Fugs Aloud

CHERYL COLE: I look great!

NICOLA ROBERTS: I am wearing a shirt that says, ” HOMIES: South Central.” Because nothing is riper for winkingly ironic tee-shirt hilarity than complex socio-economic problems stemming from a variety of factors leading to serious issues with gang violence in a city not my own!!!!!!!

NADINE COYLE: I also look great.

KIMBERLEY WALSH: My torso was attacked by wild dogs!

SARAH HARDING: Is my butt still there? Yes. Okay. Just checking!

CHERYL: It feels so good to be reunited.

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Comments (12):

  1. gav

    I think they look great, although they would have looked even greater if Kimberley’s 2 piece was a dress. Either way, welcome back Girls Aloud!

  2. Sarie

    Are they back? Hooray for cheesy girl band pop! The hair here looks fantastic, except for Nicola who, really should just start over.

  3. Willow

    it appears appearing on Rihanna’s fashion based reality TV show really rubbed off on Nicola.

    I wish I was joking but it actually happened.

  4. Orange Clouds

    Give Nicola a pass for her T-shirt, I also live in the UK and needed to google to find out where South Central is… *eyes opened* Never knew that!

    And what is the matter with Cheryl’s hair? It’s just… SO big! Actually several of these girls’ hairstyles look… almost Texan?

  5. mary lou bethune

    Who and why- they all look alike… Barbies.
    I want more Connie Britton….or anyone who is actually worthy of recompense.

  6. Vandalfan

    Again, no two were going to the same event. And the t-shirt demi-bird has a bun that is the same size as her actual head.

  7. Glenn

    Mary Lou Bethune – If you want me to school you on Girls Aloud, I will. They’re the most acclaimed pop group since ABBA with the celebrity status to match. Not their fault America never really caught on.

  8. Lily1214

    Everybody looks/is beautiful.

  9. Kayla56

    Are we supposed to know who these girls are? Based on the clothes I’d say that the second girl from the left is an extra from the show “Girls,” and the three girls to the right of her are all porn stars or hookers.

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