Fugnessa Hudgfugs

Y’all, don’t nap on the Hudge.

SOMEBODY’S feelings may have been hurt about going out of Fug Madness so early. I’m just concerned she might be thirty seconds away from dropping poultry parts into a cauldron and seasoning it with the blood of Justin Bieber.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Orange Clouds

    Somehow this feels incredibly 90s. Starting with the lipstick.

    • Emma

      And the clogs and the Lennon glasses, both of which I think I had at some point.

  2. Helen

    I know, I know, of all the things to notice out of all this, but I CANNOT EVEN WITH THOSE FINGERNAILS.

    • Orange Clouds

      These fingernails are evil. They deserve all the hate they are getting.

  3. anna s.

    Wow. That is some primo, pure-grade uncut fug there. I’m trying to imagine the thought processes that involve traipsing out of the house to go shopping or whatever in this outfit. It’s a psychedelic kind of mindset, let me tell you.

  4.  Carolina Girl

    The only way to win Fug Madness 2014 is, to paraphrase the late Richard Daley, to fug early and fug often.

  5. MKKS

    Clearly she’s doing a remake of The Craft for the Millennials.

  6. Kat

    Ack, I don’t know her – yet I feel concerned: She’s one step away from a tripping accident. Girl don’t text and walk, especially not when you’ve wrapped yourself (for whatever mysterious reasons) into the lace curtains of a Victorian hearse.

  7. Gigi

    If using Justin Beiber’s blood requires killing him, then proceed unimpeded, Sorcery Hudge.

    • Kristin

      I wouldn’t advocate KILLING him…just drawing the blood from his vocal cords so his singing (and public) career comes to an abrupt end, leaving him in total obscurity to ponder the mystery of trousers.

  8. Miranda

    Does anyone else remember Sara Rue in the awesome movie “Gypsy 83″ about the two friends who travel to the Night of 1000 Stevies in NY? I feel like V is angling for her part in the remake.

  9. Chasmosaur

    What’s sad is that overlay might have made a cool dress if it was opaque (and, you know, HEMMED). Very Hudge – loose and bo-ho. That, however, looks like something from a lingerie store.

  10. holly

    This is upsetting me, because it looks like she is going to trip and fall at any second!

  11. kindakute

    We must face facts. This is her signature look, as terrifying and mystifying as it is, this truly is the look she is going for.

  12. mary lou bethune

    To go from Sofia Coppola, et alia., to VH is to go from prosecca to fanta or something equally as fake.

  13. Lily1214

    I think it’s the shoes. Stop!

  14. stephasaurus

    apparently britney spears’ and the olsen twins’ spirit animals mated and their resulting lovechild is now vanessa fuggen’s spirit animal. and said spirit animal is telling her to liberate herself from financial oppression and live in a dumpster behind buffalo exchange.

  15. Corrine Engelgau

    I want that cape. I love a gypsy cape.

  16. MollySC

    I’d pay five bucks a bowl for a bowl of that. And capes are always groovy.

  17. Elle

    “she might be thirty seconds away from dropping poultry parts into a cauldron and seasoning it with the blood of Justin Bieber.” See there, some good comes out of everything.

  18. Emma

    When I first saw this pic on another website I thought “It’s for a role though, it’s gotta be for a role, do they realise it’s for a role? I’m pretty sure it’s for a role.”

    It’s not for a role.

  19. Sajorina

    Does anyone know where I can find her? I’ve been wanting for someone to read me the Tarot cards for awhile!

  20. Beth

    As a child of the 90s, this is totally working for me, actually.

  21. annabelle

    Oh my god, are they remaking The Craft? Squeeeeee!

  22. LMS

    If the overlay was opaque, and she was wearing different shoes, and the outfit was hemmed, this is an outfit I might have worn in the past. In particular I dig the green jacket thing. Don’t judge! ;)

  23. regina

    I’m so tired of this look, that I have to actively discourage myself from projectile vomiting every time a girl swooshes by wearing this type of outfit. Luxury-homeless-boho-chic is the worst thing that’s ever happened to high street fashion.

  24. googler

    If you showed me that picture and covered the head, I’d still know it was the Hudgens. At least her style’s consistent.

  25. Mongerel

    I am inexplicably charmed by this, head to toe, including fingernails.

  26. Lilja

    Is this a real outfit, not a costume for a film?

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