Fugs and Fabs: AACTA Awards

I’ve decided I need to go to Australia. I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but every time they have an awards show I think, “It is my destiny to know who these people are.” (I mean, other than Cate. I am familiar with her at this point.) I just need two weeks on a beach with some local trashy magazines and I will be good to go.

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  1. Zuzziebun

    Sweet mother of Gawd, Cate Blanchett looks amazeballs!!

  2. Other Emily

    All three red dresses are tremendous. Cate, as usual, is resplendent. I also am not entirely in love with her hair, but the rest of her is so amazing that I’m going to look past it. Three reds — yes; everything else — no.

  3. Beth C.

    I feel like the yellow dress in slide 4 (as well as it’s pink counterpart) are just begging for a woman who’s around 4 months pregnant to give it a whirl. I think it would work well on a woman who’s just starting to show but not into full on maternity dress yet. I could be totally wrong, but just from the pictures it seems like it would be one that would skim where you want it to skim but not look all sacklike in the places you don’t want it to be sacklike. On svelte, non-pregnant ladies, though, it’s just sacklike.

    • Chasmosaur

      I was about to say that this dress – while not great – at least allowed the wearer to actually eat something.

      Cate – who looks astounding – probably could barely sip water in that dress.

      • marie

        she did mention that it took her ages to go up the stairs. apparently there was no elevator at the event? well whatever, she looks amazing as ever!

  4. CakesOnAPlane

    I think this was not the dress to choose minimalist makeup for Cate. But the dress itself is amazing.

  5. Dazie

    Dan Wyllie played Muriel’s (Toni Collette’s) brother Perry in Muriel’s Wedding.

    He looks better here. Kind of has an Alan Tudyk vibe going.

  6. tagatha

    Am I the only one who thinks Nicole Kidman looks like a Barbie? I swear that’s the exactly same pose.

    Also, all the red dresses look fabulous.

  7. lori

    How much makeup is Jeremy Renner wearing? I had a flashback to Liberace for a moment.

    • Mair Mair

      My first thought was, why is Breckin Meyer posing with Gemma Atherton? My second thought was, Jeremy, honey, that is NOT your good side. My third thought was, Jeremy, honey, why are you wearing 3 inches of pancake makeup?

  8. Rebecca

    Holy cow at that dress on Cate Blanchett. It deserves SUCH better hair and makeup, though.

  9. Caro

    Lots of fug here with a few exceptions. I actually like Essie and Bojana’s red dresses better than that plasticky looking thing Cate has on. Nicole’s dress is kind of blahh.

  10. Dee

    Good lord, if I could wear Cate’s red dress that amazingly well, I’d do my grocery shopping, library trips, and every other public errand I could think of in it – every single day.

    The other red dresses were pretty great as well.

    The rest…meh to blech.

  11. Sandra

    Love Bojana’s red sandals.

    • Jill

      I just came on here to say that very same thing. In fact, her shoes are the only thing I liked in this whole slideshow.

  12. Cucina49

    I don’t know who Essie Davis is, but that dress fits her like a dream. Most of the rest are pretty terrible, but in an amusing sort of way. And I absolutely get that Amy Sedaris comment–I think it’s the hair in addition to the retro dress that is skewing it that way.

  13. Chasmosaur

    Gracie Otto – call your sister, Miranda. I’m sure she can hook you up with something from the LOTR franchise that’s probably more flattering.

    But as I noted above, at least it looks like you could eat a meal in that dress, so points for that.

  14. Cat

    All the red dresses in this slideshow are great, but Cate’s is definitely far and away the best. Someone call Julianne Moore and tell her that this is how women of a certain age do a plunging neckline. I love you, Cate!

  15. Daffodil

    That “homicide investigation” dress is horrible. Although I can’t believe the lady didn’t reject it because the biggest splotch of red is right over her right boob. Who needs a boob spotlight? (Well, this one’s red, so would it be a boob stoplight?)

