Fugs and Fabs: BET Honors

I wish Chaka Khan got invited to EVERYTHING.

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  1. Stefanie

    See Halle. Sometimes less really is more. She looks great. That dress is seriously great. I want it.

    Gabriel is way too good for that green disaster.

  2. Celeste

    Halle looks like she is in costume for a Eurovison act featuring a volcano. Why does Kelly Rowland have a wall of hair?

    • Nancy

      “Halle looks like she is in costume for a Eurovison act featuring a volcano.”
      And that would be bad because…….?

  3. Donna4Eva

    Yay Alicia Keys! I am completely neutral about her music, but I always wish she would look better because we have the exact same legs attached to our otherwise slim bodies. She looks legitimately great here. Shine on, my pear-shaped-sister!

  4. Dave

    Despite some obvious flaws, I think we can say that this grouping gets a collective A (or at least a B-plus) when grading on a curve against pretty much any other red carpet we’ve seen in… a decade? I mean, the big fur half-snuggie is the wackiest thing here, and it would barely register a blip at some events. Three cheers for being (mostly) tasteful and still hella hot!

    • Trent

      Amen, Dave. Debi Morgan’s Furpocalypse aside, everyone here looks amazing. Alicia Keys in particular needs to give a lifetime contract to whomever her stylist was for this event. My only disagreement with Jessica: yes, Kelly Rowland looks great here, but she FREQUENTLY looks great, and has for several years now. I like her style way better than Beyonce’s, actually.

  5. Mary

    I am so over strapless gowns. Really, really over. All I see is slippage, and armpit, and a designer going, “Well, I could stay two hours more and finish it but she’ll never know, and that chocolate martini is calling my name!”

    • annie

      I’m with you Mary! And the cut is so unflattering. Why does the bodice have to sit so low?

  6. MG

    I want Chaka Khan’s muff. Especially if I’m going to the Inauguration Monday, which is expected to be freezing. Liking Chaka Khan.

  7. Jen S 2.0

    Not many people can rock a fur muff. Indoors. Go ‘head with your bad self, Chaka.

  8. Sylvia

    Let’s take a moment to reflect. This is an event where Kat Graham looks sensible. Not only sensible, but pretty damn good.

    This group is winning.

  9. ringthing

    Wonder what the thermostat setting was? Everyone is either strapless or covered up or has fur.

  10. Kat

    So… Chaka Kahn is wearing a fur snuggie. That’s…new.

    And really, Gabrielle Union’s agelessness needs to be bottled. She looks amazing.

  11. Chasmosaur

    Looking at Chaka Khan, I want to now bust out my late grandmother’s leopard muff. It is a slice of awesome but I’m so afraid to take it out…

  12. TonyG

    I see Snuffleupagus in Debbi Morgan’s fur design monstrosity.

  13. Corriner

    Gabrielle Union IS ageless. She was playing highschool students well into her late 20s… and honestly, could probably still pull it off.

  14. Pouncer

    Chaka Khan deserves National Treasure status for this. LOVE!

  15. D

    Love Halle’s dress here. It reminds me of that red, patterned gown Mila Kunis wore to some awards show a year or two ago, which I also loved.

    If she had this in her closet and chose instead to wear that Real Housewives-looking thing to the Globes, she must really be as crazy as people seem to think she is.

    • Jessica

      I think so too! I was just checking to make sure it’s not the same dress (it’s not. But it’s close.)

  16. Susantash

    Please! Stop wanting to wear a FREAKING DEAD ANIMAL, everybody. I guess you’d love it to get skinned so that someone can wear you to a party. :-/

  17. G

    OK, now I have to back off from my conviction that puffy hip swags look awful on everyone and admit that they look awful on everyone except the half a dozen women in the world who are as tall and slim as Lisa Leslie. She looks amazingly good in that.

  18. rb

    I prefer not to discuss any lady’s furry muff. Perhaps she would like to join ranks with Janet Jackson and Diahann Carroll (and Pavorotti?) as a Blackglama spokesperson? http://www.blackglama.com/campaigns/legends-gallery/

    Meat is murder, and whatnot.

    That said, Halle Barry should have as much luck with men as she does with her body.

  19. Scanderoon

    I mean, I know Kat Graham is usually SIGNIFICANTLY more wackadoodle, but her dress does look like a black tarp that someone has liberally splashed with water. Or perhaps the light nylon material that some windbreakers are made out of, after one has been in a rain shower. Or a garbage bag painted with black ink.

    OOOH! I know what it is! That is exactly what it looks like when you accidentally get water on the outside of your shower curtain!

  20. Rubee

    Halle Berrry is gorgeous and she’s in possesion of really blessed genes but… It is just me or isn’t the VERY tight vjj slit-ted, one shoulder/ deep decolletee dress getting old on her? I’d really wish to see her in a beautiful gown, or a great pantsuit, or a skirt and a blouse. Would that be too much to ask?

  21. Alicia

    Kat Graham looks like Hayden Panettiere’s sister of colour. Weird.

  22. Akit

    What a beautiful bunch of women!

    But the whole fur thing is horrid.

  23. Eirwen

    I agree with Rubee. Halle doesn’t need to try so hard. It needs to look effortless (even if it’s not).