfriend and a random woman who’s in her way. Then she’s carted off by security.

      But Fug Girls, there are thousands of frocks and hats for you to show here from the entire carnival. Where are they?

  19. Lilibet

    I liked Mischa’s hat straight away. It gives her whole outfit a lovely sense of whimsey. And you don’t see too much of that these days…