Fugs and Fabs from Fashion Week: Day 1

Our function at Fashion Week is to spot celebrities and give you the important information like how tired they seem, whether they are wearing ill-advised jumpsuits, or shunning each other, or are incredibly hot in person (it bears repeating that we are never not floored by how good-looking Aisha Tyler is). You know us: We’re the Sitting Around Dishing With Your Girlfriends About Outfits blog, not the, “Oh my stars, sleeves made of pants are so on trend for fall” blog. But that doesn’t mean we don’t see stuff we like on the runway — or stuff we hate — so we’ve decided to proffer a grab bag of all that, beginning with this resplendent look from Duckie Brown that Jessica dubbed “Edward Cullen after escaping from the sanitarium.” We weren’t at the show, but we wish we had been — then again, we might have laughed out loud, so it’s for the best.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Lynne

    Holy cow. That green Tadashi Shoji is bloody gorgeous. Someone needs to send that photo to Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron immediately.

    • Sandra

      And the first mustard-y colored one is lovely as well. Because it’s essentially the green dress with a shorter skirt. Do they even get to count that as a separate idea? The shutter-pleat mustard-y colored one is really terrible.

  2. Mockingbird

    Thanks so much for the augenblick of Fashion Week. I’m still drooling over the color-blocked trench coat and giggling about the vampire mopheads.

  3. Kacy

    The first look is more “Robert Smith in Pajamas” than Edward Cullen. Throw a little lipstick on him!

    • Mair Mair

      Oh Robert Smith. I will always love you.

      • Mahastee

        Robert Smith in pajamas was my EXACT thought!

        I would pay good money to see that!

    • eee

      Robert Smith, indeed.

      And that second Duckie Brown, the one with the furry hair-helmet, was indeed giggle-worthy. Is that hair? A hat? I don’t know, but it’s great. God, I hope some douchebag celebrity tries to make this work so we can giggle over it in the future.

    • Lina

      THIS. I kept thinking, “Robert Smith & Siouxie Sioux totally want their hair back!”

    • Molly

      I’m just glad to know we can wear our comfy flannel jammies in public now! Hurrah!

    • Claire L


    • GingerLover

      Why is Ducking Brown showing Pajamas with dress shoes. NOTHING is right about that.

      Photo #10 – LMAO&ROTF
      Photo #11 – (Heather, bite your tongue – this is not blade runner, it’s just unfortunate teenager.)

  4. Carol

    Shoji has the hits here … but that BCBG trench coat … desperately want …

  5. Emily

    That Cynthia Rowley in slide 11 is straight out of a Tim Burton movie.

  6. Mair Mair

    Re #3: fabric is gorgeous, but I have some reservations about the dress itself. #4 is about to become my FB profile picture. #9 made me cringe way more than Illustrated Boy in #7. Love #s 12 and 14, though couldn’t pull off either one in a million years.

  7. Sarie

    The green Tadashi Shoji is gorgeous and exactly something they would wear on Downton. I need it to wear around the house.

    • G

      I did wear it around the house. It’s my bathrobe from 1969, made out of three bath towels and very comfy.

      P.S. Why do all the models look so sad? Why would I want to buy an outfit that would make me that sad?

  8. Peggy

    LOVE the dark green dress. Can I also mention that it has SLEEVES?!

    I like the fluttery sleeves concepts as well. Let’s hear it for sleeves! I’d like to see more dresses and tops available with sleeves. Horrible, dreadful, totally unflattering on ANYONE cap sleeves do not count.

  9. Edith

    SWINTON would rock #15, and I could see her in that trench, as well. I join in the love of the green and gold Shoji dresses; so nice to see sheer done INTERESTINGLY, not the same boring, cheap-looking lace.

  10. Liz

    #6 and #15 scream SWINTON to me

  11. Eliza Bennett

    I’m so GLAD you guys decided to do a little runway review! I’ve always been sad the GFY girls couldn’t take a few shots at the crazeballsiness that designers show sometimes. YAY!

  12. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    That green dress is ferosh. A red head or like Mila Kunis to make up for that awful Globes number

  13. Kate Pearce

    Love Tadashi shoji and real women can wear his stuff-I have a ton of it in my closet and I’m totally average size. :)

  14. Willow

    I can’t tell if I love that third dress, or really kind of hate it for looking like something you’d see in a brothel, although I immediately thought of Zoe Saldana when I saw it, because she often turns Brothel into high octane glamour.

  15. Colleen

    I like all three of the Tadashi Shoji dresses. Really lovely shapes (even the last one, which was skirting the edge of acceptable blockiness). But YES to all the Robert Smith jokes about poor sad #1!

  16. vandalfan

    Oh, yeah, Team Fluttery sleeves.

    And #6 is what I will wear every day after I win the $315 million Powerball this Saturday. Of course, I’m as wide as I am tall, so that might make it OK. My Mom gave me a scarf this Christmas of a paisley-print velvet over a sheer (purple!) overlay, and it reminds me of that. .

  17. Sparklie

    Cynthia Rowley’s models look like creepy dolls, only less human.

  18. AM

    I actually have those pants(?), the white lacy things, or some that look just like it. i got them in the lingerie department, and some non-fashion forward person might be so crass as to call them “long underwear.”

  19. ceecee

    Apparently the fashion trend for men in 2012 is not being able to see where you are going. Buy lots of band-aids, guys!

  20. Roe Bianculli

    First shot: NOT Robert Smith, although I can see it. Nope, folks, it’s Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins! And if you’re in doubt, here he is again, with a take on those pajama bottoms…

  21. crookedE

    That black quilted poncho looks like a raisin costume.

  22. liaso

    I’d never heard of Tadashi Shoji before. Glad you had this slideshow. I normally hate high fashion, but I actually really liked a couple of the Tadashi Shoji, and – gasp! – think I could wear them without looking terrible. So cheers for the post!

  23. Sajorina

    I’m appalled by most of what I saw here! And, what happened to Cynthia Rowley? I have a super cute & feminine CyRow dress that looks nothing like this crap! I understand that some of it is just for show, but that 1st pic’s look is exactly what my dad wears to bed! Plus, the BCBG line is kind of busy looking, compare to what they’ve done in the past; like the very simple sequined BCBG dress my sister wore to her Senior Prom!

    On the other hand, I like the Tadashi Shoji line’s fabrics… I would upholster my furniture with it! The only WINNER here is the green TaSho dress… GORGEOUS!

  24. Guerra

    Tadashi were amazing!!

  25. ChaChaHeels

    Maybe Cynthia Rowley is just tired of fashion design. Her collection is suicidal.

  26. Jael Paris

    I have a “shopping with your girlfriends” blog and every season when I look at fashion week pictures, I think, “Oh, the Fug Girls need to see this.” Bring on Jeremy Scott!

  27. jean

    I love that trench. Nicole Kidman, SWINTON, and Cate should fight it out. I’ve never heard of Duckie before, but I love anyone who mocks Twilight.

    Also, runway models have interesting faces. Not always beautiful, but interesting. I like them better than face models I think.

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