Fugrena Van Der Woodsfug

Well, you guys, the jig is up. Boobs Legsly is onto us, and now she’s just baiting the hook:

This is almost so resplendent it defies words. It is the very essence of Boobs Legsly. Although it’s not terribly considerate of her to show up at the premiere of a movie starring a famed literary detective, without even a WHIFF of mystery about her person. But, that’s our Boobs. She is nothing if not committed to consistency. She is also rather brave, no? I mean, consider the close-up:

It takes guts to treat your thighs like an end table in a grieving
dowager’s musty drawing room.  But our Boobs is undaunted.
She will wear a corset pinned to lace that looks like a mourning veil
thrown over some antique furniture — can’t you just picture a lamp
sitting on her right buttock? — and she will smile about it, dammit.
Although, given that a certain classic holiday movie features a fra-gee-lay lamp in the shape of a lady’s leg, maybe she’s just being both conceptual and seasonally apt. Mystery solved. Take that, Sherlock.

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