Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else at the Time 100 Event

Some of these went better than others. Plus: DANCE OFF RUMOR MONGERING.

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  1. H.C.

    I feel Xtina & Barbara Walters are soooo close; the former could do without that triangular chest cut out, and the latter should choose a belt that doesn’t look like an orthopedic brace.

    • Jenny

      I’m totally with you on BW’s belt. It just doesn’t belong with that dress. And Xtina is thisclose to great- I just wish she would wipe half the slap off her face!!! As my mother says, she has such a pretty face- she doesn’t need all that makeup.

    • Elle

      Barbara Walters’ belt does not go with the dress at all and it looks like she bought it at Forever 21.

  2. Ruth

    Is that a bandeau in Alina Cho’s dress? I would like it better if it were solid. Bandeaus make me nervous; one wrong move and we could see too much of her.

    • Miss Louise

      Sorry, but Alina Cho’s dress is really horrible. The neutral shoes don’t make anything here more discrete – they just make the whole ensemble more chaotic.

  3. CC

    After looking at Lena Dunham’s dress, I think even Mia looks great.

  4. mary lou bethune

    I love Mia, too. She is a great woman. If this was for the top 100 women, then why on earth was Olivia there? She looks unsure herself in that cute yellow dress.

  5. Helen

    For me, these are pretty much all “almost” except for Alina Cho’s, which I really hate.

    Danes has on an interesting dress, but could use a bit more color in her lipstick, I agree a wider belt would be better, and what’s that thing around her neck? And IMO that’s the best look here.

    • scone

      It’s some kind of necklace on Danes (it looks like bone or horn or something that’s intended to look like bone or horn), and it’s quite ugly and distracting, I think.

  6. Caroleena Stantonova

    Mia Farrow…so much to love! Great to see her out and about. (If you haven’t read her autobio yet, it’s great.)

    I should think Baba Wawa could’ve realized the need for a more supportive breasticle harness with which to hike up her girls a smattering, or a good 7″.

    The Bra Bitch

  7. One of the Leahs

    I don’t understand why people have such animosity towards Olivia Munn. I like her a lot and respect her work. That said…is her dress really as see-through as it looks to me?

    • Aj

      I don’t understand why it’s not ok to talk body issues here, but sex lives … no problem.

  8. Sandra

    The New York Yankees paid better tribute to Boston than Mia did in this wreck of an outfit. That shirt looks like she bought if from a Bleacher Creature who’s been treasuring it ever since Freddy Lynn roamed center field.

  9. marie

    Leslie Knope in the house! am i the only one excited that she might be dating “The Douche” IRL?!

    • Brooke

      NO!!! Really?

      • Jessica

        ISN’T THAT THE BEST? I love that rumor. I really really want it to be true.

        • marie

          i was also shouting a big NO at first but Sara of Cinesnark and Lainey Gossip made a very compelling argument of why he is actually a better match “comedy-wise” with Amy than Will Arnett

    • Lola

      I’m just happy that she has swept aside the “bangs” that she had cut into her hair a bit ago. As with most adults, bangs do not work on her.

  10. kickassmomnyc

    I’m a big Mia Farrow Fan. She looks terrific. Her son strongly resembles his father, Andre Previn.

  11. Elle

    Oh Barbara, we all know that you no longer have a waist and that ridiculous belt isn’t fooling anyone.

  12. lindsay

    Claire Danes wins at life, and at this event (from what I’ve seen so far).

  13. Suzie L

    Is Amy actually wearing a name tag?

  14. Maretha2

    I think Barbara Walters is showing up places looking like Joan Rivers. Her face and hair look like the versions Joan sported a few facelifts ago.

  15. Heather

    My BFF-in-my-dreams Amy looks pretty and her hair looks very nice!

  16. Squirrel!

    There is only one ensemble here that gets a pass from me, and that is Padma’s. In the picture of her with Lena Dunham, I noticed a shiny strip along her arm. I know very little about her except that she is a chef, so I thought it might be a burn… or was it a trick of the light?

    My first thought upon seeing the picture of Mia Farrow is that she had taken a younger, lesbian lover. And then I saw it was her son and felt guilty.

    • julyol1972

      Hi Squirrel, I read somewhere that Padma was in a really bad car accident when she was younger and has a pretty big scar on her arm. She has always refused to have it fixed by plastic surgery. She wears it has a reminder that she survived.

    • Sajorina

      Padma has a scar on her right arm from an injury after a car accident when she was a teenager! And she’s not a chef, but she’s an award-winning cookbook author and TV host! She started as a model and is also an actress!

      • annie

        And she tried to keep her daughter from seeing her biological father. Padma just wanted to pretend that her current boyfriend was the little girl’s father. I just can’t get past that.

        • ¬†Vandalfan

          That puts her in Mia Farrow’s low category. The admiration for her here surprises me.

  17. Zoe

    Amy’s dress needs a lower neckline! Too frumptacular. She has a tendency to frump, god knows why. Well, perhaps it is her inner Knope…

  18. Sajorina

    I love Claire Danes’ look! WANT! And Amy Poehler looks cute… Love her hair!

  19. Emma

    The Fug Girls must be in a good mood. I don’t like Clare Danes’ dress, and Alina Cho looks seriously fugly. She’s wearing a jersey bandeau under it, for Pete’s sake. I love Barbara Walters, but Babs: if your boobs are resting on your belt, you need a better bra. Call Oprah for more information.

  20. Amy

    I LOVE Claire Danes’ dress (and I’m not one for even vague animal prints–but flared skirt is divine), but it either needs shorter sleeves or a lower cut neckline. Although maybe a wider belt like you say, plus tossing out that weird necklace would do the trick.

  21. liz

    Padma’s dress is amazing! Really unique and still flattering.

  22. Lauren C.

    I’m sorry, but how has no one commented on how Alina Cho’s head looks massive?? She’s like a real-life Bratz doll.

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