Fug or Fab: Nicole Richie


I think I might love this dress:

But I keep desperately wanting someone to cast her in Who’s The Boss 2: Bossier, because something about the bangs on her feels super Judith Light to me. But I’m not even joking. I would watch that on an endless loop, I don’t even care.

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  1. Anita

    This all looks very old on her.

    • Sarah Oehmler

      Yep. Like the dress for a 60 yo, but not her. And the white against her dark skin is a little much. Especially with the matchy shoes.

  2. goldfish

    It’s like something someone fifteen years older would wear to an office Christmas party. On THAT person, I would give an unqualified thumbs up.

  3. val.

    This whole thing looks very 80s to me.

    • valueofaloonie

      I was coming to say the exact same thing, so I’ll just cosign this.

      Just Say No, guys.

      • goldfish

        That dress may actually be an Esprit. She does needs some Candies, though.

    • Aj

      It’s perfect if Pam Ewing ever wants to renew her vows with Bobby.

  4. Helen

    This would have been SO CUTE in 1984. Whence she got it, clearly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole snatched this right off the back of Krystle Carringon during a cat-fight.

    She must be using Stewie Griffin’s time machine. But when did the two of them meet?

  5. Caroline

    Different hair (less bossy) and shoes (less white and…weird) and I think it would look great.

  6. Jen

    It took me a minute of looking at just the picture to figure out this wasn’t Anna Wintour.

  7. qwertygirl

    The Judith Light reference sold me on it. I guess I’m considering this in light of how I remember her (a train wreck to rival Her Lohanness, The Defining Train Wreck) and so I’m giving her points for having pulled her sh*t together.

  8. maxameliana

    I think maybe she’s too wee a person for shoulder pads. I kept thinking that it was oddly oversized, but now I suspect that the proportions are off. Ditto on the props for pulling her fashion/personal & professional life together

  9. Dazie

    Shoulderpads WHAT?

    With her obviously teeny body (look at those delicate ankles!) the Dynasty shoulders make her look very upside-down triangle. If it was pink she’d look like a gay rights activist.

  10.  Louise

    The dress is overwhelming on her. Also, that hair color is not working for me. She looks better blonde, and less burnished.

  11. Eandh

    this outfit would look much better ON Judith Light. way too mature a look for Nicole.

  12. Chelsea

    Give it short sleeves and different shoes and I’m 100% on board.

  13. TonyG

    I love this on her. It has to be worn by someone with small hips though. I think the elements of design in the dress make the shoulder pads a good choice actually. I like that the shoulder pads mirror the slight bell shape at the bottom of the dress. Plus, they allow enough space at the top so the radiating lines do not have to be curved. Also, without them, the overall effect of the dress going from top to midsection might be too widening at the waist.

  14. Chris P

    This would be fabulous…if she were a fiftysomething society matron.

    While she is a mother (so I guess she’s a matron), and she is society (for certain values of “society”), she is MOST DEFINITELY NOT FIFTYSOMETHING.

  15. Sajorina

    I have mixed feelings because the dress is awesome in an “Angela!!!” kind of way, but I hate white shoes! If this was on Judith Light today with silver shoes, I would say FAB!

  16. Charlotte

    I love that dress conceptually, but I’m not sure it fits her and I can’t sign off on the styling. The shoes in particular are a world of NO. Plus *insert standard complaint about beautiful women who hide their great faces behind massive bangs*.

    And it might just be the light, but she seems scarily bronze. I know she’s never been pale, but that just doesn’t look natural, and the bright white of the dress and shoes isn’t helping matters.

  17. Crispy Phoenix

    She’s starting to look like Barbara Walters to me.

  18. Sandra

    This petite, delicate-looking human being has way too much sh!t going on here. The dress and the hair are much too heavy for her. The shoes belong with a bridal gown.

  19. TaraMisu

    I really like the dress….. it’s the hair and those FUGLY shoes, ewwww. I wish she would go back to blonde I think it suited her much better.

  20. Tiffany

    I feel like I can’t even judge the dress because she looks so monotone all over! Her hair and her legs and her face are all the same shade of unnatural brown. The excessive taner makes her look really old, like the woman on Something About Mary. The bangs are really heavy on her face, too.

  21. sarah

    Oh wow, that’s exactly what I thought!! Before I scrolled down to read your comments after the picture I just kept looking at Nicole and thinking “this is totally Judith Light” – not only the bangs, but the dress too. I swear we could find a picture of Light wearing this exact thing. Great minds :)

  22. Clara

    Pointy white shoes are UGLY.

    • Vandalfan

      And obviously too big. Like a little kid playing dress-up, as she so often seems to me.

  23. Karen

    She looks like Sue Ellen Ewing: The Prequel

  24. Clarence Beeks

    I actually like the hair and makeup….I’d like the dress more without shoulder pads….I love her style most of the time….

  25. Bella

    I like everything but the shoes. Damn, they look uncomfortable!

  26. AnnieB

    It’s all very Nancy Reagan -Esque!!

  27. Leslie

    Anna Wintour looks younger than ever! You go, girl!

  28. googler

    She’s getting into New Jersey tanning mom territory here. I agree that she looks more Anna Wintour here and less Nicole Richie.

  29. NCY

    The dress swallowed her. It likes the taste of scrawny over-baked celebrities.

  30. Sums


  31. Esme

    Why does she look so brown and withered, all of a sudden, like an apple-head doll?