Fugs and Fabs: Kristen Stewart

It’s a roller-coaster with this girl.

[Photos: Getty, Splash, Pacific Coast News]

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  1. Alayne

    I can’t get over the first outfit. I mean, that would be fine heading to the grocery store or even the airport. But to an event? The third one I see Nicole Kidman looking gorgeous in it but not Kristin. She looks like a little girl dressing up in Mommy’s clothes.

  2. Mo

    she is usually a hot mess…..no surprises here.

  3. CakesOnAPlane

    I tried to imagine her chit chatting with someone wearing a cocktail dress while in the first outfit, and the mental image is hilarious.

  4. Stefanie

    Those pants are a DISASTER. Im a fan of well placed plaid and this is not it. The second is ugly but the third? The gold? That’s good.

  5. Vandalfan

    Who gives a darn about KStew. The Duchess of Cambridge is going to have a baby!

  6. Donna4Eva

    The hair. THE HAIR. Lady, brush yo damn hair.

    • Christine

      HAHA! I didn’t even read your comment but I just posted the exact same thing. Girl’s hair drives me INSANE!

  7. Sajorina

    I like the grandpa pants, they look comfy, but the barely there t-shirt ruins it! I like the 2nd outfit & LOVE the 3rd… Black+White+Lacy Beautifulness & Gold+Sexy+Shimmering Sumptuousness = FAB!!!

  8. Reg

    not even gonna say a word about the plaid pants and the offensive black bra thru 99 cent store Tshirt, to an event no less! BUT, that gold dress is what my dreams are made of. She looks unbelievable. best thing she ever wore (and probably will ever wear). the whole look just works – the easy hair, the severe black shoe and the lines of the dress’s skirt – yummy!

  9. me

    Very off topic but just in case Fug Nation hadn’t seen this yet – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2242350/Kate-Middleton-pregnant-Duke-Duchess-Cambridge-having-baby.html
    And Kristen Stewart = grumpy face as usual.

  10. Christine

    The HAIR! Her hair in that first outfit is literally, “I haven’t showered in 3 weeks and no dry shampoo is gonna fix this mess”! It looks *so* gross and unattractive. I mean, I guess when you’re that beautiful, you can get away with something like that (i.e., Brad Pitt most of the time) but it just saddens me to see her beauty go to waste. A shower! A brush! They can do wonders!

    I don’t even have the energy to comment on the outfits. Except to say the gold dress just screams C3PO to me!

  11. Jen

    I LOVE the gold! So cool.

  12. Sandra

    The gold dress is lovely, but she hasn’t quite mastered it yet. If you want to sell a goddess dress, you have to carry yourself like a goddess. I really don’t need to see your sartorius muscle and the high-heeled workboots don’t help. But overall, a giant step to the good.

  13. Rachael

    She sleeps all night and she works all day.
    You can’t slip that Monte Python reference by me.

    Like Christine above, I got a slight C3PO vibe from the gold dress, but I LOVE it for that. I sort of feel like Stewart’s come into her own sense of style lately. I don’t always love what her sense of style is… but I appreciate that she has one.

    • b

      she sleeps all night? so no lumberjack vampires then. har har
      though I suspect some of the Cullens to wear you know what, just like his dear mama.

  14. Mary Ann

    It’s just occurred to me that Kristin Steward and Cate Blanchett could easily exchange clothes and their styles wouldn’t change that much. Not many women could wear what they choose but I think their blacks, metallics and edgy fashion choices fits them both really well.

  15. Britt

    The gold dress was definitely giving me a Dale Arden from Flash Gordon vibe. I liked the dress on K Stew, but missed the headpiece.

  16. A.J.

    I don’t care, I love those shoes in the last picture! I want them to come home with me and I will treasure them always.

  17. Helen

    Love the gold dress, and, for her, love the shoes with it. She does, however, still need to learn how to wear such things (nod to Sandra, above). Posture and carriage should probably still be taught in school…

    The lacy thing doesn’t say Winslet to me so much as Fonda or Mirren.

    As for Grandpa’s golfing pants, I just want to know who made them so that I can avoid ever buying a fit that unflattering for myself. I am petite and muscular, not built like Stewart at all, but I don’t think this designer understands women’s bodies in general!

