Fugred Pierce

I don’t know what directive Kate Winslet’s stylist has been given over the last few months, but I DO know that lately she’s been looking both drabber and older than she actually is. BEHOLD.

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  1. Lynne

    Is that a Victoria Beckham dress? I would love this in a different colour, one size up. The shoes are fab, though.

  2. Stefanie

    I hate the dress but I would enjoy a roll in the hay with those shoes.

    (And by roll in the hay I mean me attempting to find something I own to wear them with but I cant so I just end up wearing them with my pjs while I vacuum the house. Not that I have EVER done that or anything…)

  3. vandalfan

    Wha, seriously? This is an ill-fitting body bag, or a very small collapsed tent. And you’re complaining about the color?

  4. Deborah Stultz

    Oh dear. That hair.

  5. Kat

    I think she looks HOT!

  6. Eliza Bennett

    The color. Egads. Also the fit and the odd neckline. From the back it looks like evil shoulder pads have risen in mutiny on the S.S. Winslet, and from the front it looks like she’s in a beige life jacket.
    I adore Kate Winslet, homegirl is GORGEOUS, (and funny, and talented,and British. swoon) but…yeow.

  7. Lara

    To me Kate almost always looks kind of drab on the red carpet. If she wears a nice dress, then hair and make-up are usually awful.
    And she always dresses ten years older than she actually is. Remember her matron hair and dress from when she won the Oscar?.

  8. Jessica

    It is a Victoria Beckham.

  9. Elise

    I love that dress but change the color and up a size!

  10. Kristen from MA

    How does she sit in that thing? Or is that what the zipper if for? Does she run the zipper up to sit, and zip it back down for modesty when she’s walking around?

    Also, nobody really looks good in that color.

  11. Elle

    C’mon you guys, Meryl Streep looks great!

    Oh, whoops, sorry Kate.

  12. Liz985

    Ummm, do I see…..pantylines (!) in pic #1. Indicates: 1) Yes, waaaay too tight, and 2) The need for a thong or Spanx (or going commando).

  13. jean

    Bad hair, bad color, wrong length. She’s an old soul, so I get not being super trendy, but something fresher at the end of summer would have been good. It makes Diane K’s dress seem all that more summery and fun.

  14. Lina

    Oh dear. I love HER but I can’t sign off on any of this except the shoes, which are gorgeous. The hair makes me sad. The exposed zipper annoys me to no end. The color doesn’t suit her skin tone at all. And it is way way too tight. Trouble is, without the zipper, it’s boring. You’d have to remake the back with some other detailing instead.

  15. Liv

    Is NO ONE going to comment on the silver in her hair? Is she wearing a hair extension from Hot Topic, or is it just the lighting?

  16. Faye

    I love Kate Winslett, and normally love Victoria Beckham dresses, so how is it that these two things together are so un-awesome?

    Oh well, as you said, tomorrow’s another day. Kate’s still gorgeous.

  17. Erin

    I hate that zipper! Hate it!

  18. Mikki

    That back view is just wrong…did she not look in the mirror? Makes her butt look Kardashian size and I’m quite sure it’s not! It boggles my mind sometimes how these women manage to make themselves look so bad when they have all the resources to look so good.

  19. Jessi

    On the rear view, an awkwardly placed seam is doing a good job imitating VPL.
    Hair is weird, makeup is okay, love the shoes.
    The color is not for her and the fit is all wrong. Kate, dear, there’s nothing wrong with going up a size and then having the dress altered to fit you.

  20. Sue

    I love the idea of the dress. LOVE the zipper. Love. Think the color could be richer (or different entirely) and go up one size. Would adore this in a rich brown. The hair is too severe.

  21. BigNoise

    Why would you wear a dress with a zipper that follows the outline of your buttcrack? How CAN that be comfortable when you sit down? And in photo #2, it looks like she’s wearing a boob cape — seriously droopy. The shoes are the only saving grace.

  22. BigNoise

    I forgot the ‘do– that’s a “I just finished pilates and ran out of time to fix my hair” ponytail. Heinous!

