Fug’s Anatomy

This seems good from the front, right?

Classic black pants, lace-sleeved top, cute shoes. Her hair is good at that length. Nothing to complain about, right?

But if this isn’t a scrolldown fug it certainly is, shall we say, a turn around fug:

To quote the esteemed philosopher Cathy Guisewite, ACK!!!!! And also WHY: WHY  would someone design a shirt that looks, from the side, as if the entire front section is an extremely depressed napkin you’ve inadvertently tucked into your pants? WHY? Hasn’t Meredith Grey been through enough already?

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  1. Stefanie


  2. Mikki

    ACK indeed…another perfectly nice outfit ruined by the attack of the sheers!

  3. Carrie

    Ugh. I am so sick of seeing bras.

    But I must say, Ellen Pompeo herself only gets more lovely as she ages.

    • Helen

      Yes. I’ve always liked her looks and they’re only improving.

      Doesn’t her complexion look great, in particular? Pompeo’s said she doesn’t have the best skin, and any viewer of the show (I am) knows that’s true. It isn’t bad by any means, but it doesn’t photograph as preternaturally smooth and fresh as that of most of her co-stars.

      I think it’s about to start photographing as preternaturally smooth and fresh as that of most of her co-stars. Whatever new regimen she’s got going on, it is WORKING for her.

  4. Willow

    it’s very Funeral Of The Dinner Napkins

  5. Sajorina

    I’m more depressed by the low rise cropped pants!

  6. cdd

    i’m most perturbed by her husbands sneakers. while i don’t think any kind of sneakers would ever have worked with that suit, those look positively geriatric…

    • Claire1

      Chucks…. chucks would work ( ala Justin Timberlake 5 years ago)….However, they’d have to be a coordinating color, not just any ol’ thing ripped from the closet.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      I was going to say “who is that idiot with the white sneakers”.

  7.  Vandalfan

    Those shoes do her no favors, either.

  8. Charlotte

    I don’t think the front’s all that great either, frankly. She either needs to get her paints tailored, or get a belt.

    • Charlotte

      *pants. PANTS. It’s been a long day.

    • scone

      Something about her pants make her proportions looks super freakish from the front. Like her torso is pasted onto someone else’s legs, or something. It is freaking me out to look at, and that’s even before I saw the back.

  9. c'moneverybody

    I want that blouse! It’s great on her, as the rest of the outfit. What’s wrong with you, guys?

  10. Helen

    Love the shoes, but not with those pants. The pants are fine, but not with that blouse. Frankly I’d prefer to see her in just her bra, as compared to this!

  11. Cindy

    I like the top – great outfit! Not everything sheer is evil.

  12. Lucy

    I can’t take my eyes off her amazing shoes so I don’t know what you are all talking about.

  13. Guerra

    The pansy are terrible and don’t work with this outfit at all, should of gone high waisted skinny!

  14. Guerra

    Pants! Lol

  15. Nora

    With that smile and those shoes, I can overlook that yucky outfit.

  16. Daryl Singer Edelstein

    a nude bra might have been better … love the shoes … he needs to go get a pair of real shoes or move to Florida

  17. Lily1214

    Her bra. His shoes with a suit.

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