  18. jerkygirl

    Wow, skipping right past those Golfing Grandpa pants to the good stuff–great dresses in the last 3 slides. That gold dress is gorgeous, and I love it on her. I hate those shoes she’s wearing with it, but. . .at least they’re not sneakers?

  19. Erin

    I love that gold dress.

  20. Suzie

    Unkept hair does not equal edgy in my book– just get the mohawk or buzz cut (like Debra in Empire Records) already. It’d be an improvemnt. The two dresses look pretty good. I even like the plaid pants, but different shirt or cute jacket/blazer over the tee.

  21. house mouse

    Oh man I love that gold dress.

  22. runbmc21

    When it’s obvious she chose her outfit herself, she looks terrible. Whenever she doesn’t look terrible, it is obvious a stylist chose her outfit. Even when she is wearing something amazing, like the gold gown, my excitement is muted because she brings nothing intangible to the garments.

  23. nadia

    It’s all horrible.

    Honestly, I don’t see how anyone can think she’s pulling off that gold dress. It makes her look fat, and she’s anything but, and the cowl neckline doesn’t work on her petite frame at all. Also the wavy lines obscure her waistline. She looks three months pregnant! The shoes are just awful with it, and her hair? Tina Fey.

    The black and white is conservative but has potential. It is problematic around the waist, I think it’s sitting too high. It’s probably too long for her, and instead of altering it, she hiked it up. Makes her look bottom heavy. Also, the black armbands make her arms look chunky. This is crazy because she’s teeny tiny.

    The plaid pants: I wore some of these in college, paired with a concert t-shirt , and birkenstocks, as well as similarly unwashed hair. Not a good luck for anyone.

  24. Sarahnargle

    I hate to tell you (and I am worried that I know this off the top of my head), but that T-shirt is from A.L.C. and costs $125.00. But you can get it on sale for $75.

    • Helen

      And yet, it’s clearly only worth about $7.50… which might be a little high, even.

      It’s amazing how much it’s possible to pay for poor quality.

  25. JanetP

    Are you kidding me?! I have never been on the KStew bandwagon, but after seeing that first outfit — that she wore to an actual EVENT — I am totally and forever, irrevocably Over Her. The gold dress is fab, but … I just can’t. Her true soul revealed itself in that first outfit and its name is FUG.

  26. Susan

    Loved the look, loved the dress Kristen wore to the Governor’s Ball. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Also loved the gold Elie Saab and shoes in Berlin. It’s not for everyone but it works for me. The contrasting elements are really interesting.

  27. Kit

    I LOVE that gold dress. So amazing! )

  28. Alicia

    Why is she wearing pjs to an event? And why can she get away with that? Ridiculous. Love the gold dress though, and the shoes.

  29. Nancy Briscar Martel

    This girl never looks comfortable in her own skin.

  30. Cynthia W

    Okay, I think that I officially just love her – I find the fact that she wore the grandpa plaid pants to a Variety event is hilarious. Although, I would have worn a different shirt because I’m not about the showing off my black bra.

    I like the dresses – and love those shoes with the gold one.

  31. Nancy

    My main issue with her is that be it her expression or her body language she always looks desperately uncomfortable when posing on the red carpet. I totally think that it affects her overall look.

    The gold outfit works for me, shoes and all. But not so much the sloppy pony-tail thing.

  32. jean

    That gold dress makes her look 10 feet tall. And yeah, Cate Blanchett could wear the hell out of it too. Or even Swinton. It’s gorgeous and she looks great in it. Too bad she didn’t save it for Oscar or the Golden Globes. Or the MTV awards (you know they’ll win Best Kiss or Best Fighting Duo or something!)

  33. TonyG

    I am almost certain that gold dress is recycled from the Wiz’s scene in the Land of Oz when the color changes from green to gold! I love it!

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  35. Lilibet

    The gold dress makes her look like the Cretan goddess of golden snakes from a sword and sandal epic. Better in the side view but yeah, the terrible posture.

    I still wish she would turn into a soignee young lady but that’s not going to happen judging by this job lot. She’s still a tomboy no matter how much they dress her up.

  36. Peachsiki

    Last dress, Gustav Klimt. She looks prettier than ever. That is all.

  37. Lily1214

    Plaid pants make your bottom look larger than it actually is.

  38. riga

    “Impactful”? Really? *raspberry*