Fugs and Fabs (and Fug the Poster): The Newsroom premiere

Olivia Munn here seems to be the anti-Jessica Chastain. She needs to put DOWN the eyebrow pencil. And by “pencil” I might mean “Sharpie.”

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Neil

    Poor Alison’s leg seems to be bent in a way not intended by Mother Nature.

  2. Lady Ace

    Olivia Munn’s eyebrow-ing has given her the appearance of a close-to-Klingon brow ridge.

  3. qwertygirl

    There is not one woman at this event (whose picture is featured here) who looks more than just meh. Did the invitation specify, “Mediocre attire”? If so, these ladies nailed it.

  4. Kate

    It looks almost like this dress was sewn together from the samples of different shades of black. Which I guess means the uneven hem isn’t her fault – they ran out of patches and couldn’t finish it.

  5. Reg

    anyone who hates this show as much as I do is A-OK in my book. I spent the first season not missing any episodes hate watching the hell out of this thing. All of the characters are so hollier than thou, smarter than everybody and pompous asses. Ugh!
    Cant wait to hate-watch the 2nd season!

  6. Esme

    Did they have some kind of sale on cheesy looking, no-color sandals?

  7. Lisa

    Why are all of the women (except Adina Porter) wearing essentially the same shoe, just different non-colors of it. Couldn’t they come up with something a bit more original?

  8. Rowynn

    That wimpy little band of lace stretched across Olivia Munn’s chest is the lamest, most half-assed piece of decoration I have ever seen on a garment. Seriously. Why is it even THERE?

  9. Karen G

    Olivia appears to have scowl brows – brows shaped so that one appears to be perpetually scowling.

    One time I had my brows “professionally” done while killing time at a fancy hotel spa waiting for hubby to get out of a conference. The aesthetician (??) kept talking to me the whole time. I was turned away from the mirror, eyes closed, while she was working. At the end she says, “Oh my, you look just like a movie star,” and spins me around. I did, I looked just like a movie star – one amed Groucho Marx! She was way, way heavy with the brow pencil. But I just smiled, said thank you, and raced back to our room to fix my face.

  10. Stefanie

    What the hell was that about? I dont know why it only posted “I”. So weird. ANYWAY…

    I have no desire to watch this show based on the reviews it’s given on GFY so I cant comment anyone other than Munn because I dont know who they actually are. (Except for Harry from Dumb and Dumber of course.) I think Munn looks off because her hair is pulled back – it’s doing something to her head shape. Although her ug-o dress isnt helping anything. And why does she only have one earring?

    • Emily

      Wow. I did not even notice that. Didn’t they try to make the one earring, or one dangling and one stud thing, popular in the 80s?

      • HelenBackAgain

        One dangling earring, plus one stud or small hoop in the other ear, WAS popular in the ’80s. Also, multiple piercings in one ear and just one in the other.

        This isn’t the ’80s…

        I like the inventiveness of that earring design. It’d be nice to see a pair of them.

  11. kfletch

    The boyfriend — a huge Sorkin fan — bought the first season on DVD. I had to work late one night so I cleverly suggested he get started on it without me. Him: “Noooo, I want us to watch it together!”

  12. Emce

    Munn has trichotillomania

    • Heather

      That doesn’t really have anything to do with her makeup or ugly dress, though. And she wears her hair down plenty, so it’s also not the reason she has it up (which I don’t think is why her face looks different — I ascribe that to the makeup).

      • Demetra

        It may be why the eyebrow pencilling seems a little heavy handed though. I suffer from this myself and some days I have to choose between comically dark eyebrows and patchy eyebrows. (I pull them out when I have nightmares…so I have to deal with it the next morning)

        The dress…she’s on her own.

        • Heather

          Ah gotcha. I think I read somewhere that she does her own makeup, so I think maybe it’s more… that she’s experimenting and not very good at it. But who knows.

