I’m sure people in Fug Nation will disagree with me, as they all cherish La Blanchett (understandably), but I am going to come down on the side of confusion here.

The magic carpet skirt is a wee snug, but what’s really fascinating me here is the top, which appears to be in the throes of an identity crisis. Were it just a white blouse and a skirt, we might be onto something; ditto, were it a drapey black top with a tight bottom. But instead it is both. It is a collared demi-poncho. A bloncho. Which, if you imagine it in a deep Australian accent — personally, I’m hearing Bryan Brown as he was in Cocktail: a little sassy, a little evil, and a lot drunk – does actually sound a little like a Down Under slang word for hammered (“Streuth, I’m way too bloncho to drive you home”) or perhaps something Taco Bell would put on its menu. Like, the Bloncho Bell Grande. Indeed, that sucker IS a bloncho bell grande.

However, I need to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Blanchett for leaving the house so much in the past few days. It’s thin on the ground out there. I am thisclose to being forced to post a photo of Tara Reid walking on a St. Tropez beach with Ireland’s favorite cheeky chappies, Jedward. Wait, what am I saying? I will totally WILLINGLY post that photo. But other than that, it’s all, “British people we don’t know carrying the Olympic torch,” and, “Judge Judy goes to Madeo’s.” So bless you, Cate. BLESS YOU.

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  1. Mrs. Ditter

    Same shoes as in most recent photo of La Blanchett?

    • Trace

      Those are totally the same confusing “spat” shoes from earlier. And they’re not performing much better here, are they?

  2. Sandra

    Why is she fighting her natural beauty so hard? Did her clothes all burn up and SWINTON is loaning her things?

    • Crystal

      I don’t know if it was intentional, but I love that you capitalized her entire last name. Or did I miss something and the 16th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style finally decided to enshrine our dear Scotswoman into American lexicon?

      • DanerKebab

        Crystal, I’m guessing you’re a new reader? SWINTON is how she is known on GFY. It is glorious, isn’t it?

  3. Crystal

    Fug not lest ye be fugged.

    I find Cate Blanchett to be exquisite, so I had to find a Blanchett-appropriate way to fug this from head to toe.

  4. Erika

    WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HER!!!!!!!?????????????????

    • TaraMisu

      My thoughts exactly. I’ll add ….. wtf?

    • Trent

      I know, right? Did she get a new stylist? Sign a contract with a fugly new fashion label? She has NEVER looked this bad repeatedly before.

  5. Claire L1

    If that top is a little caplet sort of deal then I’m on board…it’s a little crazy, a bit prim, and doesn’t follow any rules…and only A Blanchett or Swinton can get away with it.
    I am horribly disappointed at the fit of the dress. It looks rather adorbs but it’s far too tight.
    The shoes must DIE…a horrible shoe death that includes stepping in manure and being burned….because they aren’t worth saving.

  6. Shiitake

    Meh LaBlanchett.

  7. Miz H

    The white in the blouse next to her face washes her out. I like the pop of blue in the skirt but it’s so tight it’s bunching.

  8. Chasmosaur

    If the skirt was one size up I’d give it a thumbs up. Everything is else continuing in the “Kill it with Fire” mode.

    • LoriK

      ITA. That skirt is one size and some totally different styling away from being cute. The rest of it is beyond salvaging.

  9. Louise

    It’s not a Bloncho. It’s a Blonchett!

  10. Anna

    I love the skirt. If only it fit.

  11. CARLY

    this dress is amazing – she looks fab! great contrasts, great colors, great face, great figure – she knows how to wear avant-garde – go Cate!

  12. Aria

    I love the skirt, but those shoes do NOT work with it at all. Actually, both the shoes and the shirt a should be killed with fire.

  13. Artemis

    I like this better than yesterday’s boob-scarf ensemble.

  14. Trissy

    This shirt brought “bloncho” into the lexicon, so let’s just take it out for a drink and get bloncho.

  15. Lily1214

    Okay . . . what in the world IS this outfit? It looks like pieces were pulled from somewhere and she just threw them on one by one.

  16. Leah

    I think it is a tight strapless dress that’s black on top and patterned on the bottom, paired with a capelet that has sleeves. I actually really like everything except the fit of the dress. Even the shoes. I liked ‘em yesterday and I like ‘em today.

  17. neiges

    I’d love it unconditionally if the skirt stopped before the pattern strap in the bottom. I am in love with the blouse / upper part of it. IN LOVE. And she almost makes me like the shoes. She is so gorgeous.

  18. vandalfan

    I love the shoes. They remind me of black kitties with bows around their necks. The rest of this outfit is incomprehensibly horrid. Zoom in- if she inhales deeply it will explode, and the asymmetry of the Giant Black Shoulder Ruffle of Doom is really peculiar.

    Is this mess a McCartney?

  19. Billie

    Yeah, I dig it – shoes and all. No, mere mortals could never pull this off, but Cate is a pro, and knows how to werk a challenging outfit.

  20. lilibet

    don’t even use her name in the same breath as SWINTON!

  21. Mahastee

    “Struth” does not have an E. It’s short for “god’s truth”, and it is often written with an apostrophe after the S.

    I love this outfit, minus the shoes… and I sort of want to do something with that collar, but I don’t know what. Any sort of tie would be too much. Maybe a brooch? Cate could make it work.

    • lilibet

      I beg to differ. The Australian slang “streuth” can indeed, and is often, written with an “e”. Never seen it with the apostrophe.

      • Mahastee

        I will accept “strewth”, but never “streuth”. I am such a pedant about made-up words.

  22. Nina

    I feel like she’s trying to be SWINTON… and she’s failing.

  23. Elizabeth

    It’s…a collared capey thing? And it’s removable, right? And when she whips it off, she has this super cute strapless dress on underneath, I hope? and those aren’t spats-pumps (stumps?), they’re uh, shoe cozies. And they come off too, right? RIGHT? Please?

    Please let it be so. *sobs*

  24. Sajorina

    Well, thank God she’s in a new movie… I’ve missed her! I think that compared to yesterday’s confusing ensemble, this is quite pretty to me! I like the caplet style of the shirt, the print on the skirt, the hair, makeup & clutch! I hate those shoes, though! And, has she become allergic to jewelry? Well, I love that skirt… WANT! Plus, Blanchett’s overall FABULOUSNESS is unreal! LOVE!

  25. Alaurable

    Is Cate taking style tips from Alexa Chung? White collared shirts do not go with everything!

  26. Ms. A.

    I actually don’t hate the outfit. I do hate the makeup.

  27. Elle

    Why there’s nothing confusing here at all.The outfit is hideous and she looks god awful in it! See how that worked out?!

  28. Franziska

    Somehow this blouse made me think of Christina Hendricks.

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