Fugly Lohan

Stop the presses! We thought we should let you all know that Lilo’s Leggings Line is — at last! — for sale at Intuition. And it is all we could have hoped for. One pair — charmingly called the “Mr. President Leggings” — feature knee pads, presumably so you can wear them whilst gardening? Stay classy, Linds!

Another pair have stirrups, BUT are also the least expensive of the bunch at the low, low, low, low price of $99. For a pair of shiny, dry-clean only stirrup leggings. Because you’re also using dollar bills to light your crack pipe.


And, finally, the piece de resistance, what Lilo is calling Leopard Ankle Gloves:

Because nothing is more flattering than skin-tight legwarmers (WHICH IS WHAT THEY ARE, LINDSAY) that end RIGHT at the fattest part of your calf! Perfect for those days when you’re thinking, “damn, if only I looked….a little stumpier.” Lindsay is totally here for us, you guys. She even made sure that none of these offerings have pockets, so that when some dumb girl steals your pants from you after a night of carousing, your nasty coke habit won’t land her in the joint. A regular humanitarian, that girl. Always thinking ahead.