Fugs and Fabs: Elle‘s Women In Television Event

Suspenders are not back. They are not back. They are not back. I’m going to say it over and over until it’s confirmed.

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  1. Miranda

    Meghan Markle looks the best to me, even if the shoes are a bit off. Too bad she’s wearing the same dress as Kim Raver. The purple color is much better, her hair looks amazing, and the makeup is good too.

    I may just be biased because of how much I love Suits and her as Rachel Zane. Oh well!

  2. thunderthighs

    At the Globes, I commented on how Bialik was surely the only person on the red carpet with a PhD, and my friend pointed out that she was almost surely the only orthodox Jew. I gotta give the girl a pass for her clunky clothing as she clearly isn’t playing the Hollywood game.

    • Daffodil

      I’m not playing the Hollywood game, either, and at least I know that sheer, frilly, pale chiffon plus heavy, dark, leather motorcycle jacket just really don’t match. Now if she’d had that dress in a color, great. If she’d had a dress in a sturdier fabric, great. But even if you’re not playing the Hollywood game, you should totally play the “I Deserve Not To Look Awful” game with yourself before you leave the house. It’s pretty easy to play. You just look in the mirror, and if you lose the game, you change clothes.

      And even if you didn’t have time to play “I Deserve Not To Look Awful,” you ALWAYS have the time TO STAND UP STRAIGHT!

      • Sandra

        I’m with Daffodil. “Modest and unaffected” need not equal frumpy. The stuff she wears doesn’t even fit right and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in Leviticus forbidding proper tailoring.

        • Amberoni13

          I would also like to comment that this gal has NO excuses as a former “What Not to Wear” … contestant? Winner? Person? Seriously, she spent a few days shopping with Stacy and Clinton and she still puts something like this together. Could she not just send a quick pic text before she goes somewhere she will be photographed and check in? And the hair…. I get not cutting, but has she not heard of barrettes? Pins? Something?

  3. Kat

    You must’ve been feeling benevolent when you wrote this, Heather. There were several things that you said, “eh fine, whatever” where I was trying to hold in the vom. Okay, that’s dramatic, but you get it. I would like to point out that this is herein another even where the 12 year old (how old is Kiernan Shipka?) showed up EVERYONE.

    • Hannah

      Kiernan is 13! I kind of sort of thought the shoes were tacky, but the overall look was so charming I didn’t really care. That hair and makeup were glorious. I wonder if we’re going to get to see Sally Draper attracting some romantic interest (at an age-appropriate level, of course) by the end of the show.

      • jean

        I’m betting we’re going to see an inappropriate romance given the nature of the show! She’s already witnessed oral sex. Her “boyfriend” on the show is a bit of a weirdo too.

        Great outfit and she knows how to pose. Good job. I don’t mind her bridesmaid shoes. She’s 13. Her grandmother bought them for her and she couldn’t say no.

        • TonyG

          I did not like Kiernan’s dress at all. Looks as if the fit and the design is for someone her grandmother’s age.

  4. Annie E

    A whole lotta stinkers up in here, but Kiernan looks great, and I actually like Ariel’s shorts and Willa’s shoes. Oh, and Janie Bryant. That dress is fantastic.

  5. ErinE

    I would actually love to hear your rant on the New Normal. I loved the first episode, but now only watch it on demand when I’ve finished all my DVR shows… I can’t figure out why exactly I lost interest, but I definitely have.

    • Conchobara

      I couldn’t even get past the first episode. It was so cliche-ridden, and Ellen Barkin’s character was so outrageous (in a truly, deeply terrible way) that I forbade the show on my TV. I have other things I can waste, er, spend my time watching.

      All that to say, I’d love to hear the rant too!

      • Kris

        New Normal wanted to be what Arrested Development was, but is too over the top in too many ways.

  6. mary lou bethune

    Nicole looks beautiful and stylish. She has come a long way and well done…
    Morena is the most beautiful woman on the planet. Period. Her dress never matters, really.
    I can’t wait for darling Sally on Mad Men to turn into a hippie child. Woodstock can’t be too far away on the MM timeline.
    I also love a woman without vanity. The list is small but Monica is on it. Helen Mirren, the actresses on Grey’s Anatomy ( have to be to wear those scrubs all the time and ponytails), Annette Bening also- I am sure there are more. Anyone?

  7. Trace

    I don’t know who Meghan Markle is but that looks suspiciously like the less dressy version of Sofia Vergara’s dress from last year’s SAGs.

  8. ringthing

    Kiernan FTW, as usual. And I love Parenthood too, and was a bit disturbed by how tidily they wrapped up all the story lines in the finale, except for the Sarah/Ray one and I really can’t visualize her moving to Minnesota OR starting yet another romance, so yeah, I’m concerned.

    • Trent

      Except that they had no choice but to wrap up the story lines, since they had no idea if the show was being cancelled or not. I LOVE Parenthood, and think this was the strongest season yet (couldn’t make it through an episode without at least tearing up, and pretty much cried throughout the season finale — especially Victor’s adoption and Amber and Ryan’s reconciliation).

