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Despite the presence of our beloved Justin Hartley (late — very late — of Passions), I do not have high hopes for Mamie Gummer’s new show, Emily Owens, M.D. However, that show looks like a Ken Burns documentary compared to this horror:

Her dress has a mouth. And it’s eating my soul.

It also has pockets up by her ribcage. And the buttons aren’t lying flat, and he fabric seems terrible, and the color makes me want to cry, and the super light wash denim on the coat… she looks like the best friend in a 1985 movie about two girls who hire the Coreys to steal them a limo for Prom.

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  1. qwertygirl

    I take back my prevoius comments about Drunkface’s ensemble being made of FAIL. THIS is FAIL in textile form. This is just painful.

  2. Amber

    I had to enlarge it to make sure I was seeing things correctly. So that’s a cutout (or a two piece held together by buttons or something?) on that dress, but the dress is pretty much the same color as her skin. Now, I am not a fan of cutouts, but isn’t the point kind of muted when the fabric and your skin tone match?
    And that jacket. Eesh. Just a world of no.

  3. Edith

    The outfit is terrible, but I need to see that movie….

  4. Siobhán

    It took me a moment to even notice the mouth.

    Do not wear textiles that are the exact same colour of your skin, mouthful or mouthless.

  5. Megan

    Her top matches her skin so perfectly that I thought she wasn’t wearing a shirt under that jacket.

    I also thought this was Paris Hilton at first glance (don’t hurt me!).

    • Lisa

      She does resemble Paris Hilton (especially 2nd pic). That is distracting me from her awful outfit.

      • Katty McNiley Ripley

        The 2nd photo is pure Paris Hilton Face…

        “Her dress has a mouth. And it’s eating my soul.” is like the corny tagline to a bad 80′s horror movie…like Christine but with dresses instead of cars..I’d see that movie for sure!!

        Someone calls Mamma Streep!!!!

    • Lanie

      I totally thought that she was a pregnant Paris Hilton. Her face shape and weird pose combined with the gap in the flesh-toned fabric made me do a double take.

      Perhaps not the response one wants to illicit?

    • AK

      I also thought this was Paris

  6. Anita

    I’ve never seen her act. Has she inherited her mother’s talent, or just her fashion sense?

    • Heather

      I think she’s quite good when she’s on The Good Wife, but I never watched Off The Map, and this show… by the clips it may not be doing anyone any favors.

      • Carol

        She is very good on The Good Wife! However, today she needs a good haircut in addition to a stylist!

      • MKKS

        The preview for this new doctor show of hers looks like one of those spoofs people did a while back where they cut a preview for a film to look like something different than it is. Like making The Shining look like a heartwarming father / son film. Like this.


        • Girl in Sydney

          The previews of this to us here seems to suggest a rip off of a series in Australia called Offspring.

          PS: No offence but the lead actress on that, Asher Keddie, is way better than Mamie here so I am not holding my breath for Emily Owens.

    • McLisa

      I would say she’s inherited both from mom – talent at acting, no talent for dressing. My question is… will she make it to Fug Madness 2013?

  7. Susan

    The rest is a nightmare but I’d happily take the bracelet.

    • Frances

      Love the bracelet. And not gonna lie, I’d happily take the jacket too. But that might be the nostalgia talking…

  8. mary

    …shit i think i have this dress.

  9. Lynne

    Ahem. Is no one going to mention Hartley casually photo bombing her in that second shot? Because he appears to look very dishy in a Reservoir Dogs kind of way.

  10. Gine

    …I can’t even process this. WHAT AM I EVEN LOOKING AT. Good heavens.

  11. TereLiz

    All fug aside, looking around the other pics, she seems horrendously underdressed. This (sans pumps) is a Coachella look, not an outfit you wear when the guys have all stepped up and worn jackets made of fabric that is not overall-adjacent.

    • L

      The outfit is terrible at any event (including a trip to the store to get some milk), but she is VERY underdressed. Look at the super cute (quite gorgeous) girl over her shoulder in the sparkly chevron dress…that is how it’s done!

  12. TereLiz

    My mistake, those are slingbacks. But the pointiest toes shoes in the world are not going to dress this wrinkled, stone-washed nightmare up.

  13. Heather

    Terrible outfit, cute shoes.

  14. oldrose

    she looks like she has the same fashion sense of her mother! Which, in a certain way is ok. I mean, she grew up with a mother who was original and could transcend her mediocre clothing choices—and her wnole life did not depend on the right shoes.

  15. Carolina Girl

    I am all for her taking acting tips from her mother, but she really should draw the line at letting Meryl dress her.

  16. Nancy

    I won’t watch it. My son met her through her sister and she was a nasty woman, for no reason at all. I don’t think she got that from her mother.

  17. Katie

    Emily Owens M.D. makes me happy just because my best friend is called Emily Owen and she’s a doctor. Thankfully, she never dresses like this.

  18. kate

    I saw this and thought, “What’s wrong with this dress? I think it’s actually cute” but then I realized that wait… that’s not a solid dress – it’s just that the dress blends in with her actual skin and has a hole.

  19. Dana

    This reminds me of something Bananarama would have worn if they were being kicky auto mechanics in one of their videos.

  20. Emma

    I owned that jacket 24 years ago, when I was 9.

  21. vandalfan

    … the Hell?

  22. Sajorina

    So, she’s been out shopping with Meryl again… TRAGEDY! I wish I could tell her “Oh, Honey, No!” to her face and to say “You look GOOD, girl” to the woman with the cute sparkly multicolor dress behind her! That dress is FAB!

  23. Lilibet

    She’s Meryl Streep’s daughter? ‘Nuff said. They both share a kind of inverse snobbery – as though they are too good or clever to bother about what they wear. They think they are above fashion. How wrong can you be.

  24. Marnie Barrell

    Huh? How does lovely Meryl Streep have a daughter who looks like Paris Hilton only worse dressed?

  25. Miss Louise

    That’s just bloody awful. No analysis warranted.

  26. Shoeniverse

    Know that’s sad and funny at the same time? Where it’s paired with an early 90′s denim jacket and the dress itself being so close to her skin tone and so very VERY badly fitted, I didn’t even immediately see the goddamn gaping hole over her ribs. And yet I still hated it!


  27. ronnie

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  28. Mary Urech Stallings

    Jeez, sorry to admit this, but I think she is cute and I don’t mind her outfit that much.

    Can I still post here??

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