Fuglla McCartney & Friends

We’ve often wondered why Stella McCartney has so many famous friends, when she habitually dresses them in the worst things in her arsenal. Fortunately, she at least appears to be an equal-opportunity offender on that scale. Let’s see how she did this time.

[Photo: WENN]

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  1. Liz985

    This biggest issue with Stella McCartney is that she is simply not talented as a clothing designer. She does, however, run in a very rarified crowd that can support her both monetarily and with unctuous flattery. Hence, atrocious outfits that are snapped up by celebrities to very bad effect.

  2. Erin

    Still good ole Stella McHiddy. Only in solid colors this time.

  3. Carolina Girl

    Stella McCartney may arguably be the worst designer currently working today. I’d say that she hates the women she dresses and gets some perverse joy out of seeing them trussed up in unflattering and downright ugly clothes, but she wears her own clothes so she must be some kind of self-loathing nutbag.
    Say what you will about Posh, but at least her clothes are pretty and wearable.

    • Kristen from MA

      Pretty and wearable because they FIT.

      • Kevon

        Posh doesn’t get much respect because she would rather design a well-constructed dress than make an “artistic statement.” Stella’s statement is “I’m so bloody rich, I can’t be bothered with actual design!”

  4. el

    Perhaps better phrased as:
    We’ve often wondered why Stella McCartney- daughter of uber famous rock star Beatle Paul- has so many famous friends….oh there it is.

    • Stefanie

      uh huh.

    • Wren

      My thoughts exactly. I think of it as like when you were a teen and you might have hung out with someone because their brother (or sister) was hot and you hoped that they might show up while you’re watching TV. “Hey, is, uh Paul around today? Oh. Ok.”

  5. Willow

    Everyone always bangs on and on about how chic Alexa Chung is but here she looks like Alex Forrest, and lost time I checked looking like a woman who kills and boils someone’s rabbit is not chic.

    Or have times changed?

  6. Vodka Gimlet

    I hate Rhianna’s hair, I always thought she was an attractive girl with her real color, but that bleached, fried blonde does nothing for her at all. It doesn’t match her skin tone or her eyes and in fact, makes her look like a demented Barbie doll. You know, the one that you practiced hairdos on and then ruined so she stayed in the box and never got to come and play with the good Barbies?

    • neiges

      Demented, bleached, fried blonde Barbie Doll is what I will call her from now on.

  7. Alice

    Around these parts we call her Stale McCartney.

  8. liaso

    I am convinced that #3 is just a fancy black bed sheet wrapped around a person. It is not a dress.

  9. luvthefuggers

    Stella must be a really lovely person. That’s all I have. Or her designs look better in person maybe? Nope, that’s all I have.

  10. Shannon

    Stella McCartney makes me alarmingly ragey and this slideshow is a good example of why. Her clothes are terribly unflattering and unattractive — and yet — ridiculously expensive. Just no.

  11. Lilibet

    Ditto all of the above, plus: doesn’t it look like Stella ran that blue satin number up herself on her sewing machine? The side zip doesn’t seem to have a hook and eye at the top to close the seam opening. It looks badly made. She does do the odd beautiful pieces – including a lace long sleeved top that is tres feminin and available for just under $1,000 on her website – I wish – but nothing like that here. You’re right – she only gives her friends the worst outfits.

    • Guerra

      Agreed I’ve seen better zip work on dresses around the $100.00 mark so there is no excuse

      • G

        Yep, it’s tragic to waste that lovely blue cloth on a remarkably incompetent seamstress. Besides the zipper and the butt-lump, look at the dart on the bust. It’s not even near where it ought to be to shape the fabric over her body.

  12. Guerra

    Everything looks so cheap!! Which it clearly is not, amazing!! When I look at designer clothing I want to be inspired to save my money for the thought of something amazing & beautifully made. These are neither.

    Plus Stella needs a stylist (lol) she always looks awful

    • Scanderoon

      Agreed about the stylist! Her makeup here looks like how I used to do mine in eighth grade. It was not a great look.

  13. foo

    That 1st dress looks like an ode to Sir Mix-A-Lot. (I now have the song stuck in my head)

    PS- I owned #4 in mid-90s and bought it from Express.

    • Ms Poopy von Pants

      thank you, foo! I just made a yelp/bark sound in my very quiet (shared) office laughing at Sir-Mix-A-Lot. Haha!

    • understateddiva

      I like pointy butts and I cannot lie!

  14. Kristen from MA

    And sandwich logic is life logic, so there you go.


  15. amys

    Stella looks like she stuffed a beach towel in the back of that dress. So women will be buying dresses so their butts are made to look bigger? As a designer, she seems sophomoric.

  16. angelwhip

    Can you even really say these dresses were designed? Most of them look like fabric just wrapped around the wearer. Sorry to be crass, but Stella looks like she passed gas so massive it blew up the back of her dress.

  17. Sophia Loren

    This is a depressing series of garments. But it does give me the chance to say that I loved Rihanna’s hair at the Grammys. It reminded me of good times with my cousins, who were very hip back when I was eight.

    Oh, and I kind of like Jo’s white sweater?

