Fugs and Fabs: Highlights from the FOX TCA Party

Before you stone me: No, from what I have seen, Tom Mison was not in attendance. We would NEVER withhold the Mison from you on purpose.

And speaking of, we have pictures and a wardrobe Q&A from our Sleepy Hollow set visit coming for you on Monday and Tuesday of next week. And no, they’re not sponsored, nor paid for; we just went because it sounded fun and we figured some of you would want to read all about people’s coats. Fug Nation loves a coat.

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  1. greatwhitenorthchick

    Emily Deschanel’s dress almost makes it. She’s a curvy, tall woman who should probably steer clear of this kind of pattern (although I kinda like it). The belt doesn’t help and the shoes are too skimpy. She looks lovely, though.

    • Kate (another one)

      I’d like to see it more fitted at the top, and maybe sleeveless. I feel like it’s doing bulkifying things to her upper torso and shoulders.

    • kittenmittens

      I’d say the pattern isn’t good for her. She has a good body, but the horizontal lines are hitting at the wrong spots and making her look bigger and blockier than she is.

      • Jenny V

        I feel like that dress is wearing her, instead of her wearing it, if that makes any sense.

    • MissElaineous

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the human eye/brain cannot focus on vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines simultaneously…thereby creating a unpleasant optical experience. If you could photo shop her into a neutral background you may find she looks just right!! The Price is Right backdrop they used for this event is not playing nicely several of these dresses/patterns.

      • One of the Leahs

        MissElaineous, you are brilliant! I used my hands to block out the background and saw an immediate improvement!

      • Kathleen

        As soon as I saw that background I thought ‘That is going to wreak havoc with prints.’ Anything in front of that looks wonky.

  2. qwertygirl

    For me the problem with the first one is twofold: the shoes (I just don’t think they go–that’s a more wintry dress–colors, cut, and, by appearance, fabric–and those are summery shoes) and if the representation of the colors in the photograph is to be trusted (I know they aren’t always) the belt is just *this* much the wrong shade of orangey-red. It appears more red-red than orangey red. As for Shantel VanSanten–this appears to be a daytime event. Please cover up just a little bit more. That’s a wee bit too much skin for a time window that’s pre-cocktail hour, in the opinion of this staid matron.

  3. Fat Desdemona

    I think Emily Deschanel looks gorgeous, but, yes, the shoes need to be different. If they were red and not so summery, I would be even more fully on board.

  4. Rachael

    Emily D. — different shoes. I think that would fix it. It would be much better, at the least.

    Rainn Wilson. I’m off to google if he’s coming back to TV. I really hope so. He’s awesome.

    Overstreet looks like he’s been taking squinting lessons from Chad Michael Murray.

    Oh, and Keri Russell looks awesome, her jacket and tee paired with a pencil skirt looks pretty fierce, but I really wish she had worn different colored shoes. I always suggest hunter green, and I think that would have worked. But also, maybe blue, any of several shades would have worked. The white pumps ruin the edginess of the look, I think.

  5.  Kristabelle

    For real, I thought that WAS Jane Krakowski!

    I think ED’s outfit is just fine. For her, it’s an A+!

    • mjo

      Me too!

      And LOL at “his uncle Knox”! Love me some Knox Overstreet …

  6. tita

    Holy cats, I was so confused at first reading your posts about “Melissa Gallo”! I kept squinting and enlarging the photo, saying to myself “Gosh, she looks EXACTLY like Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn 9-9.” Then I googled Gallo and realized she IS Fumero (and vice versa).
    My confusion aside, I agree that she deserved better than the “fancy” painting smock she was saddled with. It weirdly makes her look really wide and possibly preggers.

    •  marie

      Do I detect a B99 fan? That show is awesome! One of the reasons why I love the Globes more than the Emmys is that they are open to rewarding new shows and have a far varied taste than the Academy. I was squealing for joy when B99 won. Mike Schur is a genius (and apparently obssessed with horses. Lil Sebastian in P&R, now Peanut Butter in B99)

    • Liviania

      I am so happy I wasn’t the only one confused by her name being Gallo on the slides! (I actually don’t think her dress is that bad . . . )

  7. ringthing

    I totally agree with you about Judy Greer and the Tropicana commercial, although to be honest she will always be Kitty Sanchez to me. More on topic, yes she needs lipstick here, which should be the official slogan of awards fashion coverage – better with lipstick.

    • Jen

      When I saw that commercial I was so confused… I was like, “Get out! Judy Greer and Jane Krakowski are sisters???”

