Fugs and Fabs: Julianne Hough

While everyone else was at the Oscars or the Independent Spirit Awards, poor Julianne was off promoting Safe Haven on all four corners of the earth.

[Photos: WENN]

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  1. tigers4us

    Cant’ see it.

  2. tigers4us

    Why does she have to do all the work while her co-star goes casual? She looks great, but I agree that all the outfits can use a little tweaking.

    • Helen

      Yeah, same here. They’re all pretty good but would benefit by some changes. She herself looks terrific in all.

      Those jeans and ugly distressed shoes do look out of place at the book signing. Those are often very casual events, but this one appears to be a rather bigger deal, and no wonder. Hough’s easy elegance seems much more appropriate, especially as a representative of the film.

      • Helen

        Addendum: Just looked up the movie, and jeezum crow, I had no idea how young she is! Not even twenty-five yet.

        Totally giving her a pass on the twee dress, knowing that.

        Her poise is remarkable. She doesn’t look any older, I just thought she was because she’s so self-possessed! I kind of love her now.

  3. Bella

    1, 3 & 4 are fine. 2, not so much.

  4. Liz

    as much as I hate number 2, I have to admit her hair looks awesome in it

  5. TheCityDweller

    I just want Josh Duhamel.

  6. Miranda

    I cannot recall a single outfit of hers that has been 100% fab to me. All of these outfits need help.

    She’s kinda irked me ever since that season of DWTS where her bf Chuck Wicks was her partner. They had this one super-sexual dance, and I just found it to be TMI and very at odds with the image she tries to cultivate. Also, she and Seacrest…don’t get it at all.

  7. Donna

    Josh Duhamel delights me. In every photo call, he looks stoned, giddy and a bit flirty. I think he’d be a fun co-star.

  8. Carol

    I think the red dress is great … the others all need an emergency squad of seamstresses, fully weaponized with scissors, needles and thread.

  9. Terri in SF

    I truly, madly, deeply wish she would employ a new eyebrow wrangler. A softer brow would make a world of difference. I love that first dress and the last look – although a shorter hem would’ve made it perfect.

  10. amys

    I like her shiny copper shoes.

  11. Ghanimatrix

    I love me a pink and black dress, so #1 is perfect. #2 is awful from the waist down. #3 is pretty damn good, and #4 just needs a shorter skirt. The copper shoes are awesome.

  12. house mouse

    I want to see the top of that floral peplum dress with a plum/wine colored pencil skirt. I bet that would be nice.

  13. pantsonfire

    I am in love with the top of that floral peplum dress (I would buy that in a minidress). And, I do understand what they were going for. The problem is peplum is never the answer. Never. And this particularly peplum just looked superfluous. But I love the floral fabric of the peplum and I like how they pulled pieces out of that for the beading on the top.

  14. sketchy

    I find her sort of inexplicably likeable as well, and have this hope that one day she is going to figure out this slightly quirky/edgy/different look she seems to be aiming for and knock it outof the park. But for now I appreciate thatshe appears to be trying to create her own unique looks without straying over into crazy land or trashyville. You’re almost there Julieanne!

  15. Karen

    I confess I love the twee dress and I love it on her. It fits her to perfection.

    That second dress is just…weird. The top would be much nicer with even, say, a black pencil skirt. But the two colors of white don’t even seem to match, which makes the top look like she had a dry-cleaning accident.

  16. Elle

    No to the hair, the makeup, and the clothes. Oh, Julianne, since Seacrest it has been all down hill.

  17. Kris

    My inner Liesl Von Trapp wants to steal that pink and black dress and twirl around in it.

  18. Sajorina

    I just COVET the metallic shoes she’s wearing in the last picture!

  19. Chrissy

    I really like the first one. That’s just my kind of thing. I completely agree that the second one needs to be cut apart and the top half paired with some skinny pants maybe. I would leave off the peplum or change the peplum somehow because it is shaped weirdly. The last two aren’t quite right to me. Her hair and face look nice though.

  20. Vandalfan

    The first pink fluffy confection should go to a brunette youngster, like Hailee Seinfeld (sp?). The last Fine Corinthian skirt should return to the bucket seat of a Chrysler Cordoba.

  21. una

    OMG I love this dress! Its adorable in every way. Would even be a super cute dress down wedding dress! To bad I just got married!

  22. laura

    Why the heck does she dress like a dowdy old woman? She’s my daughter’s age, but her hair and makeup and clothes and EVERYTHING = old hag!
    Get your shit together, Julianne!