  18. Claire L

    I tried on a Wu dress via Target that fit me better and had better seem work than anything this woman has put out! Seriously! T A R G E T!

  19. kathotdog

    You know on AbFab when Patsy would look at Edina with a look of disgust and say: What are you wearing?
    And Edina would say: Lacroix, darling.
    And then Patsy would say: Fabulous.

    That is how I feel the famous react to Stella.

    • Claire L

      Haha!!! My girlfriend and I do that to each other ALL the time ( granted neither one of us wears Lacroix…but we do wear our inner Patsy and Eddie’s on our sleeves)

  20. Sandra

    You can make ‘em go to design school, but you can’t make ‘em think.

  21. Dazie

    4, 5, and 6 aren’t even designs.

    “Oh- sexy tuxedo” SEEN IT= see what’s her name who used to date Marilyn Manson. Not Dita- the other one..

    “Matching sweater and pants” I HAVE THAT IN MY CLOSET. I got the pants at Lane Bryant and the sweater at Target.

    “Sexy spaghetti-strap dress” YAWN. Fancy nightie.

    What the hell. I’m so in the wrong business. I’m wearing jammy bottoms and a tshirt. I’m going to sell them as “designer clothing” and make a fortune.

  22. vandalfan

    Maybe it’s all really just performance art; an elaborate charade based on The Emperor’s New Clothes. Perhaps one day she’ll jump up and holler, “GOTCHA! You chumps fell for that nonsense!”

  23. Katharine

    Stella looks like she put on a maternity dress back to front. Shailene could well be wearing a prosthetic belly from her time as an imaginary pregnant teen under that tent – this is similar to a dress Katie Holmes wore near her due date. Alexa is moving inelegantly into her third trimester … The rest is undistinguished : hopefully Jo Whiley is at least comfy, because it’s not a flattering outfit for anyone.

    Would that we could despatch Stella McCartney to fashion rehab : this is all no, no, no.

  24. Moi

    It’s all so depressingly awful. Is it too late for her to join a rock band instead?

  25. Rubee

    Is the bearded guy in pic # 1 her husband? A ‘yes’ would make me understand why she’s had so many babies AND neglecting her business up to the point where P.A. interns are managing to sneak their designs *sarcasm* into the line’s sewing rooms.

    • Neil

      That is indeed her husband, Alasdhair Willis. He is something of a hottie.

    • SJC

      That is her husband, I have met him and while he is amazingly hot in person he is also an arsehole. I’ve heard she’s not so pleasant herself, so I love this thread trashing her designs!

  26. Sajorina

    I think that either Stella hates her friends or she hates herself and takes it out on them by making them look like crap! The only outfit I liked was Amber V’s because she’s selling it, but the pants are too short and she should’ve worn shoes without an ankle strap! And, I don’t know who Jo Whiley is, but I love her clutch!

    • Neil

      Reading the post, I thought “They can’t be that bad, surely?” before looking at the pictures. My God, the majority of those designs are fugly, and the rest aren’t much better. Alexa’s is particularly bad. I think she’s really over-rated as a style icon and find her annoying as a TV presenter, but she doesn’t deserve that monstrosity.

      • Sajorina

        I agree, these are the people she calls her friends! Imagine what she would do to her enemies! FUG!!!

  27. Karen

    I’ve never, ever understood why Stella McCartney’s clothes are so popular with celebs. Or anyone else, really. Guess I’m not the only one.

  28. Anna

    Plus ca change…saw her graduation show, full of fugly, badly designed clothes but she had managed to swing Naomi and Kate to model them for her.

    I felt so sorry for the more talented students in her year who just had their best mate’s leggy girlfriend modelling their collections.

    Phoebe Philo does it so much better.

  29. anne

    I always want to like what Stella is doing because it feels like she is the daughter of a couple of friends of mine… you know, I want her to do well and be happy. But after I have that fuzzy warm delusional thought I always think, “Oh, actually, Paul and Linda McCartney are not friends of mine, and Stella is just another woman whose career has a lot more misses than hits. So, goodbye, warm fuzzy feeling and hello, eye-outrage.”

  30. karacocoa

    Stella McCartney should stop designing clothing. She is not very good at it. For every one nice design of hers, there are twenty awful ones.

  31. raplica hangbags

    My God, the majority of those designs are fugly, and the rest aren’t much better. Alexa’s is particularly bad. I think she’s really over-rated as a style icon and find her annoying as a TV presenter, but she doesn’t deserve that monstrosity.

  32. Bubba

    These sure are some ugly clothes.

  33. Kara K

    Those were all horrendous but at least Rihanna’s looked like it would fit into the latest Brooke’s Boudoir collection on The Bold and the Beautiful.

  34. iLGTR

    Totally agree with the comments on here pointing out that Stella’s designs are crap, but also; gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah JO WHILEY GO AWAY.

  35. Shiitake

    No more than I expected from Stella.

  36. Scanderoon

    The cut and material of Rihanna’s dress here is basically a nice wrap-style satin nightie. The black dress she wore to the Grammys had a lot more structure, a lot less skanky slit, and a nice matte black material. Also, I agree about the hair. Straight like that it looks just gross.

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