          • Claire1

            I have alopecia areata….and sometimes it takes my brows ( mostly just big parts of them)….
            Brows are HARD! Not as hard as lashes ( yes, I’ve lost those too)….but to get them right is a real PITA.
            My bet is she did her brows inside. I can’t fix my brows with inside light…I, literally have to stand at the window or out in the back yard to really get them right ( when I need to fix the bald spots)….
            She should find someone to help her for photo shoots. If I had to be photographed as part of my job…I’d hire someone….because…brows, are HARD.
            That said….I really feel for her. When my immune system strikes and my patches start to fall out, they burn…and I totally want to pull at them… I can well imagine developing trichotillomania if not by the grace of God.

        •  Kate

          I agree–I’m guessing she has some completely bald patches in that area of her brows at the moment. It’s extremely difficult to make the pencil look natural when you don’t have any remaining hairs to work with. I don’t envy her trying to get this right when there are photographers involved, having spent years myself freaking out about it just for un-observant people at school/office and the occasional facebook appearance.
          The dress . . . no excuse.

          •  Kate

            P.S. I actually did use a sharpie on my actual eyelids when I was a preteen and trying to hide my trichotillomania! It was . . . not good. Luckily I later discovered actual makeup, and now at age 33 I have the issue finally resolved (no more pulling). I wish the same success for Munn and the other commenters who recognize themselves in her sharpie-brows.

    •  jay

      at the risk of sounding flip, so do I, and my eyebrows don’t look like that.

      • Sallie T

        She looks stoned. That’s more distracting than anything follicular that may or may not be happening.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Zooming in, there’s plenty of brow there, and they’re beautifully shaped. No thin or bald patches where the only color is the pencil on the skin – nice, full brow hair everywhere. This style mistake is just a style mistake.

  13. Julia

    There’s a lot of snooze-worthy stuff here.

    But I have to say the picture of Jeff Daniels standing in front of the poster made me snicker a bit. There is a bit of a disconnect between how his body looks on the poster and how it looks in real life. It’s kind of a relief to see Photoshop-crazed folks also attack men’s bodies. Equality?

  14. Kate

    Jeff Daniels will always be Roger in 101 Dalmatians for me, so I love him unequivocally.

  15. Holla

    I have never seen this show and never had the desire, until I just saw Dev Patel is in it. I have a irrational love for him and want his career to go well (as well as, he and Freida be in love forever).

    Oh right, the clothes, everything is bland.

    • Heather

      Dev Patel does very, very little on this show.

      • Linda

        He actually had a pretty big part in the episode titled “Amen”. He was working with a young man in Cairo during the first riots in Egypt when Mubarek (?) was ousted, and the kid gets picked up by the police and put in jail for broadcasting reports to the US, so Will has to put up $20,000 to get him out.

        • Heather

          Yeah, I saw that episode. It was the only one in the entire run that gave him much to do, if I remember correctly. Basically, if you’re a Dev Patel fan, last season as a whole will not satisfy you too much.

          • Linda

            Wonder if they’ll bring back his obsession with Bigfoot. Like that is the running gag of the show, and the last episode he finally finds proof.

  16. Erin

    Perhaps Munn was the victim of an overzealous brow waxer. Surely they could have found a brow filler that was the correct shade, though. (PS — this is one of my peeves with Ginnifer Goodwin — her brows are overly aggressive and much too dark and the edges are too defined.)

    • Sajorina

      I agree! I think Ginnifer Goodwin IS the anti-Jessica Chastain! I could swear she does use a sharpie!

  17. Linda

    I was loving Olivia a couple days ago in her real life outfits, but whoever made her up for this failed. No Nude Lipsticks!!! I heard she has that syndrome where a person pulls out eyebrows and lashes. Being a person with very pale brows, it’s hard sometimes to fill them in correctly. I think this is the make up artist’s fault, whoever she used didn’t do her any favors with this look.

    Heather – I think the Tess character (long blonde hair) is a producer or floor manager. I’ve seen her do the countdown to on air but I’ve never really heard what she does.

