Fugs and Fabs from Cosmopolitan Ultimate Woman Of The Year

Dear Great Britain,

Thank you for being such a good ally to the United States — in this instance, continuing to hold parties and events so that those of us who depend on celebrities leaving the house for writing material aren’t totally arsed out because of that bitch Sandy ruining all of New York’s fun.*

*As a reminder, we’re putting together a post detailing how and where to help victims of the storm.  Remember, the Red Cross needs blood and platelets as well as donations.

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  1. Mouse

    Red Satin Platform Pumps – KILL THEM WITH FIRE!

    Tulisa…what is going on with your hair? What is that bang swoop!?

    I’m really over chest plate exposure. It’s not flattering to the “girls”…and this version is not even pancakes…it’s just…chest.

  2. yourmom

    How are you watching TOWIE??? I want to watch it! I had a friend bring back season 1 on DVD, but you need a fancy player (read: BRITISH) to watch it. I’m totally craving some trashy British drama in my life. PLEASE HELP.

    • elliemae

      Hulu! They only have the first 3 (maybe?) series, plus one of the “seasonal specials”. So addictive. I really wish the rest of the series would be added…

    • Pippa

      watchseries.eu is where I watch it, usually works! :)

  3. Scouse Helen

    I can forgive Zawe Ashton most fashion transgressions because she is such a great actress (watch her in Fresh Meat, a TV comedy. She rules). The rest if them are a right bunch of nonentities, even in Britain. Cosmopolitan must have been scraping the barrel for guests, big style.

    By the way, TOWIE went really rubbish after the second series.

  4. Lynne

    Normally I hate the side cutout “look at my sideboobs!” dress but I think Nicole Scherzinger looks kind of fabulous. Her hair might be covering some weirdness in the shoulders of that dress but apart from that, I like it.

    I actually liked Kelly’s purple hair but I agree it’s time for a change. The dress is lovely. Normally I hate the Grandma’s couch floral trend that just won’t go away but this one is very pretty. Maybe some fit issues on the top? Maybe Kel could open up her next hair colour choice to a vote. I vote she go with that tropical punch colour Franka Potente wore in Run Lola Run.

  5. qwertygirl

    I really like Emma Willis’s outfit, but I wish she’d opted to leave her iPad at home. I mean, I know things might get dull with all the him-introducing-her-who-then-must-introduce-her-who-must-then-introduce-him-so-he-can-introduce-her-so-she-can-present-the-first-award, but really, I think people are going to notice that you’re playing Angry Birds through the whole thing, and that’s not really respectful.

  6. Stefanie

    I am so over Kelly Osborne. She’s the type of person you put on TV for 3 months, just for fun.

  7. Helen

    Well… Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger look good (despite Kelly’s hair, which I’m tired of, too).

    And I understand about the one crazy outfit kind of making sense on the woman who formerly styled Florence and the Machine, because, you know, Florence and the Machine, but she still looks crazy. And not even Helena Bonham Carter deliberately crazy, just crazy.

    So do the rest of them, to my eye, and to the best of my ability to remember, which admittedly is iffy with so many photos at a time.

    Lynne, I loved the “tropical punch,” heh, on Potente – and that is one of my favorite movies of all time! – but I think Kelly could surprise us all by choosing something in the natural spectrum, and it would look lovely. I’m hoping for a nice chestnut on her next.

  8. Steph

    Kelly looks really good (purple hair aside). Are Nicole’s shoes 8 sizes too big? HOW can that be comfortable to walk in?!

  9. TaraMisu

    Awww I love Kelly…. I do think it’s time to move on from the purple hair though.

    Nicole looks good even if her hair is covering side boob.

  10. Sandra

    Gemma Whatsits may style Florence and The Machine, but she stole those shoes from Polly Peachum.

  11. Alma

    Yeah, TOWIE is awesome and hilarious, but then around seasons 3 and 4 it just becomes terrible. And not even the fun kind of terrible!

  12. Kat

    That first woman (Emma?) has a Shannon Dougherty-esque face.

    And yes, Kelly’s lavender hair has overstayed its welcome.

  13. Vandalfan

    The young man looks like he is about to explode.

  14. Elaine

    i actually love zawe’s dress – i think its really striking looking, and i adore that shade of green.

    i agree on the kelly-hair-ennui, that dress is super cute and really flattering, but i didn’t immediately notice that because of the lavender mess atop her head.

  15. Beth

    Oh no, Fug Girls… not you too! I just got through reading an article about the Twitterverse paying homage to the internet’s favourite pastime (hating on women) by using all the anti-women words it could muster. I love your site, but it was sad to read you jumping on the bandwagon.

    • Jessica

      I don’t know to what you are referring? Me calling the worst storm to ever hit the eastern seafront a bitch? I have to say, I stand by that. Especially considering that Sandy isn’t a real person, and that I think I have a pretty strong track record of not hating women. (And I actually DO legitimately hate Sandy.) Although I’m sure plenty of people disagree — which I think we’re going to have to agree to do.


      • shannon

        I stand by Jessica’s comment as well. I’m not a big fan of anyone bandying around the word “bitch,” but Sandy is not a person, a woman, or a sentient being – and is actually no longer anything at all, thank goodness! I do wish meteorology would stop giving all the ruinous acts of god that get them their ratings female names, though.

        • mochaleet

          Actually here’s an interesting tidbit: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutnames.shtml
          The hurricane names alternate between male and female but sad, yes primarily the notorious ones have female names. Still who can forget Hurricane Andrew?

        • Emsipoops

          like Ivan, Michael, Isaac etc? Hurricanes alternate between both male & female names ie after Sandy the next tropical storm/hurricane will have a male name.
          Time to untwist those knickers looking for misogyny where it is actually absent…

        • Emsipoops

          oh, mochaleet you beat me to it – with better manners to boot!

  16. shannon

    Gemma Cairney is my new jam. Did her pumps remind anyone else IMMEDIATELY of Shark Week? I also adore her sparkly little purse, red victory roll, and big genuine smile. I had no idea she existed before 87 seconds ago, but now I am obsessed.

  17. k

    You want Mark Wright/TOWIE hilar? Just wait until his (spoiler!) farewell episode. The last few minutes to be exact. I would say it is the pinnacle of unintended hilarity…but I think it was totally intentional, on the part of the producers anyway.

  18. Sajorina

    Love Kelly’s dress! That’s all!

  19. Samantha

    It’s a shame you can never compliment Nicole Scherzinger because of her perceived “crimes for being a Pussycat Doll”, but she has been appearing in some absolutely fabulous dresses in the UK recently, and is fantastic as a UK X Factor judge. Plus she has been dating the gorgeous and delectable UK F1 superstar, Lewis Hamilton, for the past 4 years. Can’t you cut her a break??

  20. Lily1214

    Is the woman in white and red pregnant?

  21. cachichas


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