      So happy that Heather likes it, too — but the problem is that the show is both low-rated AND not “critically beloved.” It’s never even nominated for Emmys or GG’s or even SAG’s. I wish I was as confident as Heather’s husband that the show was returning for season 5…

  9. Alyssa

    I love the way Ellie’s hair is for this event! That may be the best I’ve ever seen her hair!!!

  10. Stefanie

    I’m here for the 10 Things I Hate about you quote. Im completely whelmed right now.

  11. janet

    Dear lord I though Christa Allen was Zosia Mamet.

  12. Esme

    UGH! A cavalcade of fug, with a few MINOR exceptions. Sorry, but I despise that orange number Janie Bryant has on, especially from the waist up. Unfortunately on some people, the bun trend is manifesting itself as a”pile of dog crap” look, as on Willa’s head. Madeline Stowe looks stumpified in that get-up, and the halterish top looks too casual to go with the feathered skirt. Erika Christenson’s Thetan wear has to go. And Nicole looks dirty to me, and the dress looks cheap–I’ve seen her looking much better than this. All in all, UNDERwhelmed.

  13. anne p.

    Oh boy, blasts from my past!
    Janie Bryant’s gown? Sooo close to my wedding dress in 1972 — w/o the gold fabric accents, and I wore flat gold sandals.
    Ellie Kemper’s dress? If you squint a little, the fabric turns into a sparkly tweed …. and that would be the upholstery in the family’s 1957 Dodge station wagon.

    ( ‘Scuse me while I go grab a Kleenex . . . )

  14. AM

    From looking at the clothes, I’m not sure what the event is and when it’s happening. We have bare legs and sleeveless cocktail dresses mixed with pants, shorts,boots, and leather jackets. All these people were at the same events, right?

  15. Cucina49

    What is up with the lipstick at this event? There are way too many women wearing a washed-out nude lip.

    • steph527

      Thank you!!!!! I hate this nude lip thing going on even more than platform pumps—which also need to go.

  16. Noodle

    So. Many. Topknots.

  17. glee

    When Clint’s daughter wants to destroy another $40K purse, can she just send it my way (I could use the money), and I’ll be happy to find her a REALLY nice fake on Canal street for “art”.

  18. Vandalfan

    Heather is far too generous. These outfits are from six or seven different events, most are dull and strange rather than cutting edge, and frankly I’m seeing a whole lot of terrible lipstick, eyebrows, footwear, and that door knob hairdo.

  19. Melissa

    What in the world is happening with Tracee Ellis Ross? Egad. I think the shoes are ruining Maria Menounos look that dress is great though.

  20. Jennifer

    Monica Potter without vanity? I’ve met her — believe me, it’s there.

  21. Lynne

    Elie Kemper looks fantastic. Oddly, I don’t mind the length on that dress. It’s okay, actually. Don’t like Anna Camp’s dress but her shoes are pretty stylish. I’d take a pair of those if they didn’t empty my bank account.

    Madeline Stowe. Shoes: No. Dress looks good but something is off about the proportions? Or camera angle? She looks stumpified. With an oddly large head. She doesn’t normally look like that. It’s weird. On another note, she still induces hair envy.

  22. April

    Sarah Chalke’s dress may not be overly exciting, but it’s cool & it looks great on her. Plus, that gold cuff is flipping awesome. Sometimes simple just works, you know?

    • Fuh Ugh

      Especially in this great sea of fuggery – she comes off looking like a fashion genius! Kiernan Shipka for the win though. And, poor Mayim Bialik has possibly never looked worse – and I love her.

  23. Holly

    I like the orange of Marias shoes…maybe if they were just a plain orange pump? Adds a bit of zingy colour which I appreciate.
    And agree with the various comments about Mayim and covering up vs tailoring/clothes that fit.

  24. Kelly

    I’m kind of surprised at the lack of pull Elle Magazine has in getting women from television to show up on a red carpet. The guest list is pretty mediocre. As is the fashion. Way to much disheveled black.

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  26. Squirrel!

    So many shoe comments, yet nary a word about those things on Janie Bryant’s feet that are forty shades of wrong?!

  27. Miranda

    FACT: the aca-slang is 100% real. I have heard it and dealt it and lived it. My aca-friend and I watched this movie together (we were both in a cappella groups in college and we periodically get drunk and scream at the ceiling about how much we miss singing and start humming in harmony, we are totally those people, ALL ACAPEOPLE ARE THOSE PEOPLE) and we agreed to drink every time they dropped an aca-word because: too real.

  28. Andrew S.

    Tracee’s is the most frustrating to me. We KNOW that she has that gorgeous Ross hair and THAT’S how she wears it? and where was her make-up and jewelry?!

  29. AOB

    In her parenting book `Beyond the Sling,` Mayim Bialik reveals she has a doctorate in neuroscience. PhDs (and doting mothers) should get a handicap on this site. Thanks, Fug Girls! PS I’ll be with you until your Fug Hag days…

  30. mepe

    OMG, Kim Raver and Meghan Markle totally look like Barbies – when the blonde and brunette versions would come with the same dress but a different color. I love that!!

  31. mepe

    Janie Bryant’s dress is seriously killing me I love it SO much! Does anyone know if it’s not vintage and who makes it and how much money I need to save to buy one?!