Fugs and Fab-Adjecent: Lady Gaga


Weirdly, some of this works for me. Not as well as it worked for Liz Hurley, though.

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  1. Kit

    I love the red too! I don’t know if it’s just because it’s Gaga, and if like – Kerry Washington showed up in this we’d be all KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!


  2. qwertygirl

    I don’t hate the first black one as much as I probably should, the red one was actually a contender until I noticed that it appears to have pockets that ruin the line for me, and the last black one was clearly made of dinner napkins, so that’s a fail right there.

  3. linda

    I think the red one works because it actually flatters her body, while the other outfits…don’t.

  4. TaraMisu

    I think she looks good in the first 2…. that last one though…. yikes. It’s so weird to see Gaga in normal clothing :D

  5. Ruth

    Sigh. She is so boring now. I would be totally surprised if she showed up in mom jeans and a puffy sweatshirt. With this stuff? Whatever.

  6. WalkerSister

    I’m too horrified by Donatella’s clothes in the third picture to be able to comment on anything else.

  7. Kate

    well Donatella looks a lot less orange, so there’s that.

  8. glee

    The red dress is reasonably OK on GG, but when put together with other looks and being Donatella-adjacent give me a big fugly headache.

  9. Lion

    She has some great jewellery – earrings with the black dress (photo #2) and necklace with the red dress. That’s Gaga. Donatella, well…

  10. Eliza Bennett

    I seriously love that red dress. I DO NOT love the red hair. Gaga should be blonde or Morticia black… no weird brick red, please. The hair color is my biggest problem in those pictures, and that means Gaga has come a long way, baby. Seriously, did she get a new stylist? (except for the horror of picture 4. You can’t tell me she feels confident and happy in that thigh exposing tarp.)

  11. Art Eclectic

    Is it bad that I’m thinking Donatella dressing Gaga would be a step-up? For both of them?

  12. Sandra

    This reeks of despair. Refried Liz Hurley is not a look that inspires awe. She wore this 18 years ago, so it isn’t old enough to be vintage. The red thing only looks acceptable because she’s standing next to Donatella Versace, who is the sun in her own special solar system of oddity. It is clearly a re-purposed Brazilian sex swing. The black fabric is an apron, not a toga. Blecch to all of it.

  13. Stefanie

    I am completely on board with the red. I like it, but only on her.

    What I don’t understand though is this: Why in the hell is she wearing Liz’s dress? It’s not like it’s a random dress that on one remembers who wore it. No, this is an “iconic” (even if I think it’s ugly) dress. PLUS, it looks dated. Not dated in a good way. Dated in an “Early 90′s” way. Is Gaga going to show up in JLo’s green Grammy dress next?

    • Tiffany

      She is wearing it because it is a part of the Versace vault. Obviously Donatella wanted Gaga to wear it because it was one of her brother’s most infamous pieces. I am surprised you could miss the Donatella/Versace dress connection there. It isn’t like Gaga is wearing this out to lunch in LA with her boyfriend.

  14. Chasmosaur

    The red dress is great on her – totally figure flattering, very GaGa appropriate, and a total “!@#$%^&* you” with all the brouhaha of her “exploding” to the weight of an actual normal woman who eats food. (In other words – STFU Tabloids, she looks great.)

    In that light, I understand why she tried on the Hurley Safety Pin Dress. But there are some dresses that should just be left to the woman who made them iconic. GaGa doesn’t look bad in it, really, but Elizabeth Hurley will always be the woman who filled that dress out best. And I don’t think there are many women in the world who would be able to compete with Hurley in her prime – the face alone makes that difficult, without throwing in the body that could melt molybdenum. (Points to anyone who gets that last reference :D )

  15. Jen S 2.0

    Gaga Gets. On. My. MFing. NERVES! and even I have to say she is rocking the red dress HARD. I want to hate it because in general I don’t like her as a persona, don’t like her desperate attention-whoring, think she’s not that talented, and want her to go away, but I still had to throw up my hands and say it was a win. Sigh.

  16. Eli

    Yawn. It is lame how Gaga copies off of everyone and pretends to be so original and edgy. Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Donatella. Yawn.

    • Christian

      +1. All the lovely ladies of the early to mid-90′s wore it waaaaaaaay better than Gaga. But many of her fans are too young to notice or care. Dontella looks like she was exhumed. And what do they talk about? Cocaine. I would NOT watch that show.

      Say something nice…I think the brown hair looks good on Gaga.

  17. Squirrel!

    I know it’s been said before, but all I can think of when I view that first slide is how much Donatella looks like Janice from the Muppets….

    Also, what’s going on behind that bush?

  18. Jenn

    Is it just me or does her body look ‘normal’? Where is the weight she has ‘gained’ that everyone was making a huge deal about?

  19. spinja

    Yes, I think the red is fab on Gaga. (Although in closer pix the top is pretty breast-squashy)
    I love the pictorial story you’ve told about her being in Italy with Donatella – first quoting Hurley, then fierce in ravishing red and ending with an improvised black serviette toga held together with safety pins – for I laughed out loud at that last pic in a kind of Eureka! way.
    At last I see the actual humour in her seeming sartorial madness.
    It was the great way you put the slide show together, mainly. Very funny! Thank you :)

  20. Jules

    Fun ! It made my day!
    I am happy Gaga exists, because there are just SOME clothes that can’t be worn by just ANYONE.

  21. holly

    This just makes me miss Maya Rudolph on SNL.

    Geeet OUT!!!!

  22. Mair Mair

    Are we absolutely positive that #3 is not Gaga attending the unveling of the Donatella waxwork at Madame Tussauds?

  23. bambam


  24. derpshooter

    aww. i really hoped that somehow they were wearing the greenery. esp if it attached them to each other. is gaga tired? she never makes me chuckle anymore.

  25. Trace

    Anyone else think Gaga looks like Sarah Jessica Parker in the first photo?

  26. Heidi

    I like the red one on her, and that’s saying something because I have a huge bias against anything Gaga.
    I really want to see what she’s wearing in that first picture behind the bushes, it looks like it could be pretty. Does anyone have a link to a photo of what she was wearing?

  27. Allie

    I kind of love Gaga’s brunette hair, wig or real. She looks SO much better brunette. Now if only she’d stop making those ridiculous faces and smile!

  28. A.J.

    Between all the wigs and crazy, you cannot convince me that at some point, she doesn’t go out with her real hair (a dark brown pixie cut in my mind,) in jeans, flip flops and a tank top and go to the nearest Arby’s.

  29. vandalfan

    I don’t recall anyone else in the Liz Hurley safety pin dress, but that is the best I’ve seen Herself look, head to toe, and I am NOT a fan. At all.

    I hated the snotty rich girls in high school with long straight hair who aimlessly twirled the ends and who weren’t able to close their mouths, so the rest of the photos embody Gaga for me.

  30. Kris M

    These are clothing-adjacent, not fab adjacent.

  31. cc

    I just find the whole thing so hilarious, like Gaga hanging with Donatella Versace, while dressed in character as Donatella Versace. Its kind of hilarious.

  32. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    She looks like a teenager going through an awkward phase, trying to look “grown up and sexy” in these photos. I never thought that about her before. Maybe it’s the so-called “weight gain?” These pics almost make me miss the wackadoo stuff.

    Off topic but not really: remember when Barbara Walters interviewed her and she dressed like Barbara Walters? I found that amusing.

  33. Caroleena Stantonova

    In the 3rd pic, Donatella reminds me of Dorf (Tim Conway)–she appears to be standing on her bended knees which are wearing boots that are quite icky.

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