  16. Carol

    I agree! Let’s all go to Australia! We can stay at my Mum’s place where she can look at us critically and say “Why are you so thin? You’re not eating. Why haven’t you worn that blouse I sent you? It’s lovely. No it doesn’t look like carpet, don’t be silly. Sit down and eat, it’s getting cold.”


    • Marie

      Your mum sounds like she loves you. For many us who lost their mom, I can tell you it’s the very things that annoy you are what you end up missing the most. And I’m not ‘harping’ as she would say…honest. I can say she LOVED celeb gossip and beautiful clothes even though she thought of herself as plain Jane. OK, now I need a Kleenex, damn!

      PS Australia is on my bucket list!

  17. jean marie

    Oh Gigi, no. When you look better as a grey alien with airbrushed cleavage you know you’re doing something wrong.

  18. Heather S.

    I’m just so happy Gigi is still working.

    Chartreuse is such a horrible color on human skin.

  19. Kris

    Cate Blanchett is really making a run at being SWINTON’s heir. I mean that in a totally crazy-awesome way, of course.

  20. CJG

    As great as Cate looks, I can’t stop looking at Essie Davis. She is always beautiful, and her red dress is stunning!

  21. runbmc21

    Cate Blanchett’s dress looks like something Phyllis Nefler would wear. I can think of no higher compliment.

  22. LS

    Cate BROUGHT it. Making everyone else a snoozefest.

    Nic – I know it’s summertime Down Under but that’s not an excuse to stop by at this awards event en route to a casual picnic with the girls.

  23. Emily Clarke

    I honestly have no idea who most of these people are and this award show took place not far from my house. That’s probably bad.

  24. Squirrel!

    I’m going to swim upstream with this, but I do not like Cate’s look. Those shoulders look like they were stripped from some Lady Gaga outfit, and her entire head looks… molded? plastic? colorless?

  25. ceecee

    Why would anyone buy a dress decorated with arterial blood spatter? If it were any other color than red it wouldn’t be so horrifying.

  26. robabeau

    I can’t put into words how happy I am that there was a Troop Beverly Hills reference in these comments!!!!! Oh, and I agree about Cate’s hair, the Amy Sedaris thing and the Monica Seles–slash-Dexter dress.

  27. Ann

    Please DO come to Australia! If you do, however, you have to come to Tasmania (where I am).

    BTW – our trashy mags are ace

  28. Marie

    Can those are more fashionista weigh in on my thinking that Danielle’s (toga) dress in slide 11 may have been better with a different shoe! A sexier gold strappy one? And maybe just take the dress in a bit? I know I’m in the minority but I didn’t mind the dress itself.

  29. Anna

    Fuggirls please come to Australia! We love you! And lord knows our “celebrities” need some fugging.
    P.S. I have lived here my whole life, am an avid reader of trashy mags and still have no idea who most of these people are.
    P.P.S. Love you Cate! Too fabulous.

  30. MegoPachego

    Maybe it’s the colouring on my computer, but the spatter on the blood dress doesn’t quite look red, making me think that something went terribly awry at the My Little Pony ranch.

    Also, hearts for Blanchett! She reduces me to talking like a 12 year old. Geez.

  31. Anita

    Essie Davis is fab – she’s in a great TV show called “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” about a glamourous 1920′s lady detective. Danielle McCormack lives in my building, I run into her in the lift sometimes and she’s much more beautiful and petite than she looks in this picture.

    • Whiterabbit11

      Essie is awesome as Phryne Fisher, and the books are even better! The author, Kerry Greenwood, told me Phryne is ‘a female James Bond’ only in the 20s with gorgeous clothes, food and men at her disposal. Australia is in dire need of fugging! Please come!

  32. jeanette

    Charlotte’s dress is tablecloth, tablecloth, tablecloth.

  33. jeanette

    Fuggirls please come to Australia! Especially around either Logies (tv awards) or even better to fug the Aussie Rules footballers’ wives at the Brownlow Medal (September). We’d love to have you!

  34. Susan

    I thought the sweat stain on the toga dress looked gross to me. Why don’t so many actresses wear an antiperspirant? I have noticed perspiration stains on a lot of actresses dresses. I think YUCK…..