      • Rachael

        I thought the point of the commercial was that someone had confused them for sisters, when they’re really not (in the commercial)? But now I’m going to pay closer attention the next time it’s on.

        • sarah

          That commercial confuses me too! At first they act like someone had just mistaken them for sisters, but then they mention “we only have mom’s word for it” so I too suddenly started wondering if Judy Greer and Jane Krakowski were for real sisters. Very bizarre choice there Tropicana.

          • Susie

            I think the commercial was trying to be funny, but instead made us all stretch our heads, and if you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny.

  8.  marie

    Speaking of SH, I can’t believe we’ll be getting the season finale next week already. it will be a long wait till fall. I think I’ll just go ahead and look for pics of Ichy wearing those skinny jeans from the other night. :D

    •  marie

      oh and Emily’s dress reminds me Troy and Abed’s dreamatorium in Community!

  9. Carrie

    I agree with others that the issue for Emily is the shoes. Her legs and feet look too bare for how covered the (cute!) dress is.

  10. malie

    I want to look like Keri Russell looks here EVERY DAY. Jacket, hair, skirt, all of it.

    Bummer about Aisha Tyler’s hair, since it’s distracting from the otherwise perfect dress, perfect manicure, perfect shoes, and perfect lipstick.

  11. Samantha

    HELLO NICOLE BEHARIE. My girl crush is now official.

    • Minutiae

      She is also so, so good in 42 playing Jackie Robinson’s wife. She and Chadwick Boseman have great chemistry, and she is plucky and adorable. And in that pic in the slideshow? Total hot mama!

  12.  glee

    That step and repeat would stump any outfit. Horrible!

  13.  Beth

    Yvonne’s dress is just asking for a movie makeover montage where her friends rip off sleeves and the hem revealing a much better dress.

  14. meggiemoo

    J Lo…that is some serious sheer going on in the bodice, and her face looks like a transvestite version of itself.

    I LOVE Aisha, but, yeah, the hair isn’t good.

    Why can’t I look as effortlessly cool as Keri Russell?

    • Marph

      Haha, I was just thinking that J Lo now looks like her own drag queen.

  15.  Kathryn F

    I’ll take Jessica Stroup’s dress and Nicole Beharie’s…. assets, please.

  16. Laura

    Could not agree more about the Tropicana commercial.

  17. minacornell

    Mr. Mison was doing publicity in NY this week before going back to the UK for break, which is why he didn’t appear at the Fox TCA party. His adorableness showed up on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” “Good Day New York,” and on this live VH1 chat:


    22 minutes of beard stroking. mmmm… I’d like to stroke that beard, baby.

    •  Brenna

      Tom Mison was with Greg Kelly? That sounds amazing.

      • minacornell

        Greg and Tom indeed, but I’m not sure that Greg really knew much about SH. It wasn’t the smoothest of interviews.

    • Poppy

      I’m SO excited about this set visit article. It’s getting to the point where I set up a Google alert for the Mison.

    • Erin

      I could watch him say “the Devil’s trouser; I can’t wear skinny jeans” in an infinite loop (from his interview on “Kelly and Michael”).

  18. Kristan

    Anyone else getting a “happy Kristen Stewart” vibe from Jessica Stroup there? I like it!

    • Kate

      That’s EXACTLY what I saw. It was like Christmas early (or again, since we may not have passed the threshold for wishing for Next Christmas yet)!

  19.  Annie E

    Ugh, Chelsea Peretti is my favorite part of B99 and Melissa Fumero/Gallo is my LEAST FAVORITE. Her character is so one-note.

  20. Barbara

    Emily D’s dress would be nice on my 83 year old mother, or Nancy Reagan, or any number of stylish ladies who lunch on the upper east side. To me, it just reads to old and waspy for her.

  21. Mina

    Why are so many of the actresses at this event dressed in outfits that age them?

  22. Kristy

    I usually agree with you, but I cannot go along with Shantel VanSanten being good on One Tree Hill!
    Kerri Russell; girl crush

  23.  Legally_blonde

    So many people at this event looked like other/older people. Upon first glance, I though Emily Deschanel was Brooke Shields and thought Brooke was looking pretty good.

  24. Minutiae

    Oh man, even the mention of The Mison makes me all atwitter. Ichabod is just so dreamy. *ahem* I wonder if Emily Deschanel has trouble with styling because her sister’s is just so DEFINED. It would make it challenging to have your own thing, I’d think. I’d also think, though, that Woman of a Certain Age wouldn’t be the way I’d go.