  23. Rebecca

    These weird seams are giving her the appearance of VPL.

  24. celia

    Those giant grandma panties/maternity underwear are terrible.

  25. Kate

    wow, she looks really awful – great example of how the wrong dress and colour can make anyone, even someone with the body of a goddess, look dreadful. I also really HATE that hair – why does anyone think that puffed up at the front look is flattering?

  26. Sandra

    The hair and make-up look like she’s started a new career as a crypt-keeper. I actually AM ten years older than her and I look younger than that.

  27. AmandaD

    I have an intense dislike for skirts/dresses so tight it’s like your legs are shackled together when you try to walk….and this is definitely one of those kinds of dresses. The front view actually isn’t so bad (with the consensus it could go up a size), but the side and back views are unflattering. And I agree another color would look much better on her.

  28. Cecily

    Both dresses are too tight, and too drab, I agree. And I’m not thrilled by that back zipper. But she’s great.

  29. Ann V.

    I am exhausted by the giant, exposed zipper. The Project Runway designers are obsessed with that look (because it’s easier than actually hiding the zipper, I suppose), but real designers are not obligated to follow suit.

  30. roser

    Awful hair. Dress way too small. Awful fake smile. I’ve never seen what people see in her – she’s a very limited actress and seems like a total bitch, plus whatever she says about not having had work is clearly a lie – just look at the old photos up against these. Please, let her go away!

  31. Dan

    Saw this and laughed.

  32. megs283

    Ah! Poor Kate! Let’s just focus on the fact that she saved Richard Branson’s granny from a fiery inferno on his private island by CARRYING her to safety. Why isn’t she wearing a superhero cape instead?! That would be much more flattering.

  33. Tara

    I love Kate but she dresses about 10 years older than she actually is. You’re only 35 girlfriend, let your hair down and have some fun!

  34. The Other Molly

    Figures it’s a Beckham.
    That stuff redefines Fugly.
    A dress should not make a woman’s ass look five times bigger than it actually is.

  35. Sarah

    I dislike basically everything about this dress, but still think she looks great. Oh Kate.

  36. Carolina

    What the hell are you guys talking about?! She looks AWESOME! The dress shows off her curves in all of the right ways. You gotta hand to Vicky B – the girl can pull out some amazing dresses. And also, have you SEEN Kate in the Stella McCarthy Optical illusion dress? Perfection….

  37. JK

    She used to be so lovely, and now she’s all orange, tendony and harshly blonde. It surprises me whenever I see her age mentioned because I remember that we’re not even a year apart in age yet she looks so very much older than I do.

  38. Lindy

    @Liz985–Those aren’t panty lines. They’re seams on the dress that only LOOK like panty lines. And, why VB thought that was a good idea…

  39. Miz H

    Lose the expose zipper and go up a size. The color’s not great either.

    Wow. Steadicam for the red carpet videos. Fan-cee!

  40. Squirrel!

    @Liv: Yes! I agree! It looks like the zipper goes all the way up into her hair. I believe it’s just a trick of the lighting, though.

    Shoes are killer. And Kate’s great. Everything else — dress color, style, fit; hair; makeup — yuck.

  41. Anne B

    Four things:

    1) I wish I looked like Kate.
    2) Scratch that; I pretty much wish I WERE Kate.
    3) You can’t see any of her physical beauty in this hideous dress.
    4) Pop stars shouldn’t design clothes. Especially when they have body issues to overcome.

    Get better, Posh. (I pretty much always wish this for her.)

    May your reign last for decades to come, my dear Kate. <3

  42. ceecee

    The view from the back looks like she forgot to take the hanger off and is wearing it across her shoulders. Which made me remember the old Carol Burnett skit where Scarlett O’Hara wears the velvet curtain dress with the curtain rod stuck through the back. (Google it, young people.) Which made me giggle so much I didn’t even notice the rest of the hot mess that is this dress.

