Fugs and Fabs: Julianne Hough

If you think I’m going to resist watching a Nicholas Sparks movie starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel when I stumble upon it on a plane, or during a sick day, then you don’t know me AT ALL.  The plot is described on IMDb thusly: “A young woman with a mysterious past lands in Southport, North Carolina where her bond with a widower forces her to confront the dark secret that haunts her.” Obviously, she killed someone by accident and has never gotten over it. Right? I haven’t read the book but….it’s Nicholas Sparks. SOMEONE died.

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  1. Francesca

    Pretty girl, great figure but her style sense is firmly ensconced in “almost.” She never quite wows me, her clothes aren’t quite flattering; she’s almost there though.

  2. Tiffany

    I think the orange dress is pretty cute. Prim in the sillouette, funky and young in the color and bold stripes.

    I made the mistake of grabbing that book in an airport. Let’s just say it turned out exactly as I expected, with a LOT of extra cheese thrown in at the end.

  3. evalyn

    I admire her ambition, courage to make a big change, etc., but if she doesn’t find someone to dress her soon, it will all be for naught.

  4. Kristan

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks cute in the first pic? Is her adorable expression really blinding me that much?

    • maryse

      i think she looks adorable in pic 1. from the neck up. from the neck down — reminds me of an outfit i wore sometime in the early 90′s.

      i love the orange dress. and it is so much better in orange.

    • susannestyle

      her hair is so adorable it is blinding me to everything else! that said, i kind of agree that she might be pulling off that first look. and the orange dress looks super cute, too.

  5. Kim

    I didn’t know until you said it that this movies was from a Sparks novel, but I KNEW it was soon as I saw the first commercial, and I don’t even read his books. Too many cheesy, lousy movies have been made from this guy’s books, and this looks like another one. I wish Josh was in better movies too.

    Also, I like the second dress quite a bit but agree about the neckline.

  6. Stefanie

    I love the hair. I may take her picture into my hairdresser on Monday.

    As for this movie? Josh is looking fine as shit in the previews. Ill be watching just for him. Of course, it seems like Im always watching N.Sparks movies for the man. (I watched the Lucky One on an airplane and the little old lady next to me leaned over during Zac’s shower scene and says “Im not sure they made em that way when I was your age.” I just about died and now we’re facebook friends. True story.) Then I end up tearing up at ALL THE DEATH. DEATH DEATH DEATH.

    • Kathryn F.

      best story EVER! Thanks for making my day!

      • Sajorina

        The little old lady is on Facebook? I think I love her! And, I’m not even on FB!

    • SCM

      I just about spat my chicken salad all over my keyboard from that story! Thank you Stefanie.

  7. Sarah

    I usually love Sparks but that book was so boring. Juliann looks great and I love her hair.

  8. lindsay

    I am actually on board with all of this save the hem on that pink dress. She looks MUCH better and more age-appropriate than she has maybe ever.

  9. Lily1214

    Those darned shorts again.

  10. Suzie

    I gathered there was someone abusive from her past as from the previews and the name (Safe Heaven seems obvious no?), so maybe she killed her abusive husband? Or he killed someone else that was trying to help her leave? Anyway, I dig her hair style alot lately, and her cloths have improved. #2 is cute, and #1 if only a skirt and smidge longer, I’d be sold. #3 just really innvokes too much harem pant for me.

  11. witjunkie

    Wow, was she in the GREEN ROOM? heh heh.

  12. nobody much

    I’ll jump on the Great hair! bandwagon.

    • Aphy

      I love her hair. I wish mine would do that. Right now my hair is in a messy ponytail because my two year old just pulls on it when it’s down and being pregnant isnt exactly giving me the energy to do anything with it anyway. Ah.. to have fabulous hair.

  13. Landon Carter

    Here’s my post to my nicholas sparks blog, where I kindly ask Nicholas Sparks to stop doing what he does.


  14. Chrissy

    If the shorts were a little skirt I’d be okay with it. I normally like a ’50s-ish dress like the orange one, but this one is rubbing me the wrong way. I don’t like the neckline with the netting and the whole thing looks like it’s cheap material and cheaply made. She looks nice in the dusty pink, but the hem, although interesting, makes her look a bit stumpy.

  15. TonyG

    The orange dress…ewwwww! I actually think it looks much better in blue.

  16. Brian Wagner

    I’m going to guess that the person she killed was his wife…

  17. Gine

    I really wish she’d get a new makeup artist. She’s adorable, but her makeup is always either overpowering her face or totally washing her out.

  18. Sylvia

    Of course you all are going to watch this movie. It’s what you do. I too will end up seeing this at some point. I have no clue if Josh is a kind human being in real life, but he’s SO pretty that I’ll pretend he is.

    I like the orange dress. The neckline doesn’t ruin it for me, surprisingly. And yes, it looks much better in orange than baby blue. If it makes Thandie feel better, I’d rather watch her act.

    • Amalia

      My former secretary saw him at Pebble Beach (at a celebrity golf tournament) and reported in dire tones, “He’s a *spitter*.”

  19. Eli

    In the first picture, that big purple flower is very unfortunate in its placement.

  20. jenelope

    That movie looks like “Sleeping With the Enemy” meets “Message in a Bottle.” That first outfit looks like my 1995 interview suit meets my 1973 bubble romper.

    • sarah

      exactly – every time i see the commercial for this i think that. it just looks like a nicolas sparks version of “sleeping with the enemy”.

  21. foo

    I’m meh on the outfits and bleah on Nicholas Sparks, but all of my extended family lives in or around Southport. My cousin saw JD at the gym several times while filming and said he was very friendly and always spoke to her. (She seemed very pleased about this, as one would be)

    A fun aside, Dawsons Creek used to film scenes in front of my aunt’s house. She evidently walked her garbage out to the curb wearing a housecoat and blew a scene they were shooting.

  22. Tamburlaine

    I think she’s working the orange dress. I might even… like it.

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