  35. Vandalfan

    Many, if not most, seem to have hair issues. But it is the height of summer Down Under, no?

    • Guerra

      Yes & its been very very hot!! With extra intense humidity thrown in some days

      • Helen

        Heat and humidity will mess up anyone’s hair… and if it’s really really damp, sometimes even the prescription anti-perspirants won’t do the job. I give everyone here a pass on both those things. They can’t control the weather.

  36. Art Eclectic

    LOVE Bojana’s dress. Kidman is wearing a very expensive bath towel.

  37. Bridget

    The funny thing is that I’m sure that these Aussie stars actually believe that they’re wearing high-fashion garments. They take fashion VERY seriously over here. Not looking like a typical Hollywood celebs in their garden variety glamour gowns is something that they make sure that they try to do I’m sure. It makes them appear more “arty” or “fashion-y” I believe. They go out of their way to not look overtly sexy, or like a Barbie doll or just too obvious, basically. I think it’s considered bad taste over here. So they’d rather wear odd-looking gowns or slightly eccentric-looking outfits as long as they’re made by the right designers. Apparently, this adds to their credibility as well. But clearly, what’s arty to some, is the height of bad taste to others. Americans for instance on the whole, just don’t get it.

  38. Erin

    I am Australian and I have absolutely no idea who most of these people are. And I am ALL about the TV and movies.

  39. kaat

    Please try to get your hands on Puberty Blues – call it research for your beach holiday. The 70s surfer fashions are so fantastic.

  40. anabels

    Second on the recommendation for Puberty Blues – at least the movie version. Haven’t seen the TV version. And plan on packing half your baggage allowance in sunscreen if you do head DwonUnder – the sun is fierce even in winter!

  41. Sandra

    Hell, I’m Australian and I don’t know most of those guys either. Togas, shower curtains, homicide evidence … what the hell is going on down here?

  42. msd

    Essie Davis looks great, just as good as Cate I think.

    Someone needs to invite you girls down for Melbourne Cup Week – it’s all people in big crazy hats and wacky fascinators drinking too much champagne, gambling and (eventually) falling over.

    • katiemelb

      The Fug Girls always do a great post (or two) about Melbourne Cup Week fashions. In fact, the Cup may or may not have been where they first met and fell in love with Brynne Edelsten.

  43. Sajorina

    Blanchett is going to be the end of me… Sometimes her AWESOMENESS is too much for me to handle! HOT DAMN, Cate! And I desperately want to upholster an ottoman with Bojana Novakovic’s dress! So pretty!

  44. Emma

    Sorry, I love Cate, but this dress is HIDEOUS. It looks like it’s made of plastic, and it flares out at the bottom even though it’s not touching the ground. I fear there is a GFY groupthink at work here, wherein Cate Blanchett could wear a garbage bag to an awards show and the majority of commenters would still say “she OWNS that red carpet” or “holy cats Batman, she looks AMAZEBALLS.”

    Essie Davis looks way better.

  45. Helen

    Usually I hate those plunging necklines, and the weird built-up shoulders possibly even more, but Blanchett is wearing the hell out of this. Wow. She looks fantastic!

    The thing is, she really does own it. It’s a very dramatic dress, but her presence and body confidence keep it from overwhelming her.

  46. gryt

    Blanchett’s gown is TREMENDOUS. Omg.

  47. Lily1214

    Love all the red gowns.

  48. Katyberry

    I’m from Australia, and reasonably “up” with the gossip, but even I couldn’t recognise most of those people. I don’t think a couple of weeks with trashy mags is going to do it. A couple of weeks watching snoresville indy Oz movies might be more the ticket

    • Kj

      Same – I’m from Aus too and I probably know about 3 people in this slideshow. And one I do know, and didn’t recognise. Seriously Ashleigh Cummings, whyyy? So naturally pretty normally, so frightening at this event.

  49. brookemopolitan

    Oh my lord Cate Blanchette you are a mermaid geisha from outer space and i LOVE it.