Fugolina Fugkova

Hey, whadda know!

It turns out duct tape can fix everything.

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  1. Sam

    I had to open the full size image to figure out that the top is indeed sheer and that she is wearing a flesh coloured bra.
    What I could not figure out is if that skirt is part of it or an act of modesty (and mercy for our eyes).

    I guess putting on a nude slip dress is below supermodels?

  2. Kristen from MA

    The hell?

  3. LoriK

    W.T.F? I do not understand this at all. I don’t understand why it exists. I don’t understand why anyone would voluntarily put it on as anything other than a joke. I really don’t understand why she’s smiling so hard while having her picture taken in it.

  4. Willow

    All I’m getting from this was that a Kansas farm girl was brutally murdered and someone tried to staunch the bleeding with duct tape.

    At least it has a story?

  5. Alice

    I’m also confused by her decision to wear the bracelets over her sleeves.

    Or is this done quite often because it looks so wrong to me.

  6. jerkygirl

    Ummm. . .cute shoes? That’s all I got. The rest of this “dress” (???) leaves me with nothing but a big O_o.

  7. TonyG

    The designer is winking at all of us, don’t you think? And, hopefully, Kurkova is in on the joke. This has to be a commentary on the penchant of starlets to go out nearly naked in see-through anything, hence the obvious duct-tape motif. I am giving her a pass assuming that her sense of humor allowed this.

  8. malinda jane

    Maybe I’m crazy because my first reaction was WHAT ARE THOSE SHOES. They look like they once matched a 90′s women’s power suit. They just look horribly dated.

  9. Cranky Old Batt

    Proving once again that some designers hate women and some women are too stupid to get it.

  10. Chasmosaur

    Pre-fall Alexander Wang collection here:


    I think he’s trying to perpetuate the myth that male fashion designers hate women.

    • Willow

      OH LORD! The boots made of netting have me retching, why does he hate women so much?

      There is a pretty kicky red dress in there though, so maybe there is hope.

      • Chasmosaur

        The red dress is cute, but a little gynecology-office friendly. But compared to everything else, it’s a breath of fresh air.

      • Sophia Loren

        I like the nude and red dress, provided one wears a beautiful nude silk slip under there. It’s got a cute sweater-dress quality to it, sort of like those sequined knit aprons the ladies were wearing last week. Which would have been cute too, if they had been actual dresses.

  11. qwertygirl

    Absolutely the first thing through my mind. “That looks like duct tape.” Do we have confirmation that it actually isn’t? Because it looks pretty suspicious to me.

  12. luvthefuggers

    This is easily the ugliest dress of the year…and that’s a rolling 12 months.

    • Mary

      You obviously didn’t see Jessica White’s monstrosity of a jumpsuit from yesterday… Or Mia’s fugtastic dress from earlier in the day… This is bad but not anywhere near their realms…

      • Chris

        To be fair, Jessica White’s was a jumpsuit, not a dress.

        Meanwhile, Mia’s is just Satinic.

        I do agree that this is nowhere near being the fugliest dress of the year. For starters, Jenna Ushkowitz at the SAGs. I would have included Erin Wasson, but – again – that would imply that what she had on her body constituted clothing.

  13. Katie

    “It turns out duct tape can fix everything.”

    Still looks pretty broken to me.

  14. Bubba

    Small victories: at least SHE is wearing a bra, unlike the model chick from yesterday in the white sheer lace jumpsuit from hell.

  15. Gigi

    Wow, lizard print duct tape and herringbone chiffon. That is something else.

  16. Ellis

    My ten year old daughter just came in and what the heck is that? I think that pretty much sums it up

  17. Kayt

    Who looks at something like this and thinks it looks good?

  18. Miranda

    It can fix everything but shoes, apparently.

  19. Sandra

    More like, “duct tape can hold the pieces together until you get to the repair shop.” Jee-bus that is ugly.

  20. Amy

    She looks like Jon Heder

  21. Ruth

    Holy moly, I LOVE those shoes.

  22. vandalfan

    This made me write a poem:

    Duck tape, Duck tape
    What the Motherf^&k tape.

  23. Anne B

    Last week my 15-year-old wore a dress to school … with a skirt over it. It looked a little bit like this, and she was so proud of it. “I read about it in Seventeen!

    I got news for you, Karolina AND Seventeen: skirt-over-dress is not a thing. No matter how hard you try to make it one.

  24. Sajorina

    I’m having a hard time believing that this is a real thing… I’m just dumbfounded!

  25. megan

    This is awful!! I mean the duct tape doesnt even match!! and those shoes are horribly dated – they are very “90′s”

  26. charlotte

    When I saw this dress yesterday, my first thought was ‘duct tape’. I knew it had to end up here

  27. Kate

    Even back in her craziest of crazy days Bai Ling would look at this outfit and think, “That dress is so ugly it could haunt a nine room house from the front porch.”

  28. mepe

    hmmm, will have to keep this in mind next time I forget my slip…or bra.

  29. katherine

    She was at Sundance, wearing a cosy sweater. A pipe burst, and she was standing too close to it when they duct taped the leak. Somehow, sheer happened, and she’s been wearing this ever since.

  30. purejuice

    that may be the ugliest garment i”ve ever seen.