Fugs and Fabs: Mad Men

Mad Men has been off the air 17 months. You could have met someone, dated for six months, run off to Vegas, got pregnant, and had a baby in that time. And you know they’re not going to do a Previously On, because that’s how Matthew Weiner rolls. I totally forgot that CHARACTER X has XYZ happening to her until I read it in an EW blurb. (See how I didn’t spoil those of you who didn’t spent the last 17 months catching up?). I’m going to be so confused. At least they’re all so good-looking:

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. Sarah

    Awww, come on. She looks pretty cute, especially for Hendricks. Shouldn’t that at least get her a “better played”? Not everyone who wears black and white looks like a waiter.

    • anny

      No, I actually thought she looked more like the hostess.

      ACTUALLY, she looks like the night desk clerk at the Super8 in Eveleth, MN.

  2. mhorv4

    I think she looks super cute from the waist up but what is up with the fit of her pants? Maybe it was just the lighting in the one shot.

  3. Christian

    Yay! I’m so excited. I wonder what year it will be. I have to figure they took the 17 months into account, especially with the child actors. And we’ll get to see Christina Hendricks in nice clothes!

    Off topic – anyone know a good pop-up blocker for those of us too poor to afford Macs? I’m about to punch that baby in sunglasses in the face.

    • Dyanna

      I use firefox with the Adblock Plus plug-in. It works wonders.

    • witjunkie

      That must be one horrible ad, you’re the second person to want a blocker. Since – Chris? isn’t here today, I’ll tell you: AdBlock or AdBlock Plus if you have Chrome. I have it and I see no baby with sunglasses.

      And forgive me if it was someone else besides Chris but thanks again whoever it was who turned me on to AdBlock.

  4. Katharine

    Hendricks needs some lippie, and those pants are blah, but that neckline? I personally hate ties on necklines, but LOOK at it. It’s the perfect sweet spot: not choking her, not exposing most of her acreage, flattering to her face.

    • Geemeedee

      YES, must add lippie in an actual color! Her face looks totally washed out.

      So I saw a commercial for the new season and there was a flash of Christina and John Slatterly making out in a corner somewhere and I was like “I may have to start watching this show” because Christina is a goddess and Mr. Slatterly really does it for me. (So does The Hamm, but that’s a given.)

  5. Willow

    I think we better take this as a win.

  6. Kara

    DUDE. WTF with the pants in Hollywood? Is there some no-hemming conspiracy I’m not aware of? It costs like $10, y’all! COME ON.

  7. linda

    I’m just confused as to why there is no Hamm close-up.

  8. Sheri C

    At least the boobs are wrangled. I agree that she deserves a “better played.”

    And I love that the headline is “Man Men”

  9. vandalfan

    Don’t watch it. Waiting for Breaking Bad. We Want Cranston! I see enough Hamm here on GFY (if there can be enough).

    I’ve got a green doggie food ad that takes up waaaay too much bandwidth, even with the ad blocker on Firefox.

  10. debra

    I think they all look great and as for Christina taking anyones order they are on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange…what did you want her to wear something cut to her navel with her boobs out??? Come on and lighten up she looked beautiful and was dressed very appropriately for the occasion. I never disagree with you girls but I think you were unfair given the place they were at.

  11. neiges

    Hendricks is… ok. Chasmosaur, thank you so much for the photos. How is it possible for the filming studios to overlook Hammyamyam for so long?! He is one elegant, gorgeous man.

  12. Squirrel!

    “Man Men”??

  13. stephanie

    at least red’s hair looks nice. half the time its like she rolled out of bed!

  14. AM

    See, this proves that she can look “normal” and control the cleavage (sp?) when she wants to. I think it’s a win, but yes, pants could be a bit shorter.

  15. Dazie

    She does look better than usual, but I’d still ditch the bow. Twee. Twee and it just draws MORE attention to her boobs. HEY ALL! CHRISTINA HENDRICKS HAS BOOBS! LOOK- THERE’S A BOW ON THEM, IN CASE YOU MISSED THEM.

    Get rid of that and I’m happier. :)

  16. Linda

    Are Christina Hendricks & Julia Roberts sharing stylists, or just pants?

    Maybe CH swung by The Hunger Games premiere and JR took her pants off and threw them in the limo for CH to use. WTF

    Is Hamm going commando again. I think I see Little Hamm in there.

    Kiernan (Kierstan?) Shipka is the MOST MATURE 12 YEAR OLD CHILD I HAVE EVER SEEN. She was on Today with them and her answers to Matt Lauer’s questions were better than the adults.

  17. LG

    Kiernan Shipka straight up made me squee. With her little nude trainer heels! And her sweet little smile! I want to be her super-cool aunt who lets her have a milkshake for dinner and stay up too late watching TV and takes her to the mall to get her ears pierced.

    Also: SLATTERY. Mmm. Damn.

  18. esque

    The Hamm Left-Leg Crotch Bulge strikes again.

  19. Amber

    This is better than 90% of what Christina wears, and that’s being generous. Probably more like 95%. I don’t LIKE it, but it’s better than normal, so I call that a win. Or a tie (haha).

  20. Catarina

    It’s better, but she followed it up with this: http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20580142,00.html#21136127

    • gladly

      I saw that when I clicked on Chamosaur’s Getty link! Gah, it was horrible! At some point, you’ve got to assume she’s messing with us, right?

  21. Mo

    Bows and Boobs are never good together.

  22. Celeste

    I’m beginning to think that Hendricks is mentally challenged; I mean WTF? And I’m so bummed that Robyn beat her out. I mean, it’s a given that Robyn is out there, but CH is TRYING to look pretty (I assume) and just failing in a majorly fugly way.

  23. Kendra

    I think Hendricks did a lot better here – I agree with whoever said she hit the sweet spot on her chest, not too low not too high. I call this PROGRESS, I call this a WIN. A win graded on a dramatic curve, but a win nonetheless.

    SILVER FOX. SUCH A SILVER FOX. I love his voice. Those mercedes commercials he’s in make me want to buy a mercedes and listen to him tell me all about them, and I don’t even drive.

    • corriner

      Slattery is a man-god. Do you guys remember his guest-stint on Sex and the City? I was so sad they made his character the weird politician who asked Carrie to pee on him, because he was FIIIINE!

  24. Jacq

    God, what’s with Christina Hendricks and her total inability to wear flattering clothes? Yes, this is a lot better than most of what she wears, but it’s average at best.

  25. Sarah

    My pen necklace came in the mail today!!! I’m rocking my Joan look tomorrow!

  26. Sajorina

    I think Christina looks pretty cute! And, I like that January is smiling, but I don’t like her outfit! The kid is adorable! And, Hamm & Slattery are so hot… I kind of wish I watched the show!

  27. katkin74

    And….Christina Hendricks STILL can’t dress herself. Ugh!! A woman with a large bust should not be wearing bust-ties or ruffles. Woman, please. Heal thyself!

  28. Franziska

    Is Christina Hendricks wearing white shoes??

  29. karanakau

    I’m sorry, but anytime Hamm is in the picture I don’t even notice the women with him. He is just so…. captivating.