Fugnage Dream

Well, the skirt is cute.

Too bad about the Muppet she killed for that vest. Never forget.

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  1. Annie E

    I hate the blue hair. Her face is too big and expressive to ALSO have blue hair surrounding it. It’s overpowering. Back to black, Katy.

    • Teleute

      Really? I tend to prefer bold colors like that on people with big expressive faces – I think they can overwhelm the person’s face otherwise. I am a fan of this color on her, I would have expected crayola blue from KP and I think the peacock suits her much better.

      • Miranda

        I think I could be happy with the color if it weren’t for the roots, which actually look grimy, and the flatness of the cut, which I don’t think suits her face at all. Certainly not in the context of that giant fluffy thing she’s wearing.

        If she would have just taken that off this could have been actually pretty cute, in a Scott Pilgrim kind of way. Alas.

  2. True_Blue

    How many Muppets has she killed (so far) for her “outfits”?

  3. Emmaleigh

    I like the blue hair and the dead muppet. More dead muppets Katy!!

  4. thunderthighs

    I hate the blue hair too, but I kind of lurve this outfit. I just love mint and purple. While I am suspicious of those 1999 Sex & the City metallic sandals, I will accept that they may be coming back into style. And I want to see what’s under that vest! (not in a pervy way.)

  5. Pacific Avenue

    Were it not for the blue hair and shoes, this would be rather cute. The hair, furry purple shag shrug and pattern on the dress sort of makes it look likes she’s melting.

  6. Lina

    Honestly, I’d rather see muppet pelt than her usual mondo cleavage…but I’m really tired of her dressing herself up like a cartoon. I know that’s her schtick, but I dig humanity. Being an actual person is sexy.

  7. Eliza Bennett

    Yet another outfit that made me squeal and clap and crow “The Fug Girls are going to tear this APART” when I saw it!

  8. nikole

    she cut off her hair and died it blue but yet still when she performs she wears a black wig…doesn’t make much sense

  9. Willow

    It’s a pity, because the entire outfit was cute, then Grimace got involved.

  10. vandalfan

    I’d change from little bitty sandals to Mondo Shoes, big yellow or pink pumps. Then everything would all be quirky and fun, up to her hairline. But these locks are horrid, stringy, droopy, heavy with product or not being washed enough or something.

  11. JillB

    The skirt looks like a New Mexico seismograph of a 6.8 earthquake

  12. Tracy L

    I don’t know why, but I like this look on her. Even the hair. The thing I don’t like is the false eyelashes–way too much. How weird is it that this is what I have focused on?

  13. Teleute

    I love the hair (a well-chosen blue for her skin tone), like the dress just fine, dislike the shoes, and want to take scissors to the muppet pelt. It’s a beautiful color which goes well with both her hair and that dress, there’s just so MUCH of it! I feel like it would work so much better as a bit of trim or a boa or something.

  14. Caroleena Stantonova

    Katy will remember. Once all of her hair falls out…self-defense!

  15. Rebecca

    The hair! Yikes. Don’t get me wrong, I love a funky hair color and Katy can pull off just about any color. But her hair is so damaged from the constant color changes. Girl…let the natural come back out! Get a wig! Let your hair recover!!

  16. Sajorina

    LOVE the dress & the shoes! HATE the blue hair & the purple yeti pelt!

  17. Amanda

    I think I could get on board with that skirt, but that is it. I actually liked her hair when it was blonde with a bit of pink in it. The blue is just too much for me.

  18. megan

    the dress looks super cute and maybe the fur could of gone with it if it wasnt so big! but her hair my god.. she needs to leave that alone!! also lay off the fake tan :)

  19. 麗林

    I like her bubbly style. Just the roots..

  20. Gin

    Given the blue hair is relatively recent how can her roots be that long? Why would you leave a skunk stripe on purpose? Other than that I can’t drum up much negative or positive enthusiasm for the outfit, when someone is trying so hard it’s best not to validate it by giving them attention. Also despite the purple muppet deliberate attention seeking the first and last thing I noticed about this pic are the flouro orange fake bake in her legs. If I (pasty pale Scottish chick living in perma tanned Oz) can get a realistic looking fake tan in the few minutes spare I get each day why can’t the rich and famous manage it?

  21. Marvelous A

    She’s got the most interesting knees.

  22. oohsparkley!

    That is a rather fabulous blue hair color. The muppet pelt vest is too large. I think it might be hard to have such a vibrant, bold haircolor. Just one more thing to coordinate.

  23. UghManpris

    I always think she looks great, because I really have no objectivity when it comes to KP. Having said that, a few years back I came home from shopping with an exuberant shruggie thing almost identical to this but in black. Husband’s reaction: “Seriously? You look like a barbarian”. The best he could do to backpedal was to say “uh, a sexy barbarian”…
    Back to the store it went, and now that I see it on Katy I believe I owe my husband an apology because, pretty colors aside, it really is a stupid garment. She looks like a barbarian muppet. Correction: A sexy barbarian muppet.

  24. crystal

    Eh, she looks cute & the vest is fun. Live a little.

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