  43. Claire L

    You know, when they can make Kate Winslet look bad is when they’ve got a job in Hollywood forever. Seriously!
    I DO like the dress…. but not in that color. Almost any other color than that one. I’ve worn my hair like that but only when It is misbehaving, day two of not being washed, and I don’t want to deny my pin up girl skirt’s identity…… maybe it was second day hair.

  44. yeahandalso

    this dress is too old for Helen Mirren.

    But did you see the one she wore more recently, it is white, grey and has black paneling on the side that give her a serious hourglass figure

  45. Kathleen F.

    You know, sometimes I’m curious as to how I look from the back in an outfit and I try to turn around and look in the mirror to catch a glimpse, and I’m always disappointed, because the angle you’re looking from when you turn your body to get that view is just consistently unflattering. I’m amazed that there was a photographer who thought that that precise angle was the best to shoot from!

    Bad angles aside, that thing is way beyond tight. She looks like she can barely move.

  46. The Other Molly

    I had to blow that picture up, because I wasn’t buying the comment that said those panty lines were seams.
    They are.
    Why put seams in a dress that look like panty lines?
    Especially when said dress is stretched WAY too tight across the back?
    Every time I look at this picture, the fug quotient goes up 25 degrees.

  47. Mooshki

    It’s still better than the pink-boob dress that is making me want to gouge my eyes out.

  48. Dazie

    megs283- YES. As far as I’m concerned, she’s freaking Wonder Woman. This dress is just her drab alter ego’s Sunday-go-to-meetin’ dress and she’s going to rip it off and save the world.

  49. Emma

    I’m so glad you fugged this. Kate Winslet is so human and so whimsical and so wickedly funny, but none of this is allowed to choice in her endless repertoire of body-hugging sheaths, always accessorised with a severe updo. I want her to lighten up, let out the seams, BREATHE a little, and have some fun on the red carpet.

  50. lc

    What are you talking about, that’s a great dress – it hides a hunchback perfectly!

  51. gryt

    Very strange fit. Uber-tight – and then that boob sack? What gives?

  52. Bilbo

    1) Feedback: I am biased, because I never liked slideshows, but on a story like this, with only three pictures, I really think a one pager would be better. I realize you have your page hits to look out for, but your programing isn’t that hot, and I get tired of scrolling back for EVERY SLIDE and waiting for the WHOLE PAGE to reload. Just feedback, I do love this blog.

    2) The dress has some exotic detailing which would come out much more if it were a couple sizes bigger. I think Kate is proud of being tiny again, and wants to show off her figure, but this is not the dress for that. This dress is one you wear with an insane hat and brown trimmed t-strap beige heels and a big leather bag to to the derby. She should have gone with some jewel toned dress of a similar length with some flattering (although probably boring) ruching, made to be worn tight.

    3) Those shoes are heinous. They make her feet look gigantic and they definitly don’t go with the dress. They are unfashionable, look cheap, and worst of all, look terribly uncomfortable. Anything but those.

  53. The Editor

    Her stylist combines refinement and sex appeal very well, and Winslets’ body is perfect for it.


  54. Matilda

    I’d call that colour mud not putty (my one wall in my lounge is putty and it’s a lot lighter!). Never liked zippers that are on show. Way too tight the dress. I’m now waiting for the inevitable interview with Miss Winslet where she states she feels comfortable with her weight. She usually says this when she wears a dress one size too small.

  55. CranAppleSnapple

    That was kind of the designer, to incorporate a visible panty line on the ass, even if you forget to wear undies.

  56. ChaChaHeels

    This is not the dress for Kate. The high collar actually makes her waist look thick, which is a shame as she has a terrific figure. The colour isn’t the best for her (but it would look fantastic on a red head) and finally, that long, ugly, exposed zipper in the back makes this probably multi-thousand dollar dress look like a 90%-off-last-year’s-style markdown at JCPenny. Sad.

  57. Anna

    @Squirrel- agreed (re: trick lighting/hair-matching-zipper phenomenon)

  58. Dan

    I just don’t get this at all. It looks awful from the front, and it’s just far, far too tight more than anything?!


  59. justme

    second pic: it appears that her dress comes with it’s own saggy boobs.

  60. Artist Formerly