Fugs and Fabs: Courage in Journalism Awards

I feel like this must be one of those events that is sort of hard to dress for as a celeb. Like, you CAN NOT show up at the Courage in Journalism Awards with your boob hanging out. And it’s really not about YOU, so you shouldn’t come wearing something deeply fashion-forward and, like, covered in feathers and human hair. Which isn’t to say no one did that. (No one did that.)

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  1. Meg

    Aisha Tyler is wonderful and I like the idea of the dress, but I don’t think it’s doing much for her. Maybe styling? Or maybe it’s too boxy? I am very conflicted.

  2. Amalia

    I think Aisha looks great, and she and Westfeldt look perfectly appropriate for the occasion (Munn, meanwhile, dressed for a fanboy scifi convention), BUT something strange is going on with Westfeldt’s breastal region underpinnings, no? Something very shelfy?

  3. Shannon

    Is that a clutch that Louise Roe is holding?!! WTF does she have in there — file folders, a change of clothes, and some snacks? I know it’s trendy to have larger clutches, but sweet lord, that thing is wider than her entire body. NO.

    • Nancy

      Maybe Louise thought it was a “bring your own serving tray” event?

      Jennifer Westfeldt is tasty, but she goes a lot better with a side of Hamm!

      • Kat

        Seriously! I was so surprised that there wasn’t a comment about her literally carrying a portfolio with her.

    • Rita

      It is the Trapper Keeper of clutches.

    • Katie

      I think my boss uses something similar to carry his papers to court.

      • anny

        Obviously it’s a fur-covered keyboard cozy. Hey, keyboards get cold too.

        • Anita

          @Katie: Exactly. My first thought was “legal briefs.” It’s insane, and not in a good way. Maybe she has a hard time juggling her food and drink during cocktail hour and just balances everything on her clutch instead.

        • jenny

          So awkward. She looks a like a tiny Borrower who lifted the Big People’s envelope clutch.

    • Pamb

      I think she is carrying a keyboard in there! It could certainly fit…

    • Dee

      At first I thought it was a high fashion Trapper Keeper! (Do they still make those?)

  4. Lynne

    Meg, I think the dress a bit too mature for Aisha,. Something about the shape? I agree with Jessica though. I think you pretty much have to be 6 ft. to wear it at all.

    • chickadee

      You may have to be 6’0 tall, but as a woman who is that height with a slender build like Aisha, I can promise you there are a million other dresses on the planet that I’d wear before that one. When I look for dresses, the last thing I I think is “hmm, I think I need to look boxier in my midsection.” That said, she still has that face and skin, so, win for her.

  5. Rowynn

    Whenever I see a dress like the one Olivia Munn is wearing, with something gimmicky and dumb-looking like that hemline, in my mind, it’s just the same as if the designer had hung a sign on the dress saying, “Sorry, ran out of ideas.”

  6. mary lou bethune

    I love the stylish dress that Aisha is wearing. I myself love pockets. I always like Olivia ; she seems smart and of course very pretty– when is Newsroom coming back? I could use a dose now to help get me through the next few days. IMPLODING in her NC.
    But all that is swept away as I look at Jon Hamm and, of course ,Jennifer, who is lovely and always looks like,” yeah, I know, he’s gorgeous and I am only beautiful but don’t hate me- I have a great sense of humor and I am really smart.”

    • Martyn

      I don’t want to be the kind of gal who hates on Jennifer Westfeldt, but I do get annoyed with that expression she always has on her face.

      • Sandra

        I think she gets dispensation for the (seeming) smug satisfaction. I’d grin like an idiot too if John Hamm had been warming my sheets for the last 15 years.

        • jean

          I just realized she looks a lot like Laura Linney. A younger Linney. Which makes me want to see Hamm and Linney in a movie together because that would rock. Especially if she got to be happy with him in the movie.

      • Linda

        THANK YOU!!!

        I’m sure she’s an absolutely lovely person, and I hate saying this, but she has done something to her face that needs to be undone. Why did Hammie let her do that to herself? I found pics of her from several years ago and she had a much more natural look. I hate that she would have gone crazy with Botox or filler, because she’s very pretty. But it’s obvious her upper lip is paralyzed.

  7. philippa

    I was never a fan of Olivia Munn when she was the flavor of the momth, but now I feel cranky and judgmental every time I look at her. Her clothing choices all look like home-ec projects designed for middle-aged women from a mythical version of the 50s who are trying to look Hip and With It. And although I have no maternal instincts whatsoever, I want to introduce her to facial blotting paper… by force, the way my mother did for me.

  8. Vodka Gimlet

    I think this is the best I’ve seen Jennifer Westfeldt look, great dress, great fit and what can beat her favorite accessory? NOTHING!

  9. Vandalfan

    This looks like candid snapshots of a sorority sister’s bridal shower, where only a few of the the 120 guests know each other, or the bride. They look kind of uncomfortable and definitely not relaxed.

  10. Melissa

    I don’t know how long I have had these aggressive Bachelorette promos in my face – too much & for too long. I guess I’m their niche, but they are making me cranky and some of that ill-will is rubbing off on this site.

  11. Liz

    Jennifer Westfeldt smiles like that no matter what. I met her and Jon Hamm this weekend and that’s how she’s smiling in photos with just me. I KNOW she’s not smug about taking a pic with me! But they are both seriously nice and so in-tune with each other. It’s a refreshing celebrity relationship!

  12. Nancy

    I actually like Olivia Munn’s dress – though in the picture the cut-out at her armpit is hitting that skin crease a bit oddly.

    Aisha Tyler’s dress looks like a potato sack in this photo. Perhaps it was better from other angles?

    Louise Roe’s clutch is too much. It’s overwhelming.

  13. Sajorina

    OMG, my boyfriend is a journalist and I don’t even care about this awards! Jeniffer looks good, Hamm looks great, and the dessert at their table looks scrumptious! And, for the love of FAB, my laptop case is smaller than that stupid “clutch”! Get rid of them STAT!

  14. BrownEyedBetty

    I don’t have anything against Jennifer Westfeldt (except a little envy…) but is there some reason she never shows her teeth? I think she’d look a lot prettier if she showed them a little. It seems not unreasonable for someone to point this out to her since she’s in the business of self promotion -and all that. just sayin.

  15. Karen

    Whenever I see HAMM written out like that, I picture Angie from 30 Rock saying it as she did on Queen of Jordan, but pretend that she’s talking about our handsome hero instead of smoked meat. Hee.