Fugng Breakfugs

Rachel Korine is kind of the forgotten Spring Breaker. And I think part of that is because I am not a Harmony Korine fan — in fact, his work creeps me the hell out — and she’s married to him, and so, to bastardize Tina Fey, I just don’t want to go to there.

Also, her dress is a migraine, so there’s that. Ashley Benson is over there in some nightmarish Goth-Chicos getup. And then┬áSelena Gomez is doing the whole pencil skirt/bra thing that’s coming back, and all it’s making me wish is that it were a whole dress and that she hadn’t finished it with tedious shoes. It’s like frosting a cake with milk. Although let’s face it, she’s winning the hell out of this breakup with Justin Bieber, so maybe the rest doesn’t matter.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Kirst

    I pay almost no attention to showbiz gossip and even less to celebs I don’t care about, but even I have heard that Justin Bieber has not made any friends during his time in the UK, and now he’s stomped off saying he’s never coming back. I don’t think anyone is disappointed.

  2. Stefanie

    Oh god. Pencil skirts and bra tops just gave me flashbacks of those horrid Leona Lewis pencil skirts and lip tubetop thingys she was wearing. Yikes.

    But seriously, if Selena’s was just a dress it would be super.

    • Ellen

      I actually sort of like Selena’s, even without it being a dress. Don’t get me wrong, it would be better as a dress, but if it had to be a bra and a skirt, this is certainly one of the less annoying renditions of that look.

      • anny

        Dress or not, those nude shoes are next on the burn pile as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Sandra

    Ashley’s not impressed either.

    • CakesOnAPlane

      what upsetting news did they all just receive before this photo was taken?

  4. Kate

    Wait – girl in the middle is married? Isn’t she, like, twelve?

    • Jules

      She’s 26, although he’s 40. And their kid is named Lefty Bell (thanks, Google. . .I think). Considering the work output of her spouse, it somehow makes total sense to me that he’s married to someone much younger than he is who looks even younger and their kid has a 1950s baseball player’s nickname instead a name – it’s like one big piece of performance ‘art’.

      • Jessica

        I seriously thought she was his little sister. Until just now.

        • ErinE

          She’s given birth?
          Is it weird the director put his wife and mother of child in a movie where (I am guessing) she get it on with other guys and probably involves nudity?
          To answer my own question, YES.

      • Brenna

        Oh wow, I just assumed she was his kid, as opposed to his wife. She’s a really young looking 26 and he’s not as old as I thought he was. I knew he was young when he made Kids, I guess I just didn’t realize how young.

  5. Chess

    Nigella Lawson wore a version of the migraine dress not so long ago ( http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/02/12/article-2277348-17865B9E000005DC-53_634x942.jpg) , and personally I thought it looked pretty fabulous on her. Not a fan of it here, though.

  6. rowynn

    I’m a sucker for bright florals on a black background, and I also think Nigella Lawson is awesome, but I think that dress is one of those that looks a lot better on the hanger than it does on the person.

  7. Tiffany

    They all look kind of bored and irritated.

    • mary lou bethune

      I guess the movie is awful? Why such a hubbub over a silly teen flick?

      • Heather

        It’s supposed to be an edgy and dark teen flick, but… it sounds pretty bad. We’ll see. I think the big deal is the Disney starlets (Gomez and Hudgens) doing something SO gritty and… un-Disney.

        • Corriner

          GFY Heather, I just wanted to say that I’m going to be using “It’s like frosting a cake with milk”, in my regular conversation as much as possible because it.is.BRILLIANT.

  8. mary lou bethune

    Nigella is a woman; these are girls and they do not look good dressing up. Be young whilst you can, I say. Trying too hard.

  9. Helen

    That isn’t just a migraine, it’s a complex migraine with seizures and vomiting.

  10. Guerra

    Selena wins again in the outfit stakes.. I’d change the shoes but otherwise I like it! The other two look horrible

  11. Veronica

    I feel like all of them needed a seamstress who could hem a few inches off of…everything. The girls in dresses are just drowning in the clothes. Selena’s outfit is pretty to look at, but it feels unbalanced, giving the illusion of her being boxier on top and slimmer at the bottom. Girls playing dressup sounds about right.

  12. Vandalfan

    Eyesore, eyesore, eyesore.

  13. helen

    is it just me, or does the one on the right look like a young debra messing in her frumpified Smash clothes?

  14. Evalyn

    Photographic evidence as to why the word “getup” should be used more often. Go.

  15. LS

    Yet again Selena outshines her co-stars in this promo tour in the fashion stakes. Though I do agree about ditching those shoes, and it’ll look much better as a straight-forward dress. To the other ladies: think there should be a drawing of straws about which one gets the dud outfit at each round.

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