From this angle -- and in this lighting -- it's actually quite flattering to her beautiful big eyes. And the movie Never Been Kissed is an eternal example of why I can't stand bleached-to-match eyebrows, so I'm actually happy Miley didn't go that route. But in the end, I'm not sure this exactly works long-term. Bleached yellow hair rarely does, no matter what the early seasons of ANTM try to preach. And there's something VERY psychologically interesting to me about a girl who spent a lot of time trying to look like a young sophisticate on the red carpet, then got engaged, THEN suddenly ran out and chopped off her hair and radically dyeing it so that she looks punk. It certainly implies a person who is a) trying to get things out of her system, or b) not quite ready for all this grown-up change. Which, you know what? That's fine. She's NINETEEN. What's the rush? Live a little, dye your hair, chop it off, be an idiot if you must. (And keep wearing bad pants, because Fug Madness thrives on it.) Make mistakes. It's okay. Just choose the ones you make wisely. I am putting the odds of this marriage happening at... well, VERY VERY LONG.
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