Fugs and Fabs: Margot Robbie

Thank God SOMEONE is still shilling a movie on the doorstep of the Golden Globes.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. jean

    I have never seen this actress before but wow. Some craziness but it feels mostly polished. I love flared pants too. But it helps to have Charlize The Ron legs to pull it off.

    • Abby

      Ha! I know this was probably a typo, but I feel like I will forever now refer to Charlize as Charlize The Ron.

    • Bonnie Klein

      She was fantastic in Wolf of Wall Street, but not for her fashion as she is naked or lingerie clad for most of the movie.

  2. sarah

    I would be so tempted to jump off a roof in that first dress. .. just to see what would happen

    •  Gypsy Danger

      Right? I totally get parachute vibes from that first dress, or more weirdly, it makes her look like an insect (think a Bug’s Life or ANTZ).

  3. Mina

    Those are some flares. If I was a spider I’d weave that phrase into a web: “SOME FLARES”

  4. Dazie

    No no no. Except for the shoes in the last pic.

    The way that first dress balloons out makes me think of the back end of an ant. :(

    •  Gypsy Danger

      I did not see this comment before. I thought the same and posted on sarah’s comment!

  5.  Miranda

    No good for me. My other issue is that apparently she and Jennifer Lawrence are the same age. I’m not buying it.

    •  Gypsy Danger

      How old do you think she looks? I buy that she is 23. I know a lot of people who don’t look their age.

      People always think I am several years younger than I am. I sometimes get carded. I am several years past carding age.

      •  Gypsy Danger

        My curiosity just got the better of me. Other actresses born in 1990:
        Emma Watson
        Kristen Stewart
        Sarah Hyland
        Britt Robertson
        Cassie Scerbo ( I think she looks older than 23)
        Adelaide Kane
        Samantha Barks
        Rachel Hurd-Wood
        IMDB has a huge list of others

  6. Jenz

    I thought we left parachute clothes in the 80′s? People, do I need to say it again? Leave the 80′s IN THE 80′S! The bib top dress is reminiscent of Jennifer Beal’s ‘tuxedo’ top from Flashdance. Again, with the 80′s?!

    Miranda, I’m with you. I’m not buying that she’s J. Law’s age either.

  7. Mikki

    Just give me the red shoes and that black & white coat and I’ll be happy! I don’t care for any of the rest of her outfits, though the red dress is rather dramatic in its own way.

  8. HollyB

    I read the title as “Maggie Robot” for the last picture, and now that’s all I can see as her name.

  9. TonyG

    That second photo of the red dress with its wind-blown bottom is hilarious.

    It reminded me of the special effect in Eddie Murphy’s version of the Nutty Professor (when he went from thin to humongous) when his butt blew up and out and pounced to the ground with the cartoon “BOING” sound effect.

    It looks like her dress is morphing her into Professor Klump.

    •  jerkygirl

      *falls over laughing*
      I really, really want to see an animated gif of that, but I don’t know how to make them.
      *still laughing*

  10. Stacey

    I would love that first dress if it weren’t satin. Satin is friend to no women. Keep it on the throw pillows where it belongs.

  11. muskokamom

    The second dress looks like a baby carrier.

  12. Rachael

    I unreservedly love the first dress. The second dress is weird, but kind of striking, but so weird. The giant pants made me laugh. And the last look — I wish my ankles weren’t too clunky to wear ankle straps, dammit.

  13. marisa

    Those shoes look like they will be waaaay too uncomfortable when she stands up. They already look a smidge tight. No thanks.

  14. kj

    Dress looks like she attached a bean bag chair so her ass would have some place to sit.
    Stabby orange/red shoes; NO!

    • vpc

      I thought it looked like a bright red praying mantis’s bottom, but I like yours better.

  15. nobody much

    First dress is badly made, probably due to the devil satin. Look at the puckers along that seam. With a different fabric, it’d be a win.

  16. ChristieLea

    It looks like she’s hiding a balloon bouquet under that red dress. HOWEVER! She’s wearing fantastic shoes and I wish to steal them from her.

  17. Lori

    When I started to scroll down to the picture of flares, I was expecting to see something like the “retro” stuff we wore in college (late 90s). When I saw what they actually were, my eyes got so wide that I’m surprised my contacts didn’t pop out.

  18. Hanna

    (My husband has a huge crush on Donna)

  19.  HelenBackAgain

    These are all “almosts” for me. The first dress is almost amazing, it just needs tailoring on the top, and maybe the front slit moved over a little, to one leg. It’s so close! Make those little changes and it would be, “WOW, this is SMASHING.”

    The chair-back dress is almost quirkily sexy/cute, but it needs some commitment with accessories and attitude. She’s not selling it, just wearing it. Ya hafta sell costumey pieces like that one!

    The patterned coat is fabulous, but those pants OMG NO.

    The red shoes are amazing, and I like the jacket with them, but what’s up with those awful Spandex disco pants? (Hm. She may have a Pants Problem.)

    Major credit for always having a fabulous head, however. Her hair and makeup consistently complement her, and don’t distract from her natural beauty.

  20. Sajorina

    I love Margo! She’s GORGEOUS! I like all of these outfits, but that coat and those red shoes are TO DIE FOR!!!

  21. G

    Those aren’t flares. Flares = bell-bottoms = pants that are much wider at the bottom than the top. Those are elephant-leg pants.

    That’s what we called them in the 70s when both elephant-leg and bell-bottom pants were in style.