Fugs and Fabs: Les Other Miserables

It is going to be hard to top the madcap campathon that was Anne Hathaway’s contribution to the festivities, but for the record, other cast members attended and were dressed.  In fact, they all looked fairly good, but for a few nits here and there we can pick. Let’s do it.

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  1. S

    I enjoy your writing always, but 2-4-6-0-yeah is probably my favorite thing you have said EVER. Props.

  2. Eli

    Ahh, the Oneders. I did love me some Tom Everett Scott.

  3. Sandra

    If one were to write a novel in which the leading male character was a total rip-off of Hugh Jackman, the manuscript would be rejected for being too unrealistic. It is so refreshing to see someone with that level of talent and acclaim keep his feet so firmly on the ground.

    I invited my niece to see this movie with me. She’s not familiar with the world-wide Les Mis phenomenon, so the conversation went like this:

    Niece: Why would I want to go see a film about one dude hunting down another dude?

    Me: Three words—Hugh. Jackman. Singing.

    Niece: I’m in!

  4. Mouse

    I think Amanda looks GORGEOUS. Hugh Jackman ♥♥♥

    A little worried that Samantha Barks is letting Hollywood pressure get to her – she’s looks stunning but…was she always that thin!?

    • Adriana

      Her waist looked tiny in all the trailers – maybe she hasn’t gained the impoverished gamine weight back (if she lost it in the first place). She looks absolutely stunning in that gown.

    • Celeste

      I think she might just have a rather disproportionately large head (not an insult), which many actors do.

  5. Rayna

    Seyfried – OMG!!! Makeup = hate. Everything else = LOVE.

    And is it my imagination, or is Mrs. Jackman finally making the long black sheer over shorter black something thing look acceptable???

    If so, she’s succeeding where MANY (and we KNOW how many) have failed.

  6. ErinE

    I can hardly wait. I sing one day more to myself pretty much every time I think about the movie coming out (which is very often, and especially every time I see a preview). I’ve seen it in the theater a few times and am always just so blown away.

    I didn’t see Marius in my week with marion, but I totally think he’s dreamy so hope he’s good!

  7. Allison

    They totally called it in the movie. I absolutely read it oh-knee-ders at first. I should know better. Here’s hoping you’ll work “Cap’n Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters” into a post in the near future.

  8. Kit

    Amanda’s make up looks very Black Swan-y – and that was SO 2010. *yawn*

    Everyone else is not very notable. Were there other pictures? ;)

    • Lori

      Gee, my reaction was that AS looks stunning. I love her hair and makeup and skin against the black background. Very Black Swan indeed. Guess I need to drag my sorry behind out of the aughts and into 2013.

    • Sylvia

      Very Black Swan. I do like the dress though.

  9. Fashion Spy

    Amanda’s hair and make up look like she’s trying for Black Swan …

  10. Annie E

    I LOVE everything about Amanda’s look. I want it on myself now, and maybe especially the eye makeup.

  11. jean

    I like that Amanda is changing it up rather than just doing BIG BLUE EYES and fluffy blonde hair. Her eyes are almost a parody, they’re so large, so this is a nice change. Her her is …interesting? Not sure I like the two colors.

    Love that silver dress, but if that girl is 22, I’ll eat my vegan shoe. Or she’s lived a hard, hard life. And Taylor Swift? Seriously? Shudder.

  12. Amy

    reading the phrase “Whatever happened to the Oneders” just made my day.

  13. Carol

    Love the Seyfried dress, especially the bodice … the Heidi Vixen look with the crown o’ braids, however, has got to go.

  14. Sylvia

    Hugh Jackman is such a delightful man and he married a woman that my mom and I would hang out with. And they’ve been together for a long time. Which, I never want to jinx that, but it’s pretty amazing and rare.

    Plus, you know, he’s brutally hot and he sings and he can wear the hell out of a suit.

    And I’ve thanked God and Xenu (I know, I know) that Taylor Swift did not get a part in this movie.

    • mary lou bethune

      Amen to all of that and Everyone looks great and very happy. Kudos.. Now is the movie any good?

  15. margaret

    Now I understand why Jackman and his matey were singing Les Liz songs in my friends NYC bar later that night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlYVHOUa3Vo

    • Carolyn

      Wow, looks like Rusty’s had some singing lessons. I am less worried about him in that part now.

  16. margaret

    Ummm….meant Les Miz, sorry!

  17. Lesley

    I can’t even focus on what anyone is wearing because I am so DARN EXCITED!

  18. Helen

    That settles it, I won’t be seeing the film. I was on the fence, but “On My Own” is my favorite song in the whole thing, and I first heard it done in a small Boston theater by a very gifted stand-in who was so thrilled just to be there that she threw her entire life‘s heart and soul into it and brought the house down, everyone was not just tearing up but openly weeping, and I know nothing will ever live up to that but to Broadway-ize and technique-ify it I cannot take.

    That said, nice to see Barks looking her age. That blue thing made her seem about 35. And this is lovely altogether anyway, simple, sexy and classy. The guys look great, too.

    Totally agree on Seyfried’s dress being great for her (and I’d add, possibly tailored by God), but makeup way off, and I’d change the hair too. Pulled back, yes, to let the dramatic dress speak, but softer, and no fake braid. Those braid things are just irritating anyway.