  25. Kate

    Keri Russell, hot damn.

  26. sarah

    I did not even recognize J. Lo. Her make-up is wayyyy to heavy (unless it’s just the picture). It ages her, and in fact, I might have thought it was a man impersonating her (please don’t hurt me J. Lo).

  27. Lynne

    I think the problem with Emily’s dress is that it doesn’t fit in the shoulders. The seam is spilling over onto her upper arm and making the whole thing look a bit sloppy. The lipstick is a bit harsh too.

    Aside from hair issues, Aisha looks really good.

  28. MegoPachego

    It looks like JLo is at a completely different event from everyone else … which is so JLo. Sidenote: Why is there not a show called That’s So JLo? Or Esta es asi JLo (or some better translation … I haven’t taken Spanish in eleventy years).

    Judy Greer is always so awesome and should have the power of lipstick. Or the power of Greyskull. Or both.

    Aisha Tyler should strongly scold her hairstylist with her wit and sarcasm. A verbal lashing is at least in order.

    What is up with Jessica Stroup’s eyes? Did someone do a terrible job vanquishing the red eye effect or is she semi-secretly possessed?

    Good Lord, Keri Russell. That is how I want to dress on the regular. With different shoes. My pasty legs would not be friends with white shoes.

    Fun trick: give Chord Overstreet a quick look and then stealthily press on to the next slide and imagine his hair on Keifer Sutherland. Hilarious.

  29. Bambi Anne Dear

    Jessica Stroup’s dress is brilliant.

  30. Magda

    soo much shoe hate!

    Keri Russell on point though

  31. a

    Is this a luncheon event? An evening event?
    These women are not all dressed for the same party!

  32. fiatluxury 

    love love love the Stroup dress – would I were wee enough to wear it!

  33.  mepe

    I don’t know Jessica Stroup but I ADORE her dress!! Does anybody know who makes it?

  34. Katie

    LOVE Jessica Stroup’s dress and oddly enough the shoes work with it too. She looks like a modern 60s bombshell.

    Shantal could have looked great but the cut outs take it from ladylike to trashy.

  35. Maya

    thank you for the tropicana commentary!!! that commercial always makes me angry/confused. i do love her white dress though!

  36. Squirrel!

    Knox Overstreet — I see what you did there — hahahahahahahaha.

  37. Squirrel!

    Since no one has commented on Mary Lynn Rajskub or Mindy Kaling yet, I’ll say that they both look pretty great!

    • KatB

      I have to disagree, Mindy’s dress is great, but it needs to be let out in the bodice. I feel this way a lot about her clothes, she makes a great choice then the tailoring goes wrong.

  38. Tess


  39. Reva

    Not my favorite dress on Yvonne. I did see a picture of her on Arsenio Hall’s show the next night looking incredible in a long black slim dress – that’s what she should have worn to this – she looked just stunning

  40. Sajorina

    I think that the only problem with Emily Deschanel’s dress is the length… It just needed to be shorter! She looks LOVELY! I love Zooey’s outfit! WANT! Mary Lynn looks FAB! She’s been great on “2 Broke Girls” this season! I like JLo’s dress & shoes! Chelsea Peretti looks great! Judy Greer looks BEAUTIFUL! I’d love Yvonne Strahovski’s dress sans sleeves! And she needed better shoes to go with her pretty clutch! Her hair & face look AMAZING! Love her! But Keri Russell FTW! She took my breath away… She looks so beautifully elegant, yet kick-ass! Love & covet the whole outfit! FAB!!! Plus, HELLO KIEFER! Welcome back, Jack!

    • Sajorina

      Oh, I forgot Jessica Stroup’s outfit… It’s AWESOME!!! So freaking FAB!

  41. steph527

    I think Keifer is getting better looking as he gets older.

  42. Erin

    Fug Girls, were you in NC?! We could have met up and shared a Diet Coke!!

  43. Lori

    That shot of Nicole Beharie’s derriere makes me want to climb onto a stair-stepper immediately.

    And I totally agree about Judy Greer in those commercials. I don’t get it at all. I also want a good show for her. I love her and thinks she deserves a real hit.

  44. Megs

    I am apparently all alone here, but I hate what Zooey (Zoey? How many Os do I need here?) is wearing. I really hate it a lot. The sheer black bodice looks cheap to me, and the skirt looks like something an older lady would wear to her husband’s office party and the 2 parts don’t look like they belong in the same outfit together at all.

    I am liking her hair and makeup, though.

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