  18. maryse

    i think the problem with olivia’s face is that a make-up artist decided she needed contouring and there’s way too much bronzer. and that piece of lace is ridiculous. it’s not even real lace but the stuff that people sew onto a hem so they can tack it up.

    and that margaret judson (or whatever her name is) could be the girl from the first episode that asks what’s his face why america is the greatest country in the world. she shows up again in the last episode.

    i’m on the fence about this show. it annoys. but i also watched every episode without hating. so go figure.

    • Linda

      I kinda love it, but parts of it bug me to no end.

      One episode Maggie’s boyfriend offers to let Sloane host the 10 pm show and he tells her “you’re expanding”, and she immediately yells about gaining four pounds, when he means, your role here is expanding.

      That was just idiotic. They’re talking about her career, and yet Sorkin immediately makes this woman with like 100 degrees in Economics sound like a complete twit.

      • HelenBackAgain

        Sorkin has written women well before. Very well, sometimes.

        On this show, he does not. I had to stop watching it because it just made my blood boil. ALL THE WOMEN ARE HYPER-EMOTIONAL MORONS. It isn’t just insulting, it’s shameful.

        And the poster looks like the record cover for a Christian rock band.

        • lietchka

          i recently “marathon-ed” the full length of the first season in one big lump and for the life of me, i couldn’t fathom how all the in-office female SCREAMING/bantering with men THEYRE NOT EVEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH could pass for acceptable ethics/behaviour in any serious workplace! Screaming at a co-worker would be bad enough, but one you’re hierarchically below? for personal reasons? sitting right next to your ACTUAL boyfriend?!? how unprofessional/unrealistic is that?? everyone tells off the poor intern kid for obsessing about Big Foot, yet this branch of madness is okay?? (sorry for this rant, this obviously happened last week and it’s still all in my head) GAH!!

  19.  TaraMisu

    So, the poster? Every time I’ve seen it the past few weeks I thought they were posing in a cemetery…. huh.

  20. ErinE

    oh Lord, this show is terrible. and the absolute worst part is that I will probably watch it again when it comes back because somewhere I think it will get better, even though I hate every character, how smug they are being right on every issue (when it’s filmed after the real things happened so of course they take the right stance), and the fact they make Will a Republican so they can then completely bash any and everything conservative (bc it’s HBO) but write it off because the MAIN CHARACTER! is a Republican.

    And they wear bad clothes so not even that is interesting.

    • filmcricket

      The clothes on the show are SO BAD! Oh my god, the monstrosity that they shoved Hope Davis into on her initial appearance made me squirm with second-hand embarrassment.

      Maybe it’s just because I was coming down off a Mad Men high when I finally saw this, but the costuming just seems epicly bad. I get that not every show can have Janie Bryant as the designer, but for a high(is) profile HBO show they surely can do better.

  21. Nanny

    Jeff Daniels is a really nice guy and deserves all his success! He married his high school sweetheart, runs a non profit theatre in Detroit, he always participates in local shows and I have never heard anything but good things about him. It’s so nice when a hometown boy gives back.

  22. Beth C.

    I think what’s up with Olivia Munn’s eyes has a little to do with unevenly shaded braows, but more to do with the bizzarly angled shadowing on her eye crease. There’s this wierdly straight line from the arch of her brow down to the corner of her eye and I think it’s making both her brow look stronger and her eyes look closer set, and almost kind of weirdly shaped. Overall, if she paid someone to do that, she should get her money back.

    Otherwise, this is all just super bland and mediocre. Plus everyone is wearing the same milquetoast beige, ankle strap shoes, which it dumb. Cute shoes are fun, people!

  23. ariel

    excellent poster analysis

  24. Vandalfan

    That is the landscape of Southern Idaho, where I grew up. I don’t think even avoiding the apocalypse would make me want to return to live there.

    Jeff’s suit is perfect.

  25. Eliza Bennett

    PBS-NAB would be my favorite charitable foundation. Give generously so over-publicized b-list starlets can fight the terror of Dull Shoe Disorder and Sparkly Wristwear Deficit.