  19. pantsonfire

    Totally agree–Amanda looked great from the neck down. Loved the dress and was disappointed by the face. She has extreme (lovely) features and the makeup here distorts them in an aesthetically displeasing way. But the reference to Hathaway’s non-stop campathon has caused me to wonder whether she did it on purpose to siphon attention away from her co-stars, given that this is an ensemble with other pretty young things in it. Not trying to cast aspersions. Just seems like the over-the-topness comes at a fairly convenient time…

    • Sara

      She is totally after the Oscar so I wouldnt be surprised. Im sure you know the Oscar race is starting to heat up and her PR team probably wants her to stand out.

  20. Evalyn

    Thank you for that taste of Jackman to start my day.

  21. Trace

    WHERE IS HELENA BONHAM CARTER? I’m very sad that she’s not bringing her own brand of cracked-out fashion to the Les Miz premieres.

    • Sara

      She probably didnt want to bother flying to the US. She does what she wants when she wants to – part of her awesomeness.

  22. dawn

    I was on a beach in Australia when a hunky shirtless man ran by- I pretended for hours that it was Hugh Jackman and it made my day.
    Russell Crowe on the other hand- not aging well. Perhaps it is the strain of divorce showing.

  23. jean

    But Russell looks so happy! Seriously has he ever looked merrier during a press tour? Maybe being a bit pudgy suits his mental state. Maybe he was grumpy before because he was so hungry? It’s not easy to keep weight off some frames (bless Matt Damon for admitting that too).

    And he’s been bringing the man muumuus. Long jackets are hard on a such a short man, alas. He’s just round right now.

  24. Evie

    Completely disagree.
    Seyfried looks stunning on every level as per usual.
    But then again I love vampy/dramatic dressups to death…

  25. Amy Tidwell

    Because I can see how much you love the music of Les Mis, I have to share this with you. They don’t sound very good once everyone joins in, but anyone who rewrites an ensemble song like this gets my full support. Behold, the “One More Test” flashmob!


  26. par_parenthese

    I just want to hug Hugh Jackman and then high five him and then hug him again. He seems like such a mensch. Also a hunk, but also such a nice-seeming, faithfully-married dude that any hugs would be totally platonic.

    I also want to hug Eddie Redmayne, but perhaps in a slightly less-platonic way.

  27. mary lou bethune

    HUGH JACKMAN ! priceless

  28. Sally

    Hugh Jackman and his wife used to live in my NYC neighborhood- only saw him occasionally but would spy her in dry cleaners, grocery store etc- she was very down to earth and funny

  29. Vandalfan

    I’m not a Jon Stewart fan, but he said recently that Hugh Jackman was the only guest he would never invite back, “and I’ve had dictators!”

    I assumed Jon was joking, but I think not. Apparently, Hugh made some comment that US soccer players were considered girly, and Jon was a soccer player in college. I’m afraid I agree with Hugh.

    • Kristin

      I think maybe it was Hugh Grant? Lainey ran a story about it (she loathes H. Grant and adores H. Jackman).

  30. Louisa

    Amanda looks stunning as always, although the photograph makes it look unfortunately like her beautiful blonde hair has been shoe polished. Since you can’t even tell she’s a blonde in the photo, I’m going to cut her makeup some slack as well and call it bad lighting. And the dress is gorgeous.

    Also it’s great to see Russell Crowe looking happy and in a musical. It’s like he’s gone mellow in a great way. They all look proud of what they’ve done. Can’t wait to see it.

  31. Sajorina

    I’m IN LOVE with Amanda and her outfit! Just GORGEOUS! COVET! Loving the silver dress as well! Eddie & Hugh look DELICIOUS! I refuse to see Russell Crowe movies because I can’t stand him! I’ve only seen him in “The Quick & The Dead”, but only because Leonardo DiCaprio is in it! But, I’ll see THIS movie because the cast is AH-MAZING! Can’t wait!

  32. Susan

    Amanda’s dress is beautiful.

  33. Kim

    “Raw, emotional naturalism” = Hathaway can’t sing the part as written so ugly cried extra hard and called it a choice not to hit the notes. And no I don’t hate Anne, I just, no.
    I’ll take Barks Broadway-ing a Broadway tune any day of the week.

    But Hugh Jackman, yum.

    • Cristina

      Ha, ha. Yup. And being filmed à la Maria Falconetti in The Passion of Joan of Arc doesn’t hurt either.

    • Celeste

      Word on the AH comments–that’s it exactly. I’m stunned how everyone is so impressed with her effort. Not buying it.

  34. Caroleena Stantonova

    Mr. Crowe’s face is melting!

  35. Gillian

    I like Amanda’s makeup, but I think the hair makes it too severe–if it was a loose bun or pinned back in some sort of twist, framing more of her face, her features would be softened enough.

    Samantha Barks looks amazing.

  36. outlet

    Amazing stuff=D I am going to want a decent amount of time to entertain this info.

  37. Esme

    Seyfried’s make-up makes her look about 40. Eddie has a fascia d’slappi (sp?; face I’d like to slap).

  38. Emma

    I just have to correct the Jon Stewart diss. That was Hugh GRANT not Jackman. Because, Hugh Grant does seem kind of a dick. Hugh Jackman, as we know, is perfect, and his mere existence makes the world a better place. Saw his one man show on Broadway last year and My. God. He KILLS it. Cannot wait for this movie. Although why its not opening until Jan 11th in the UK, the freaking HOME OF CAMERON MACINTOSH is baffling to me. Rant over. I am firmly Team Hathaway.

  39. Tamburlaine

    I adore Amanda Seyfried’s look – she often looks very girly to me, and this was a nice (and dramatic) change. I know not Samantha Barks, but her dress was lovely, too.

    If Russell Crowe had on an overcoat, what on earth were the ladies doing in their skimpy gowns? Or does he just feel the cold?

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