  26. luvthefuggers

    lol boob brow

  27. Qitkat

    I thought I liked this show. You have convinced me that I have lost all discernment. Your Chekhov quote for the poster is pure gold. I will, however, probably join the unwashed hordes in hate-watching this season.

  28. filmcricket

    I think Munn’s deliberately lit to look pantsless on the poster. They can’t be unaware that she’s the only one in the main cast with anything approaching mainstream sex appeal, and I say that as someone who finds her dull in the extreme.

  29. Melly

    HORRIBLE show. And they all look horrible, or not quite certain of themselves, or apologetic, or something that fits that awful show. I hear this season is better. I don’t know if I can make myself watch, as I get so upset that ideas and people I would normally connect with become repugnant to me.

  30. regina

    I too have trichotillomania and think it is SO AWESOME that Olivia Munn is open about it.

    It may be my computer screen, but to me her makeup looks fine. :)

    P.S. This website is freezing routinely. Just thought y’all should know!

  31.  TheZulk

    But where was Jack McCoy?

  32. Claire1

    Is it me or is Munn one of those ( I think fortunate) women who actually looks better the less she does to herself?
    The lighter her hand is with the make up, the better.
    I think of Drew Barrymore is one of those women and Anna Torv too.

  33.  Squirrel!

    “reverse Dilbert” ahahahahahaha

  34. Tiffany

    I like Alison Pill’s dress. I think she has a very wholesome, feminine face so I think the masculine type style works well in contrast to that.

    I think Oliva’s face looks best when she isn’t trying to go shiny. The eyebrows are bad, but the highlight on her cheeks and forehead are too heavy handed. The highlight on her forehead makes the texture look very rough.

    • Jenny V

      I agree, I couldn’t stop staring at how bronze her forehead was compared to the rest of her face. It was very distracting. As was her absence of lip color.

  35. Eli

    Olivia Munn is the best thing about this show. WORDS I NEVER THOUGHT WOULD BE SPOKEN EVER. But true.

  36. Sajorina

    I don’t have HBO and don’t watch this show, but while on vacation I watched (on HBO) this thing they did with Aaron Sorkin explaining the 1st season, while showing clips of the show, and telling the viewers what to expect from Season 2! I enjoyed this “show creator commentary” enough to watch the whole thing! Plus, I love me some Jack McCoy! So, after all the info I got from Sorkin and what I saw from the characters, I think the poster is befitting and I like it!

    I wasn’t impressed by anybody’s outfits!

    • One of the Leahs

      Man, do I love this show. I recognize that it’s pompous, over-the-top, and so on, BUT I LOVE IT. And I love Olivia Munn, and I have no beef with the poster.

      What’s wrong with me?

  37. One of the Leahs

    Was Mortimer there?

  38. Deborah

    You look at JGJ and you only want to fix his hair…really? I want to attack the hem of his pants with a stapler and toss the vest. He is too young and too quirky for this look.
    Alison: I love the kicky new hair length. The dress, not so much.

  39. Jenna

    Munn’s dress is a dreck, especially that stupid lace strip. But she is the best thing about the show for now. Of course, as the awful love quadrangle became a pentangle at the end of the 1st season, and now Munn is supposedly in love with Pill’s boyfriend, her character may end up dragged down into that nightmare plotline and become as unbearable as the others. Ugh. And yet, I’ll probably still keep tuning in. I guess I keep hoping against hope that it’ll get better.

  40. steen

    Seriously Heather, your best post. EVER. And that’s a high bar.

  41.  LibraryChick

    Glad I haven’t met any other members of Fug Nation in person, at least that I know of. My brows are not half as nice as Olivia Munn’s, yet everyone here appears to have a different opinion on what makes them “wrong” for her. I suspect she’s just trying to work with her natural brow shape or bone structure. Her brows would fit perfectly on the Asian flight attendants I see when I visit my family abroad. She is of Asian descent and could be applying those beauty standards instead of Anglo brow standards.

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